Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 8th December

Births seem to have picked up a bit today, and to this end we start with Mary Queen of Scots, or Mary Stuart, or Mary I of Scotland, (not forgetting her stint as Queen Consort of France), who waited all of six days before claiming the throne in 1542. Not wanting to miss out, Christina, Queen of the Swedes, Goths and Wends was a bit white when born in 1626. Inventor of the cotton gin – Eli Whitney started to spin a yarn in 1765. Founder of casino in Monte Carlo, Charles Honoré Grimaldi who went onto become Charles III, Prince of Monaco gambled on arriving in 1818. Soldier and composer who came up with the Croatian national anthem – Josip/Josif Runjani rolled forward in 1821. Given there’s been a recent lack of Norwegians over the past few days, here we have Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson who was a happy boy in 1832. Co-founder of both General Motors and Chevrolet, along with finding Frigidaire – William Crapo ‘Billy’ Durant, didn’t quite get the vertical integration bit in 1861. Aviator born Herbert John Louis Hinkler, but known as Bert Hinkler, didn’t suffer a downwind leg in 1892. Elzie Crisler ‘E.C.’ Segar, cartoonist responsible for Popeye must have started eating spinach in 1894. Screenwriter who came up with West Side Story as well as The Sound of Music, Ernest Paul Lehman woke his parents to the sound of screaming from 1915. Uncle to Emma Freud, (sounds painful), painter Lucian Michael Freud started off life in 1922 naked, just like the subjects of his paintings. Diminutive original member of the ‘Rat Pack’ with the pronounced jaw and liking of gold chains/rings, Samuel George ‘Sammy’ Davis Jr., was sweet and low in 1925. Soviet cosmonaut Vladimir Alexsandrovich Shatalov, nearly lived up to his name from 1927. Magician and President of The Magic Circle, William Oliver Wallace – who went by the moniker Ali Bongo appeared from behind the cloak in 1929. Born John Arthur Carradine, but known as David Carradine who played Kwai Chang Caine in television series Kung Fu wasn’t double trouble in 1936. Actor known for his role of Danny ‘Danno’ Williams in Hawaii Five-O, James Gordon MacArthur was the young stranger in 1937. James Galway, he of the flute, (and not penny whistle), had wind for the first time in 1939, whilst in 1941 member of the last England team to lift the World Cup, Geoffrey Charles ‘Geoff’ Hurst found it wasn’t all over given it had just begun. Iconic, (to some), overlong songsmith James Douglas ‘Jim’ Morrison broke on through to the other side in 1943. Indian film actress Begum Ayesha Sultana, or Sharmila Tagore depending how you know her, found the family come first in 1946. Singer/songwriter in band bearing his surname – Gregory LeNoir Allman found where it all begins in 1947. Actor born John Beattie Dempsey, but better known as Peter Blake, found it runs in the family from 1948. Singer, (with a few hits to his name) and songwriter – Daniel Earl ‘Dan Hartman started living in America in 1950. Anglophile author William McGuire ‘Bill’ Bryson didn’t get to walk about for a year or so after his birth in 1951. Also born that year, Richard Clive Desmond – owner of various tittle tattle magazines as well as some, ahem, adult channels where there’s less tattle and more, well, you get the idea. Filer for bankruptcy and ex-Mrs A. Baldwin – actress Kimila Ann ‘Kim’ Basinger had the get away in 1953. Former NFL cheerleader who went onto become Lois Lane, Teri Lynn Hatcher began to see the big picture in 1964. Singer, sort of priest, (now a Muslim), and snap bride with the cropped hair, Sinéad Marie Bernadette O’Connor was wearing the emperor’s new clothes in 1966. Singer, (used in the broadest possible sense of the word), with Slipknot and Stone Sour, Corey Todd Taylor let the mask slip in 1973. Having mentioned his band mate Karen O on 22nd November in honour of her birthday, it seems only fair guitarist in the Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Nicholas Joseph ‘Nick’ Zinner also gets a mention he given he had bright eyes in 1974. Rapper with the blonde curly hair, Onika Tanya Minaj who’s better known as Nicki Minaj started to check it out in 1982. Also arriving that year, not the offspring of Del Boy & Raquel, but American athlete – Dee Dee Trotter was out of breath for the first time. Former two time world champion in boxing the living daylights out of his opponent and bagging a silver medal at the 2004 Olympics – Amir Iqbal Khan was below the belt in 1986. Jamaican footballer currently kicking balls about for Chelsea – Raheem Shaquille Sterling made his mum put in a shift back in 1994.

Deaths are a bit thinner on the ground, but we start not with a Pope, but Archbishop of Canterbury John Peckham who didn’t have to remember bits of the bible from 1292. Flemish astronomer and mathematician Johan Philip Lansberge obviously didn’t read his stars back in 1632 given they would have told him in a roundabout way he wouldn’t survive the day. Jeanne Bécu, comtesse du Barry – last royal mistress of France found herself minus her head thanks to the guillotine in 1793. Architect of Washington D.C.’s White House, James Hoban drew a line in his life back in 1831. Inventor of Boolean algebra, (anyone know about this?), George Bool ran out of permutations in 1864. Oscar II – King of Sweden and on the other days King of Norway, put his epaulettes and odd hat away for the last time in 1907. Born Gladys Clare Evans, four times married actress known as Gladys George found herself below the surface from 1954. Ukrainian born fourth Prime Minister of Israel – Golda Meir, (née Mabovich), left the kibbutz in 1978. Pebble glass wearing long haired naked bed botherer whilst holding a peace protest, ex-Beatle John Winston Lennon probably wished he hadn’t said, ‘I’m just stepping out’ to Yoko in 1980. Actor Louis Burton Lindley, Jr., or ‘Slim Pickens’ rested in the shadows of the tombstone from 1983. Also not making it through that year – 26th Prime Minister of New Zealand Sir Keith Jacka Holyoake was unable to oppose death. Russian weightlifter Yevgeny Minayev found himself considerably lighter in 1993. Actor Robert Lewis ‘Bob’ Bell known for playing Bozo the Clown pleased all those coulrophobics out there in 1997. Puppeteer responsible for both the Clangers and Bag puss, (among others), Richard Oliver Postgate stopped motioning in 2008. Malayalam actor Jagannathan found all those publicity photos surplus to requirements after 2012. Finally, designer of first computer driven word processor – Evelyn Berezin misspelt live for dead in 2018. Rapper mentioned a mere six days ago – Jarad Anthony Higgins who went by Juice Wrld had his ‘Goodbye and Good Riddance’ moment in 2019. Finally, singer with family band – Ralph Edward Vierra Tavares has been one step away since 2021.

