Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 27th September

You will be pleased to hear today’s listing contains not only two dead Popes, (more on them later), but the births of various musicians – one of which is, you’ve guessed it, Norwegian, along with other random people plucked from the information super bridleway. That said, we start with monarch from the House of Bourbon, (though whether this is the chocolate biscuit or type of whiskey hasn’t been recorded), who ruled not as only King of France, but also Navarre, King Louis XIII of France and Louis II of Navarre de merged from his mum in 1601. American revolutionary leader now known for a beer named in his honour, Samuel Adams started to make a name for himself in 1722. Emperor of Mexico and designer of the first Mexican flag – born Agustín Cosme Damián de Iturbide y Arámburu, who managed to cut that down to: Agustín de Iturbide, switched sides in 1783. Modest comedian, actor and magician who went with the titles, ‘The Great Ballantine’ and ‘The Amazing Ballantine’, (though whether he actually was will remain a mystery), entertainer Carl Ballantine appeared in a puff of smoke back in 1917. Baseball player/manager John Michael Paveskovich or Johnny Pesky was a pesky child from 1919. Actor known for playing Chief Bromden in One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest, Muscogee (Creek) tribe member William ‘Will’ Sampson Jr., was born to the wind, (probably in more ways than one), in 1933. Black leather glove wearing 1970’s rocker with the sideburns, born Bernard William Jewry before renaming himself Shane Fenton and then settling on Alvin Stardust, had his first coo ca choo moment in 1942. One fourth of Canadian band bearing his name, Randolph Charles ‘Randy’ Bachman hadn’t seen anything yet in 1943. Also making their appearance that year, un-amusing leek waving Welsh comedian/singer, Maxwell ‘Max’ Boyce started his incredible plan. Comedy actor Robin Courteney Nedwell had a slice of life from 1946. Scottish singer Barbara Dickson had to wait another seven/eight months after January/February to make it into the world back in 1947. Also born that year, Marvin Lee Aday, or Meat Loaf as he was also known, was welcomed to the neighbourhood. Actress best known for playing Frank Spencer’s wife in classic 1970’s BBC sit-com, ‘Some Mother’s Do ‘Ave ‘Em, Michelle Dotrice was out of the unknown in 1948. Now we’re onto the Norwegian singer who represented his country in dull fest known as the Eurovision Song Contest no less than three times, Jahn Teigen got more than a ‘nil point’ with his family in 1949. British Labour MP, (and ex-shadow cabinet minister) who couldn’t do her maths properly and who sent her son to a selective school, (despite not agreeing with such establishments) – Diane Abbott has been trying to work out how old she is since 1953. Writer of Trainspotting, Irvine Welsh wrote himself into the plot in 1958. Macro-biotic diet queen and ‘consciously uncoupled’ Mrs C Martin, Gwyneth Paltrow had great expectations after entering the world in 1972. Rapper Dwayne Michael Carter Jr., who adopted a slightly hipper name: Lil Wayne, hasn’t had a rebirth since 1982. Teen pop sensation born in Canada, (thankfully not Justin Bieber), but twice married tattooed singer Avril Lavigne had a happy ending in 1984.

Death wise, (as mentioned above), there are a further two Popes to mention today, so without any further ado, Pope Urban VII popped his velvet slippers off for the final time in 1590. He was followed by Pope Innocent XII who stopped wafting incense about in 1700. French dauber Edgar Degas did a great impression of a dead person in 1917. I remember mentioning composer Englebert Humperdink on 1st September, (given I thought he was the singer), when he started out in life, but here he is again seeing as he didn’t get to see another day from 1921. Suffragette and general agitator taking over from her mum – Estelle Sylvia Pankhurst gave up wielding her handbag in 1960. Actress who personified the ‘Roaring Twenties’, Clara Gordon Bow was beyond the rainbow from 1965. Actress, singer and comedienne with the crisp accent, Grace Stansfield or Dame Gracie Fields, found the show went on without her from 1979. American officer in United States Air Force, James Harold ‘Jimmy’ Doolittle has done exactly that since 1993. Actor Donald David Dixon Ronald O’Connor found it can’t last forever in 2003. Indian singer Mahendra Kapoor hasn’t suffered any feedback from 2008. Actor known for his role in The Pink Panther film franchise – Herbert Charles Angelo Kuchačevič ze Schluderpacheru, who managed to get that down to Herbert Lom found hell is sold out in 2012. Person who founded fashion house Chloé – Gabrielle ‘Gaby’ Aghion, (née Hanoka), cut her cloth a bit too much in 2014. Founder of Playboy who lived in his PJ’s, dressing gown and little white sailor’s cap whilst surrounded by nubile young ladies in bikinis – Hugh Marston Hefner gave up living the dream in 2017. Finally, founding member and lead singer of not only Jefferson Airplane but also Jefferson Starship – starting off as Martyn Jerel Buchwald before being known as Marty Balin started to look out of the windows of heaven in 2018.