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Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 7th December

We start today’s births paragraph with Irish missionary to Scotland and Saint to someone, (or something) – Saint Columba started making indecipherable sounds in 521. Sixth Prime Minister from the land of surf and sun – not forgetting the spiders and snakes, (Australia), Joseph Cook didn’t have a Foster father in 1860. Co-founder of department store bearing his name, (along with his mate Alvah Curtis Roebuck), Richard Sears started to serve himself from 1863. Voice of Donald Duck – Clarence Charles ‘Ducky’ Nash was in the all together back in 1904. Actor from various western films, Eli Herschel Wallach joined the lineup in 1915. There aren’t any Popes or Archbishops of Canterbury’s to mention today, however, there is Pramukh Swami Maharaj, born Shantilal Patel, ordained as Shastri Narayanswarupdas – guru and president of BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha gets his day in the limelight and mentioned here since he had a spiritual birth in 1921. Prime Minister and then President of Portugal – Màrio Alberto Nobre Lopes Soares professed to have been born in 1924. Person who liked Remington Products so much he bought the company, before going onto being owner of New England Patriots – Victor Kermit Kiam II tried to shave a few years off his age from 1926. Scouse comedian with the cheeky grin – Stanley ‘Stan’ Boardman was a little focke himself from 1940. Singer/songwriter with the guitar – Harold Forster ‘Harry’ Chapin was onwards and upwards from 1942. Ex-Chief of the LAPD Bernard C. Parks broke and entered for the first time in 1943. Charles Anthony ‘Tony’ Thomas the person we have to blame, (and really don’t mean thank), for The Golden Girls produced himself in 1947. Singer/songwriter Thomas Alan ‘Tom’ Waits didn’t hold on any longer after 1949. Original member of Eurovision winning band ‘Bucks Fizz’ – Michael ‘Mike’ Nolan found the camera never lies from 1954. Counterfeiter/forger and murderer Mark William Hofmann hasn’t managed to hoodwink anyone over his birthday from 1954. Co-founder of the Psychedelic Furs, Timothy George ‘Tim’ Butler wasn’t pretty in pink in 1958. Also arriving in 1958, announcer on Jay Leno’s show – Edd Hall took his first breath. Ex-lead singer with Atlantic Starr, Barbara Weathers has been cool, calm and collected in celebrating her big day since 1963. Fan of acoustic, (read boring), guitar – Damien Rice floated better than a cannonball in 1973. Member of reformed group All Saints and ex-Mrs L Gallagher, Nicole Marie Appleton wanted to get started, (sounds like her ex-husband), in 1973. Drummer with British band Muse – Dominic James Howard wasn’t a plug in baby back in 1979. Unpopular ex-captain of the English football team, John George Terry made it through the defences in 1980. Heir apparent to the Kingdom of the Netherlands – Catharina-Amalia, Princess of Orange has got few years on George Windsor given she arrived in 2003.

As for deaths, Roman statesman with a type font named in his honour, Marcus Tullius Cicero lost favour in 43BC. Another two Popes called it a day – Pope Eutychian didn’t get to meet the Swiss Guard given he stopped breathing in 283. Next up is Pope Innocent IV who only got to ex-communicate people for 18 months before ex-communicating himself in 1254. Unlucky sailor who was in charge of HMS Bounty before being deposed as a Governor of New South Wales, William Bligh stepped overboard in 1817. Developer of the Suez Canal – Ferdinand Marie, Vicomte de Lesseps cut a corner for the last time in 1894. Friend of sausage fingered men, (and women) who invented zipped flies – Whitcomb L. Judson, found himself undone in 1909. Prog rockers favourite inventor, of the 33 1/3 rpm album, Peter Carl Goldmark reached the end of side two in 1977. German writer Nicholas Born found he died in 1979. Known for playing Mr. Hooper on Sesame Street, Will Lee has been whistling in the dark since 1982. Co-owner of celeb’s favourite brasserie – Peter Langan was fired up in 1988. Co-founder of pyramid selling, (sorry multi-level marketing), cleaning product company Amway – Jay Van Andel ended up below ground in 2004. Actor Harry Bratsberg who became known as Harry Morgan or Colonel Sherman T. Potter in long running and boring TV series M*A*S*H had his final scene in 2011. Businessman who tried, (and failed), to take over Walt Disney Productions – Saul Philip Steinbeck went the same day as his mum in 2012. One third of prog rockers Emerson, Lake & Palmer – Gregory Stuart Lake has been watching over you since 2016. Mountaineer who was first to climb up the south west face of Everest, Douglas Keith Scott has found laybacking the new norm from 2020. Finally, singer songwriter who had few hits in the 1980’s – Steven William Forrest or Steve Bronski wasn’t given one more chance in 2021.

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Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 6th December

There’s a few births, (and deaths), to get through today, so without any further ado, for those of you into old Kings of England you’re in luck given Henry VI of England and disputed King of France ascended the throne a whole nine months after birth in 1421. Baroque composer Johann Christoph Bach faced forwards in 1642. Large ermine cape wearing King William II of the Netherlands, (or Willem Frederik George Lodewijk) joined the party in 1792. Magician credited with coming up with the modern style of conjuring – Jean-Eugène Robert-Houdin had the covers pulled away from him either today, (or tomorrow), in 1805. Pencil maker Johann Eberhard Faber had his first tooth about eight months after today in 1822. 23rd Prime Minister of New Zealand – Michael Joseph Savage was victorious in being born this day in 1872. Respected Broadway actress with a theatre named in her, (and her husband’s) honour, Lille Louise ‘Lynn’ Fontanne consistently lied about her age as she was born in 1887 and not 1893 as she hoodwinked people into believing. Classic actor from the 1930’s/40’s William Thompson ‘Will’ Hay made his successful debut in 1888. Younger bro to George, Israel ‘Ira’ Gershwin found he got the rhythm right in 1896. Actress Agnes Moorhead had a magnificent obsession over arriving in 1900. Co-founder of Baskin Robbins, Irvine ‘Irv’ Robbins was kept warm from 1917. Inventor of close up lenses, coherent fibre-optics and endoscopes among other things – Harold Horace Hopkins squeezed his way through in 1918. Actor/game show host with various steak houses named after him dotted around New York City – born Robert Jack Stein but went by the stage name of Bobby Van, was alive and kicking from 1928. Disgraced wonky mouthed record producer and singer – born Kenneth George King, but known as Jonathan King unsurprisingly let it all hang out in 1944. Keijo Erik Rosberg F1 champ from 1982, (and dad to Nico), started running rings round and round, (repeat 200 odd times) his parents from 1948. Also born that year, actress Margaret JoBeth Williams was no longer within. Founder of one of spammers and scammers favourite websites, Craig Alexander Newmark listed himself in 1952. Deadpan comedian Steven Alexander Wright wasn’t a lethargic baby in 1955. Creator of plasticine stop motion characters, Nicholas Wulstan ‘Nick’ Park had his creature comforts from 1958. Fourth President and CEO of Nintendo – Satoru Iwata showed his parents who was boss in 1959. Cricketer/boxer Andrew ‘Freddie’ Flintoff slipped through in 1977. Two time winner of drug fest that is the Tour de France, Alberto Contador Velasco was a bit dopey in 1982.

As for deaths, Saint Nicholas/Nikolaos of Myra found his days of giving gifts somewhat curtailed in 343. King Afonso I of Portugal conquered his coffin in 1185. Pope Clement saw to it he wouldn’t have to give another New Years address in 1353 given he died in 1352. Prolific Victorian novelist Anthony Trollope has been kept in the dark since 1882. Only President of the Confederate States – Jefferson Finnis Davis didn’t get to enjoy the Mardis Gras in New Orleans back in 1889. Founder of company bearing his name along with having an electric conductance named in his honour – Ernst Werner Siemens failed to charge up after 1892. Co-founder/editor-in-chief of The New Yorker magazine Harold Wallace Ross had his obit ready for publication in 1951. Also not making it through this day in 1951, actor born Josef Bromberger, before going onto be known as Joseph Edward Bromberg who wasn’t given fair warning seeing as he had a heart attack. Brazilian president João Goulart packed away his budgie smugglers in 1976. Franklin Burr Tillstrom stopped ramming his hands up puppets bottoms from this day in 1985. Perpetual sunglasses wearer with the guitar, Roy Kelton Orbison was handled with care at his funeral in 1988. Film noire actor John Howard Payne, didn’t have a fair warning over his demise in 1989. Founding father of Malaysia who was their first Prime Minister – Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj ibni Almarham Sultan Abdul Hamid Halim Shah II took his little hat off for the last time in 1990. Actor born Dominic Felix Amici but known as Don Ameche has been unable to confirm or deny dying in 1993. El-Presidente of Guatemala – Carlos Manuel Arana Osorio disappeared himself in 2003. Also not making it through that year, bass baritone singer – Hans Hotter opted for the cooler option of the ground. First sit-com actor – Nicholas John Smith joined the ghouls in 2015. Next up is fellow actor known for his role in BBC sitcom, Porridge, along with his later role in a programme called Game of Thrones – born Peter Ewart Ohm, but went by the name of Peter Vaughan, didn’t have a death at his funeral in 2016. Finally, singer/songwriter born Peter Campbell McNeish, who went on to be known as Pete Shelley found his time’s up in 2018.

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Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 5th December

Today we see the births of, among others, Guiliano della Rovere who became Pope Julius II found himself blessed to be born in 1443. Eighth President of the United States of America, Martin Van Buren didn’t panic arriving in 1782. Probably the most famous United States Army officer for his roles in both the American Civil War and American Indian Wars – George Armstrong Custer had his first stand about a year after 1839. Second of thirteen (!) children – American cowboy and Wild West performer, Willie M. ‘Bill’ Pickett threw himself into life back in 1871. Having mentioned Clyde Vernon Cessna on 20th November when he landed for the last time, here he is again given he had the chocks released in 1879. Cartoonist, film maker and amusement park owner, Walter Elias ‘Walt’ Disney was a sleeping beauty to his parents in 1901. Norwegian of the day, Eva Wenche Steenfeldt Stang, or Wenche Foss, had an open future in 1917. Younger brother to Telly, (who got all the hair) – Georgios Demosthenes Savalas pulled the ripcord in 1924. Given the country’s libel laws all I’ll say is Bhumibol Adulyadej, known as King Bhumibol the Great of Thailand graced us with his presence in 1927. Singer/plonker of the keys minus the wrinkles, born Richard Wayne Penniman who opted to be known as Little Richard, was slippin’ and slidin’ in 1932. Priest known for waving a blooded rag around during the Irish ‘Bloody Sunday’ incident – Edward Daly had a nurse waft him about in 1933. Another American singer with songwriter tacked on the end of that mantle, John Weldon (J.J.) Cale had the doctors and nurses outside looking in 84 years ago. Josep Maria Carreras i Coll or as his record label states, José Carreras found himself the only tenor in his family from 1946. Given other Prime Ministers get their names mentioned here, it seems only right 8th Prime Minister of Jamaica – Orette Bruce Golding was a sunny child in 1947. André ‘Doctor Dré’ Brown, not the one who flogs oversized headphones, but an American radio personality and former MTV VJ began his show in 1963. Also born that year, English ski jumper who had to wear his glasses to see where the end of the 70m and 90m ski ramps were – Michael ‘Eddie the Eagle’ Edwards. Actress and ex-squeeze, (before Helen Bonham-Carter arrived on the scene) to Tim Burton, Lisa Marie Smith had the starring role in 1968. Ex-Home Secretary and Chancellor of the Exchequer in the United Kingdom – Sajid Javid selected this day in 1969 to arrive into the world. Ronald Antonio ‘Ronnie’ O’Sullivan took the cinch position in 1975. Actor Francisco Muniz IV who plays the title role in Malcolm in the Middle, (apparently), met the fairly odd parents in 1985. Keeping it in the family, daughter to singer Gloria – musician Emily Marie Consuelo Estefan was on her feet about a year after her birth in 1994.