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Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 26th September

We begin today’s posting with founder of the Seraphic Order, Giovanni di Pietro di Bernardone or as he became known Saint Francis of Assisi may have been born this day in either 1181 or 1182. First Governor of New Zealand who co-authored the Treaty of Waitangi – William Hobson had no choice over his birthdate in 1792. Physiologist Ivan Pavlov was minus his dogs in 1849. Non relation to Malcolm – Christian X, King of Denmark and Kristján X King of Iceland, started life in 1870 being dressed in girls clothes. Inventor of the bouncing bomb, Barnes Neville Wallis was himself a bouncing baby in 1887. Nobel laureate winner Thomas Stearns (T.S.) Elliott saw a different point of view from 1888. Rather than mentioning a dead Pope, I can actually report on one being born – yes, Giovanni Battista Enrico Antonio Maria Montini, or to give his shortened name, Pope Paul VI, had his first audience in 1897. Composer, pianist and subject of second rate Donna Summer hit – George Gershwin had his first tinkle in 1898. Actor/dancer born George Ranft but adopted George Raft as his name kept his parents up night after night from 1901. Red spy masquerading as an art historian, Anthony Frederick Blunt found himself on the right side of his family in 1907. Founder of NASCAR – William Henry Getty France/Bill France Sr., made his way through in 1909. Indian actor, producer etc with the garland of flowers around his neck, Dharamdev, (Dev) Anand was welcomed to the world in 1923. Inventor of sickly and sugary drink Gatorade, James Robert Cade must have been a bit thirsty after his birth in 1927. 13th Prime Minister of India – Manmohan Singh has managed an 90 year term. Lead actress from The Beverly Hillbillies, born Doris Ione Smith but known as Donna Douglas found her parents needed the nanny from 1933. Nelson Mandela’s domineering ex-Mrs who liked to dance about on the spot, Nomzamo Winifred Zanyiwe Madikizela or Winnie Madikizela-Mandela, was unleashed into the world back in 1936. Old school comedian and game show host with the curly hair – born Michael Berry before finding fame as Lennie Bennet started the names and games in 1938. Firebrand left wing actor and jailbird, Eric (Ricky), Tomlinson saw red for the first time in 1939. Another television personality who’s known for her fiery character and no nonsense attitude, Anne Josephine Robinson is probably trying to purse her lips at being 78. Lead singer with Roxy Music who thinks he’s Mr. Cool, Bryan Ferry wasn’t quite sticking together with his mum in 1945. Overweight radical feminist Andrea Rita Dworkin didn’t get much say in being born female in 1946. Country singer Lynn Rene Anderson was here in person, (minus her wide hat and rhinestone blouse), in 1947. English born Australian actress Olivia Newton John found her parents hopelessly devoted to her in 1948. Musician who teamed up with comedian Roland Rivron as ‘Raw Sex’ Simon Tracey Brint didn’t need the hearing aid in 1950. Member of Mexican, (non-Marachi), band Los Lobos – Cesar J Rosas entered the neighbourhood in 1954. Actress Linda Carroll Hamilton didn’t have a silent fall in 1956. Funny looking novelist/journo William Woodard ‘Will’ Self started the feeding frenzy in 1961. Singer/songwriter with ‘acquired taste’ group currently in hiatus – Everything but the Girl, Tracey Anne Thorne has found the language of life useful from 1962. Ex-model before doing rather well on the acting front – born Lysette Chodzko but these days goes goes by the name of Lysette Anthony, made the switch in 1963. Businessman and politician who served as fifth President of Ukraine – Petro Oleksiyovych Poroshenko pushed through in 1965. R&B singer with Boys II Men – Shawn Patrick Stockman was a solo artist back in 1972. Muscular tennis playing sister with five Wimbledon titles and a gold gong from the London Olympics to her name who lost the plot the other year – Serena Jameka Williams had the advantage in 1981. Singer/songwriter and founding member of Sugababes Kiesha Kerreece Fayeanne Buchanan was in the middle back in 1984. Actress Talulah Jane Riley-Milburn, who’s shortened that to Talulah Riley had her inception in 1985. Sister to despot dictator with the square haircut, Kim Jon-il, Kim Yo-jong wasn’t too sure who her parents where talking to from 1987.