As for deaths, we start with 16 year old King Consort of Scotland and ancient King of France – Francis II died from an ear infection, (probably trying to decipher what his Scottish wife, Mary, Queen of Scots was saying in 1560). Composer with various ticket sellers dressed as him who hassle tourists in Vienna to watch bored musicians play his music – Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart, or just Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, saw his sheets cleaned in 1791. Writer of The Three Musketeers, (among others) – Alexandre Dumas received the black tulip in 1870. Emperor of Brazil mentioned on the 2nd December in honour of his birth, Pedro II lost his enthusiasm in 1891. Battle leader of Hunkpapa Lakota, Native American leader, Gall – dismantled his teepee in 1894. Claude Monet’s days of painting lily ponds and bridges in bright colours were over in 1926. Belgian post-impressionist painter Louis Dewis did a very good impression of dying in 1946. Indian yogi, guru, philosopher etc., Aurobindo Ghose or Sri Aurobindo, relaxed fully in 1950. Baseball player Joseph Jefferson ‘Shoeless Joe’ Jackson, fell off the back stop in 1951. Film/television character actor Frederick Leonard ‘Fred’ Clark failed to get any more work, even as a corpse, from 1968. Princess Alice of Battenberg had her last bit of cake in 1969. Sir Robert Alexander Watson-Watt, significant developer of the radar somewhat ironically dropped off it from 1973. Founder of band bearing his name – drummer and singer ‘Fat’ Larry James had a peaceful journey in 1987. Rabbit toothed former director of family electrical firm bearing his name, Frederik Jacques ‘Frits’ Philips lost reception in 2005. Television producer Alan Armer, had his last show, his funeral, in 2010. Former terrorist who spent a few years in chokey before becoming gaudy shirt wearing President of South Africa, Nelson Rolihlahl Mandela found he didn’t have to see Winnie again after today in 2013. Queen Fabiola of Belgium found dying wasn’t so fabulous after all in 2014. Keeping with the royal theme, last, (two time), King of Romania – Michael I didn’t have to unpick the gold braid from his jacket in 2017. Also not making it through 2017, French heartthrob singer Jean-Philippe Léo Smet better known as Johnny Hallyday had his À la vie, à la mort! moment. Golfer and person who rambled on about eagles and bogeys – Peter Alliss bunkered down in 2020. Finally, Presidential candidate Robert Joseph Dole stood down in 2021.

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Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 4th December

We celebrate the births of the following today: Queen of Spain with the rather unregal name – Barbara, was an Infanta in Portugal back in 1711. Native American war leader of the Oglala Lakota Cha-O-Ha, but known as Crazy Horse – was a mere foal in 1840. Inventor of the ear muff – Chester Greenwood was wet behind the ears in 1858. World water speed record holder Garfield Arthur “Gar” Wood slipped anchor in 1880. Francisco Franco Bahamonde or just General Franco, started to dictate things from 1892. El-Presendti of Brazil – Emilio Garrastazu Médici was a ray of sunshine in his parent’s lives from 1905. Eighth President of India, Ramaswamy Venkataraman managed to lead an independent life from his mum in 1910. Star guest of Alcatraz Pris, Alphonse Gabriel ‘Al’ Capone wasn’t prohibited from being born in 1899. Responsible for inventing the television remote control unit, thereby stopping the youngest member of the family randomly switching channels – Robert Adler was on his feet a year or so after birth in 1913. Actor Michael Hammond Bates found every home should have one in 1920. First person to scale K2, (who was mentioned on the 20th November when he breathed his last), Lino Lacedelli found his Elvis legs in 1925. Small comedian who liked his Scott & Lyle sweaters whilst sitting in a large chair rambling on about something, (before going off at a tangent), and fiddling with his glasses, Ronald Balfour Corbett wasn’t sorry about being born in 1930. Actor from both Little House on the Prairie and Highway to Heaven, Victor Edwin French would have been gentle Ben had he been called that by his parents in 1934. Co-founder of brotherly surf band The Beach Boys, Dennis Carl Wilson had a smiley smile from 1944. Keeping his family’s tradition going, actor Jeffrey Leon ‘Jeff’ Bridges probably had cold feet in 1949. Also born that year, Mrs Billy Connelly or Pamela Stephenson didn’t shrink when born. Actress Patricia Wettig was a city slicker from Milford Ohio in 1951. Bickering, (and cheating), partner to Beyoncé, Shaun Corey Carter who’s down with the kids given he’s better known as Jay-Z, was feelin’ it in 1969. Tyra Lynne Banks who earns a living walking up and down fashion runways not wearing a great deal, was gleeful when born in 1973. Singer/songwriter from another of my least favourite musical styles, (folk) – Kate Anna Rusby has thought, ‘who knows where the time goes?’ since 1973. Oh look! Norwegian of the day belongs to gothic metal band member – Morten Veland was beyond the veil after 1977. Also arriving that year, rapper born Milton Powell, or ‘Big Pokey’ started wearing ill fitting clothes. The rather unfortunately named Chilean footballer – Waldo Ponce, broke through the defences in 1982. Boy band member who sings and writes the songs – Kim Seok-jin, who’s cut that down to ‘Jin’, gave his parents the most beautiful moment in life back in 1992.

Deaths start with Saint John of Damascus who gave up reading the bible in 749. William the Lion or William I, King of the Scots was feeling more than Garbh, (the rough), in 1214. Pope John XXII decided to have an extended lie in from 1334. Robert Banks Jenkinson, 2nd Earl of Liverpool and Prime Minister of the United Kingdom left Downing Street in a slightly larger box than he used to carry in 1828. Physicist and inventor William Sturgeon lost his magnetism in 1850. Having mentioned Charles Dow on 6th November when he was born, here he is again given his stock fell irreversibly in 1902. Dead Norwegian of the day, composer with the rather fine moustache Johan Halvorsen didn’t string along after 1935. Actor born Irving Lahrheim, but known as Bert Lahr, (who played the cowardly lion in The Wizard of Oz), found it was never too late to die in 1967. Another composer, Edward Benjamin Britten didn’t have his death in Venice as he ended up in Aldeburgh, England from 1976. Voice of both Popeye and Felix the Cat, Jack Mercer not only lost his voice but also his life in 1984. Cartoonist responsible for Fred Bassett – Alexander S ‘Alex’ Graham hasn’t been for a walk since 1991. Dad to alternatively named children whilst releasing an excessive amount of albums, Frank Vincent Zappa found himself zapped in 1993. Lionel Giroux the Canadian midget wrestler who went by the name ‘Little Beaver’ had his last timeout in 1995. English cricketer Michael Colin Cowdrey, Baron Cowdrey of Tonbridge found it was over in 2000. American rapper Chad Lamont Butler or ‘Pimp C’ handed business on to ‘Pimp D’ in 2007. Sócrates, (not the Greek philosopher but Brazilian footballer), was on the sidelines from 2011. Finally, Bollywood actor/producer, born Balbir Prithviraj Kapoor but known as Shashi Kapoor called it a wrap in 2017. Also not making it through 2017, model/showgirl implicated in the Profumo Affair – Christine Keeler slipped away quietly.

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Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 3rd December

King Charles VI of France who was also known as ‘the Beloved’ and then ‘the Mad’ kicks today’s posting off given he was ‘the tranquil’ in 1368. Clergyman who did a bit of maths on the side, coming up with ∞ (the infinity symbol) – John Wallis got his figures right being born in 1616, only to give up 86 years later in 1703. Inventor of the spinning mule – Samuel Crompton started spinning yarns from 1753. Reformer of the postal system and inventor of the postage stamp – Rowland Hill was actually delivered on time in 1795. Early day Pointer at a map hoping for the weather to be right, (nothing new there then), meteorologist Cleveland Abbe found things wet and windy in 1838. Also born that year was open space activist Octavia Hill who found she had more space than she knew what to do with once born. Co-founder of company bearing his name, Charles Alfred Pillsbury was a self raising child from 1842. Rajendra Prasad, first President of the Republic of India, not to mention wearer of little hats and a fine moustache, didn’t suffer separation issues from his mum in 1884. Daughter of Sigmund, Anna Freud started analysing everything from 1895. Developer of the FORTRAN computer programme, John Warner Backus had his dribble wear from 1924. American crooner Howard Andrew ‘Andy’ Williams was born free in 1927. Film director Jean-Luc Godard was a bit breathless after his arrival in 1930. Actor/singer Paul Nicholas started going to his grandma’s party from 1945. Shuffling pebble glass wearer who shouts his wife’s name, John Michael ‘Ozzy’ Osbourne wasn’t paranoid when born in 1948, as that came later. Identical twin dwarfs known for scooting about on their Segways, John & Greg Rice were motivated enough to be born in 1951. Also arriving that year, one third of manufactured pop music producing team – Michael ‘ Mike’ Stock had his first number two. Only Welsh winner of the Eurovision Song Contest, (albeit as part of group Brotherhood of Man), born Helen Maria Thomas, but known professionally as Nicky Stevens, had the good fortune to arrive in 1951. Comedian Melvin Kenneth ‘Mel’ Smith didn’t make the nine o’clock news in 1952. Hogger of sofas on dull morning television programmes, Eamonn Holmes started to like the sound of his own voice from 1959. Famous customer at her favourite English pub – The Sportsman, Mogador, Surrey, Daryl Hannah made a splash in 1960. Fellow actress, born Julie Anne Smith but known by her agent as Julianne Moore, got to see the hand that rocks the cradle in 1960. East German, (but now just German), Olympic ice skater Katarina Witt had a free leg in 1965. Not quite the Polish version of Eddie ‘the Eagle’ Edwards, (although he does have a similar moustache), Adam Hendryk Małysz launched himself into the world back in 1977. Co-founder of file sharing service Napster before going onto be first President of Facebook, Sean Parker went online in 1979. Also arriving in 1979, singer who’s claimed the number one spot three times in the United Kingdom – Daniel John Bedingfield was too young to think he’s gotta get through this. Born into the House of Glüksburg, Norwegian of the day – Prince Sverre Magnus of Norway was welcomed into the fold in 2005.

Death wise, Roman Emperor Diocles who was better known as Diocletian left the mosaic unfinished in 311. Pope Anastasius IV popped his clogs, or rather monogrammed velvet slippers in 1154. Confidence trickster Gregor MacGregor found he couldn’t get out of his situation in 1845. Archbishop of Canterbury, Archibald Campbell Tait failed to wake up to the bells of Big Ben from 1862. Lens maker Carl Zeiss went out of focus in 1882. Author Robert Louis Balfour Stephenson had his ultimate kidnapping moment in 1894. Third President of Brazil Prudente José de Morais e Barros didn’t get to walk along Copacabana Beach after 1902. Pierre-Auguste Renoir made the wrong impression in 1919. Circus owner mentioned yesterday in celebration of his birthday – Charles Edward Ringling didn’t have to put his tent up again after 1926. Original owner of the New York Jets, Harry Wismer found he didn’t get any extra time in 1967. Sydney taxi drivers favourite person who could quote any Shakespeare passage, Beatrice, (Bea), Miles lost her way in 1973. Black shirt wearer who fronted the fascists in Great Britain, Sir Oswald Ernald Mosley found he had more than a stiff arm in 1980. Singer of various non-charting songs – John Paul Larkin, or ‘Scatman John’ certainly let it go in 1999. Indian actor Dharamdev Anand or ‘Dev’ Anand folded his director’s chair for the last time in 2011. Ska and rocksteady musician Gladstone “Gladdy” Anderson liquidated himself in 2015. Inventor of the sailboard – Sidney Newman Darby Jr., managed to secure a position in his local graveyard in 2016. Finally, actor Philip Michael Bosco reached freedomland in 2018.

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Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 2nd December