Deaths include, among others – Zhu Changluo or The Taichang Emperor, 14th emperor of the Ming Dynasty ended up in a casket rather than a vase in 1620. Mathematician Antoine Parent didn’t quite work out his last day in 1716. Davy Crockett wannabe – frontiersman Daniel Boone started exploring his coffin from 1820. Pioneer of denim jeans Levi Strauss, (or Löb Straß), wasn’t quite so riveted with life from 1902. Author who came up with Dr Doolittle – Hugh John Lofting started doing very little from 1947. Known for playing Maid Marian in the 1950’s television series Robin Hood, Bernadette O’Farrell found it wasn’t the beginning, rather the end for her in 1999. Suave singer Robert Palmer found his pressure drop in 2003. Broadcaster throughout the Second World War – Iva Toguri D’Aquino or as she was better known ‘Tokyo Rose’ signed off in 2006. Actor who ventured into flogging various food sauces – Paul Leonard Newman, lost his appetite in 2008. Actress Gloria Stewart, (or rather Gloria Frances Stuart), became the invisible woman from 2010. Irish hurler Seán ‘Seánie’ Duggan showed his white flag in 2013. Finally, philandering former popular/(very) unpopular Prime Minister and then President of France convicted of diverting public funds – Jacques René Chirac had enough funds for his final hurrah in 2019.

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Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 25th September

Today’s posting starts with Prime Minister of Great Britain who didn’t have to worry about people disagreeing and taking him to court – Henry Pelham was first past the (bed) post in 1694. Chief mutineer on HMS Bounty, Fletcher Christian didn’t rebel over his birth date in 1764. Poet who came up with, ‘The boy stood in the burning deck’ – Felicia Dorothea Hemans didn’t get to hear her parents say, ‘To the newborn’ in 1793. Architect known for building the first skyscraper – William LeBaron Jenney started off on the ground floor in 1832. Palaeontologist Karl Alfred von Zittel broke through the crust in 1839. Inventor of the carpet sweeper, Melville Ruben Bissell was unable to sweep his birth date under the carpet from 1843. Seventh Prime Minister of Australia, William Morris ‘Billy’ Hughes expelled himself for the very first time in 1862. Nobel prize winning writer William Cuthbert Faulkner didn’t give his parents the big sleep from 1897. Founder of Geographer’s A-Z Map Company – Phyllis Isobella Pearson didn’t take the wrong turn in 1906. Another Antipodean, 31st Prime Minister from the land of Kiwis and All Blacks, not forgetting their weak and gassy beer, Lion – Robert David ‘Rob’ Muldoon thought big in 1921. Spoonerism King and other half of The Two Ronnies, Ronald William George ‘Ronnie’ Barker had to wait a few years from 1929 before he could eat porridge. Astrologer Patric Walker had the stars align in 1931. Another comedy actor, Brian Trevor John Murphy – hen pecked husband to Yootha Joyce in classic 70’s sit-com George & Mildred, was hatched in 1932. Actor known for his role in The Day of the Jackal – Jean Bernard de Chieusses de Combaud de Roquebrune, who’s taken that down to Jean Sorel, may have been made in Italy but was born in Marseille back in 1934. Flamboyant Hindi actor Feroz Khan wasn’t a dancing dervish from 1939. Also born that year British MP and Cabinet Minister, before jumping on the EU bandwagon – Leon Brittain was quite a conservative child. Recovering sex maniac, son of Kirk and husband to Catherine, Michael Kirk Douglas shone through in 1944. Supplement queen and another 70’s sit-com star who found fame in The Good Life, Felicity Ann Kendall was in the theatre longer than thirty minutes in 1946. Other half to Linda, (no, not Paul), but Cecil Womack wasn’t able to express himself in 1947. Actor known for his voiceover work as well as playing Luke Skywalker in dull film franchise Star Wars – Mark Richard Hamill caught the slipstream in 1951. Superman, (until his horse bucked and put him in an electric wheelchair), otherwise known as Christopher Reeve, had his great escape in 1952. Singer/songwriter born Adelmo Fornaciari, but known as Zucchero was unable to say, ‘Bambino yo, bambino tú’ in 1955. Actress and ex-Mrs Tommy Lee & ex-Mrs Richie Sambora, Heather Deen Locklear started going places from 1961. Slapping actor Willard Carroll ‘Will’ Smith Jr., was the fresh prince in 1968. Having mentioned her old man above, here’s his Mrs as Catherine Zeta Jones will also be trying to blow the candles out before tucking into the birthday cake in celebration of her 53rd birthday. Cheating, (and now dead), cricketer Wessel Johannes ‘Hansie’ Cronje managed to fix his birthdate from 1969. Cheeky Geordie game show host, presenter of other dull programmes thought up by Simon Cowell’s company and who can forget their music, (actually, I’d like to do just that), Declan Joseph Oliver ‘Dec’ Donnelly, (or is it Ant McPartlin?), came to be in 1975. Model Jodie Kidd was a mere baby in 1978. Actor, singer etc., Donald McKinley Glover Jr. also known as Childish Gambino, joined the mystery team in 1983.