Births today, include, among others, Emperor of Brazil – Pedro II was magnanimous in knowing his birthdate from 1825. Employer of clowns with a few animals thrown in for good measure, circus owner Charles Edward Ringling swung by in 1863. Actor known for his role in the original King Kong film – born Franz Reicher before changing his name to Frank Reicher didn’t get to hear his mum say, ‘Little man, what now?’ in 1875. Land speed record holder before the Campbell’s turned up – John Rhodes Cobb didn’t have the adjudicators present in 1899. Developer of the LP, (thereby opening the door to prog rock), Peter Carl Goldmark was on track from 1906. Joseph Russell Lynes Jr., or just Russell Lynes – managing editor of Harper’s Magazine got his facts right having been born in 1910. Actor Leo Vincent Gordon was the conqueror in 1922. Opera singer born Sophie Cecilia Kalos, christened Maria Anna Cecilia Sofia Kalogeropoulos before going onto be known as Maria Callas took her first deep breath in 1923. Jazz pianist Wynton Charles Kelly was in full view from 1931. Co-creator/writer of classic BBC sit-com Fawlty Towers, Constance ‘Connie’ Booth is past caring about being born in 1940. Fashion designer of overpriced gaudy garments, Giovanni Maria Versace had a decent hue in 1946. Host of syndicated radio shows across America, Robert James ‘Bob’ Kevoian had his first sound check in 1950. Television journo co-hosting various news programmes, Stone Stockton Phillips made a good job dropping anchor in 1954. Norwegian of the day – politician Dagfinn Høybråten has been Clive since 1957. Actress known for her role in classic BBC sitcom Only Fools and Horses, Gwyneth Strong hasn’t forgotten her birthday since 1959. One third of revamped Charlie’s Angels, Lucy Alexis Liu experienced detachment in 1968. Wearer of short skirts whilst running around tennis courts, Monica Seles had the advantage in 1973. Also born that year, road cyclist who bagged gold and silver medals at the Sydney Olympics before ‘doing a Lance’, Jan Ulrich wobbled his way through. Sort of Portuguese/Canadian singer, who seems to have gone a bit quiet – Nelly Kim Furtado wasn’t in god’s hands when born in 1978. One time member of the Mickey Mouse Club, before shaving her hair and heading to Vegas, Britney Jean Spears was in, (or rather out), of the zone in 1981. Rapper, (and some might say singer)/songwriter born Jarad Anthony Higgins, but went by the alternative moniker Juice WRLD, started fighting demons in 1998.

As for deaths, Pope of the day – Pope Silverius took the keys to the kingdom of heaven with him in 537. Writer of some fairly kinky books, (apparently a bit more racy than 50 Shades of Grey), Donatien Alphonse François, Marquis de Sade didn’t experience the pain he wanted when he died in 1814. Having mentioned his brother Charles, (above), here’s another Ringling – this one John Nicholas Ringling did his falling off the perch act in 1936. Dead Norwegian of the day, Johan Nordahl Brun Greig who went by the shortened title Nordahl Greig experienced freedom in 1943. Not Harrison Ford, the American actor, but Harrison Ford, the, err, American actor, kept quiet over his passing in 1957. Legendary bug eyed comedian, Martin Alan ‘Marty’ Feldman didn’t have the last laugh in 1982. Poet Philip Arthur Larkin didn’t have an Arundel Tomb, preferring a grave in Cottingham municipal cemetery from 1985. Having mentioned drug lord and unofficial zoo keeper Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria only yesterday, here he is again seeing as he marched off in 1993. Old biddies favourite wrestler with a girls name, Shirley Crabtree gets his second mention within a month given he didn’t have a false finish in 1997. Bollywood actress Preeti Ganguly found her sari surplus to requirements in 2012. Founder of Orangina Jean-Claude Beton stopped shaking in 2013. Finally, former French President Valéry René Marie Georges Giscard d’Estaing put his womanising days behind him in 2020.

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Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 1st December

We begin today’s posting with King of the Franks who went by the name Louis VI, (aka ‘the Fat’), but was quite petite in 1081. Chemist who discovered uranium and zirconium, Martin Heinrich Klaproth didn’t understand the absorption process in 1743. Anna-Maria ‘Marie’ Tussaud, (née Grosholtz), founder of wax works museums now found around the world broke the mould in 1761. Ninth Dalai Lama – Lobzang Tenpai Wangchuk Lungtok Gyatso was a tulkus in 1805. Alexandra of Denmark – Queen consort of the United Kingdom and Ireland plus its associated dominions, along with being Empress of India had the silver spoon removed from her mouth in 1844. Born in an old style asylum in Coulsdon, Surrey – first class cricketer John Neville ‘Jack’ Crawford got his first run in about a year after his birth in 1886. Nazi sympathising author who came up with book about Tarka the Otter – Henry William Williamson found how dear is life from 1895. Deputy Commander in Chief of the Soviet Red Army in the Second World War -Georgy Konstantinovich Zhukov left his bunker in 1896. Architect of original World Trade Centre in New York – Minoru Yamasaki got his circulation going in 1912. Actress and muse to Rodgers and Hammerstein, (along with being Larry Hagman’s mum), Mary Virginia Martin didn’t turn somersaults in birth back in 1913. Famous Belgian alert as we see Maurice De Bevere, or just ‘Morris’ illustrate how to be born in 1923. First of a few singers to feature – bus driver who went onto become an international crooner, Matt Monro was born free in 1930. Fellow singer Jim Nesbitt was running bare a year after birth in 1931. Louis Allen Rawls, abbreviated to the rather unfortunate Lou Rawls didn’t have trouble down here below in 1933. Lastly, singer known for his hit ‘Me and Mrs Jones’ – Paul Williams or Billy Paul, was going to arrive sooner or later in 1934. Neurotic clarinet player and husband to ex-step daughter Soon-Yi Previn, Allen Stewart Konigsberg or Heywood ‘Woody’ Allen was born in The Bronx rather than Manhattan in 1935. Champion divot maker, Lee Buck Trevino was the driving force in 1939. Another comedian and film actor taken too soon, Richard Franklin Lennox Thomas Pryor wondered which way is up? in 1940. Hawaiian born singer and actress, Bette Midler found the wind beneath her bottom in 1945. Fellow singer, this one from Ireland who had a few hit singles in the 1970’s and is still plugging away out there, (somewhere) – Gilbert O’Sullivan was a scruff at heart in 1946. Unofficial zoo keeper and notorious drug lord Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria made his first escape in 1949. The Poisoned Dwarf, best known for playing Lucy Ewing in Dallas, Charlene Tilton left the point of entry in 1958. Actress/screenwriter and daughter of John Mortimer, Emily Kathleen Anne Mortimer was lovely and amazing to her parents in 1971. Award laden actor/rapper Rizwan ‘Riz’ Ahmed was out of darkness in 1982. Singer Lennie Kravitz’s daughter, singer/actress Zoë Isabelle Kravitz hasn’t worn sunglasses since 1988. Aiko, Princess Toshi, (although she sounds like a Moshi Monster character), has actually been a member of the Japanese royal family since 2001. Son to over enthusiastic presenter Steve, Robert Clarence Irwin entered the fray in 2003.

As for deaths, we start with ancient King of England – Henry I or Henry Beauclerc started the run of following Kings with his name from 1135. Another ancient King, this one from Sweden – Magnus II vacated the throne in 1161. Giovanni di Lorenzo de’ Medici or Pope Leo X didn’t get his last rites read to him whilst he gasped his last in 1521. Emperor of Russia, King of Poland and Grand Duke of Finland, Alexander I of Russia kept people guessing for a few years over whether he’d actually died in 1825. Pope Pius VIII had his penultimate audience given he went to higher places in 1830. Surveyor and geographer who has the mountain, double glazing company and numerous curry houses named after him, Colonel Sir George Everest found himself another six feet deeper from the 29,029 feet (or 8,848 metres) summit in 1866. Proper Russian ‘Bolshy’ Sergey Kirov took a bullet in 1934. Keeping the mountain theme going – occultist and mountaineer, ex-Redhill, (Surrey), resident Aleister Crowley had his own unique send off in 1947. Character actor in Western films, born Victor Daniels, but known as Chief Thundercloud became a raider of ghost city in 1955. Greek athlete who plodded and wheezed his way to become the first person to win a marathon race, Charilaos Vasilakos didn’t get his breath back in 1964. Founding father of Israel – David Ben-Gurion had the first stones left on his grave in 1973. Irving Lee Dorsey known for his hit, ‘Working in the Coal Mine’ obviously got some dust in his lungs given he died from emphysema in 1986. Prince Consort of the Netherlands, born Prince Bernhard Leopold Friedrich Eberhard Julius Kurt Karl Gottfried Peter of Lippe-Biesterfeld, later abbreviated to Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands has left the carnations alone since 2004. Actor known for his role in The Incredible Hulk – Jack Colvin made the switch in 2005. Another act tor of various genres, including second rate sit-coms, Anthony ‘Anton’ Rogers has been the man who’s haunted himself since 2007. Yet another actor, Paul Benedict nearly made the front page upon his demise in 2008. Non-relation to Russian investment guru and owner of Chelski Football Club, Roman, tango and classical violinist (Moisés) ‘Mario’ Abramovich reached his decrescendo in 2014. Finally, actress born Rachel Mitrani before going onto be known as Shelley Morrison or Rachel Domínguez, has no longer been able to stand up and be counted since 2019.

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Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 30th November

People who have/will be ripping open their presents on this St. Andrew’s Day, include, among others: Duke of Lithuania and King of Poland – Casimir IV Andrew Jagiellon didn’t get to see the fire breathing Wawel dragon given he arrived in 1427. Essayist responsible for Gullivers Travels – Jonathan Swift didn’t think about ‘When I become old’ in 1667. Old royal Norwegian of the week – Christian VI of Denmark & Norway, wasn’t anonymous to his parents from 1699. Keeping with the royal theme, Princess of Wales – not media manipulator and fan of the camera when it suited her, but Princess Augusta of Saxe-Gotha-Altenburg, took to her cot in 1719. Rifle maker Oliver Fisher Winchester didn’t suffer a blow back in 1810. 95th Archbishop of Canterbury, (the one with the excessive sideburns), Frederick Temple started preaching his ways from 1821. Samuel Langhorne Clemens who went by the pen name Mark Twain, began his own adventures in 1835. Founder of high end Canadian jewellery store bearing his name – Henry Birks was a sparkle in his parents eyes from 1840. Sixth President of Brazil, Afonso Augusto Moreira Pena may have been the first to die in office, but he certainly wasn’t born in it back in 1847. Poet John McCrae wasn’t born in Flanders Field given he arrived in Ontario, Canada in 1872. One of the best ever Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom who also had a decent sense of humour, Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill started sorting things out from 1874. Actor known for his roles in the Carry On franchise, born George Frederick Joffre Hartree but known as Charles Hawtrey found boys will be boys from 1914. Sidekick to Danny Kaye – Virginia Clara Jones, or as she was also known Virginia Mayo, wasn’t up in arms about being born in 1920. Having mentioned Allan Sherman, (born Allen Copelon), a mere ten days ago when he stopped breathing, here he is again given he was a novelty act to his parents in 1924. Film director we have to thank for the first three Rambo films, (among others), Richard Donald Crenna wasn’t marooned in 1926. Proper Norwegian of the day – Prime Minister Odvar Nordli put his mum through labour in 1927. Co-founder of Sesame Street – Joan Ganz Cooley was a real ticklebug 1929. Easy listening singer Francis Edward ‘Frank’ Ifield started having his mum say, ‘Good morning, dear’ from 1937. Also born that year, older bro to Tony – Ridley Scott was one of the duellists. June Pointer who funnily enough joined family group The Pointer Sisters, (it must have been a cold day when they came up with that name), was so excited at being born in 1953. Punk singer with the distinctly un-punk name of William Michael Albert Broad, now known for his leather jacket, bleached hair and sneer – Billy Idol had a nurse catch his fall in 1955. Television host Lorraine Kelly had an early start in 1959. Ex-tax dodging crisp seller who whittles on about the off side rule and various other dull football, (soccer to my American followers), terms along with his skewed views on things he seemingly knows little about, Gary Winston Lineker had his hospital pass in 1960. Benjamin Edward Meara ‘Ben’ Stiller got to meet the parents in 1965. Late starter in the comedy stakes, John Joseph Bishop has been in a league of his own since 1966. Another Tour de France cyclist implicated in a doping scandal, Laurent Jalabert wasn’t a climber in 1968. Also born in 1968, singer Desirée Annette Weeks who’s better known as Des’ree was a little child. Actress born Kaley Christine Cuoco, (with Sweeting now tacked on it), was one of the bratz in 1985. Model Christine Diane ‘Chrissy’ Teigen found the tear sheet in 1985. Also born that year, actress Kaley Christine Cuoco has managed to keep to 8 simple rules. Third Norwegian of the day is chess grandmaster Sven Magnus Øen Carlsen took the critical position in 1990.

As for deaths, Edmund Ironside, (minus the wheelchair), who also went by the name Edmund II handed the baton, or rather sword to Cnut, (you read it right), the Great in 1016. King Charles XII of Sweden lost the ermine in 1718. Optician John Dolland, (who’s chain is still going under the guise of Dolland & Aitchison), didn’t get to see anything after 1761. Pope Pius VIII gave up pontificating in 1830. Noted Irish wit mentioned on 16th October when he started out in life, Oscar Fingal O’Flahertie Wills Wilde found his saying, ‘Nothing is so aggravating as calmness’ come true in 1900. Aviatrix Hélène Boucher levelled out in 1934. Next up is Paul Masson, not the person responsible for un-drinkable wine, but cyclist who scooped a few medals throughout his career found his stabilisers taken away from him in 1945. British dramatist Sir Terence Mervyn Rattigan failed the final test in 1977. Given I mentioned his brother the other day, here’s Herbert Manfred ‘Zeppo’ Marx who ‘went to the disco’ permanently in 1979. Also not making it through that year, British actress and national treasure – Joyce Irene Grenfell, (née Phipps), didn’t have the happiest day of her life. Novelist James Arthur Baldwin was going to meet the man in 1987. Herbert Khaury or dyed curly haired singer with the ukulele, Tiny Tim didn’t tip toe through the tulips again as he started pushing up the daises from 1996. First woman to swim the English Channel – Gertrude Caroline Ederle left the swimming cap hanging from this day in 2003. Stunt rider Robert Craig ‘Evel’ Knievel failed to jump let alone get up again after 2007. 12th Prime Minister of India, Inder Kumar Gujral would have made his 93rd birthday if he hadn’t have keeled over five days before it in 2012. Actor Paul William Walker IV went two feet deeper given he went eight below in 2013. Finally, Vice President and then 41st occupant of The White House – George H(erbert) W(alker) Bush didn’t have a super Friday in 2018.

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Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 29th November

Today’s posting begins with revolutionary Isamlist, Syed Ahmed Barelvi who was well ahead of the game before the likes of al-Qaeda and IS/Daesh came along, as he managed to force his way through in 1786. Person who came up with the thermionic valve or the vacuum tube diode, designer of the radio transmitter, who also established the right hand rule in physics – John Ambrose Fleming was probably left handed from 1849. Inventor of the seaplane, Henri Fabre’s dad no doubt wet the baby’s head in 1882. Writer Clive Staples (C.S.) Lewis was beyond the bright blur after birth in 1898. Indian version of Charlie Chaplin, (so not amusing at all then), Nagercoil Sudalaimuthu Krishnan or Kalaivanar who was also known as NSK at least made his family smile from 1908. Doting mum to sometime bread salesman and mussitating actor Sylvester, Jacqueline Frances ‘Jackie’ Stallone, (née Labofish), obviously knew the stars were out in 1921. Two disgraced politicians, (yes, really!), also share today as their birthday – first up is Tesco queen and former Mayor of Westminster, (London), who disappeared to Israel when things went wrong, Shirley Porter, (née Cohen), would like to think she started to serve the public in 1930. Next up, having started life in 1932, Jacques René Chirac climbed the greasy pole of politics firstly as Mayor of Paris, then Prime Minister of France before getting the keys to the Élysée Palace and then promptly slid back down it in 2011 when found guilty of diverting public funds and abusing public confidence. Singer John Mayall didn’t have the blues being born in 1933. Also arriving in 1933, author of various books about sex – David Reuben took a few years to learn about the birds and the bees and has seemingly been obsessed since. Having mentioned other members of the Mamas and the Papas, here we see Dennis Gerrard Stephen Doherty who had to dream about California given he was born in Nova Scotia back in 1940. Unamusing comedian Garry Emmanuel Shandling took part in his first tonight show in 1949. English Rugby Union player – William Henry ‘Dusty’ Hare was up and under in 1952. Other half to serial killer Fred, serial killer Rosemary Pauline West, née Letts, freed herself in 1953, which hasn’t been the case since 1995. Film director Joel David Cohen, (no relation to Shirl above), but older bro to Ethan, had a low angle shot in 1954 – while in 1968 Jonathan Rashleigh Knight became a new kid on the block. Welsh ball kicker who up before the beak earlier this year – Ryan Joseph Giggs, hopefully won’t issue an injunction against me informing you he was born in 1973. Actor Chadwick Aaron Boseman wondered what if he hadn’t been born in 1976. Gay, vegan, teetotal comedian, (so he’s got a lot going for him), Simon Amstell started visiting grandmas house from 1979.

As for deaths, Pope Clement IV released his grip on the rosary beads from 1268. King Philip IV of France nicknamed ‘the Fair’ and ‘the Iron King’ was set in stone back in 1314 . Another ‘rum and coke’ Thomas Wolsey dissolved himself a few months after annoying Henry VIII in 1530. Queen Maria Theresa of Austria managed to relax her facial muscles in 1780. Whispy haired founder and editor of the New York Tribune – Horace Greeley found his circulation stopped in 1872. Opera writer Giacomo Antonio Domenico Michele Secondo Maria Puccini had his own death scene, (minus the woman singing), in 1924. Composer/arranger for both Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies, Carl W. Stalling thought, ‘how dry I am’ in 1972. Dad to F1 champ, two time F1 champ – Norman Graham Hill ran out of juice in 1975. Archibald Alexander Leach or as we know him Carey Grant, made sure he didn’t get any further work from 1986. Character actress in over 100 films, Irene Handl was more dead than in sickness and in health back in 1987. Chairman of Indian conglomerate Tata, Jehangir Ratanji Dadabhoy (J.R.D.) Tata got to say, ‘Goodbye’ in 1993. Great train robber Ronald Christopher “Buster” Edwards didn’t have to worry about the flowers at his funeral in 1994. Professional wrestler Martin Austin Ruane or as the old biddies sat ringside knew him – Giant Haystacks found the burial come to haunt him in 1998. One fourth of The Beatles who went on to be part of short lived supergroup The Travelling Wilburys, George Harrison came to the end of his particular road in 2001. Allen Carr, not the toothy and speccy camp comedian but anti smoking campaigner rather ironically went up in smoke back in 2006. Architect of the Sydney Opera House, Jørn Oberg Utzon entered the barrel vault in 2008. Dead Belgian of the day – Prince Alexandre Emmanuel Henri Albert Marie Léopold stopped appearing on the balcony from 2009. Industrial designer responsible for updating the View-Master, Charles ‘Chuck’ Harrison, failed to see his demise in 2018. Songwriter Irving Louis Burgie aka Lord Burgess didn’t get to see another Day O after 2019. Finally, sci-fi writer Benjamin William ‘Ben’ Bova has been exiled from earth since 2020.

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