As for deaths, the Battle of Stamford Bridge occurred in 1066 leading to the deaths of Tostig Godwinson and Harald III of Norway, unfortunately, it was 950 years before José Mourinho was resident there. Pope Clement VII features given he went to meet his maker in 1534. Baroque composer Johann Christoph Pez dispensed himself in 1716. Third son of timbrel enthusiasts William & Catherine, Herbert Henry Howard Booth stopped flogging The War Cry and found himself ‘promoted to glory’ in 1926. Talking stage actress and silent movie star being original Snow White – Helen Marguerite Clark didn’t have the fortunes of Fifi in 1940. Etiquette expert Emily Post made her polite excuses and left us in 1960. Nicolas Poliakoff or as the coulrophobics knew him Coco the Clown, found he didn’t have to wear makeup after 1974. Drummer with rock band Led Zeppelin, John Henry Bonham took his stairway to heaven in 1980. King of the Belgians, (though not too sure whether it was for the Walloons or Flemish), Léopold III abdicated in 1983. Actor Walter Pidgeon could have done with more than a two minute warning in 1984. Dead Norwegian of the day, linguist Hans Vogt found he lost his voice, (amongst other things) in 1986. Actress born Lucile Vasconcellos Langhanke, before going onto be known as Mary Astor had a kiss before dying in 1987. Nazi war criminal Klaus Barbie aka ‘the Butcher of Lyon’ hung on until 1991. Singer Howard Andrew ‘Andy’ Williams certainly wasn’t warm and willing from 2012. Songwriter and member of Heatwave – Rodney Lynn ‘Rod’ Temperton was too hot to handle in 2015. Finally, actor and old man to Cherie Blair – Anthony George ‘Tony’ Booth entered the pit of darkness in 2017.

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Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 24th September

We start today’s posting with another Roman Emperor, (for all of eight months) – Aulus Vitellius spent more time preparing for birth than ruling the empire in AD15. Fourth of the Ten Gurus of Sikhism, Guru Ram Das was delivered on a wing and a prayer way back in 1534. Brewer of the black stuff in central Dublin, (with the distinction of being the only alcoholic drink once available on the NHS), Arthur Guinness wet hopped it in 1725. Person we have to thank for overly bright and blinking neon lighting, Georges Claude lit up his parents lives from 1870. Another five time Wimbledon Champion before getting bored with tennis and moving on to golf, field hockey and archery, Charlotte ‘Lottie’ Dod was all a quiver in 1871. Someone else who made a living out of building a global brand, Franklin Clarence Mars was all rest and play, with no work in 1882. Writer of The Great Gatsby and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald, (abbreviated to F. Scott Fitzgerald to fit on the dust jackets), didn’t go the same way as that story in 1896. Radical cleric and politician originally named Ruhollah Mostafavi Musavi before answering to Ayatollah Khomeini, wasn’t a little Shi’ite in 1902. Bald headed sidekick to Benny Hill – John ‘Jackie’ Wright got used to the smacking from 1904. General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union – Konstantin Ustinovich Chernenko didn’t suffer censorship over his birth in 1911. Double chinned character actor Angelo Muscat started the magical mystery tour of life in 1930. Creator of The Muppets James Maury ‘Jim’ Henson found his own cord cut in 1936. Having mentioned both her son and daughter a couple of weeks back when it was their birthdays, it’s now their mum’s turn as chief triangle and tambourine player not to mention vegetarian meal queen, Linda Louise McCartney, (née Eastman, formerly See), started to focus from 1941. Scouse songsmith Gerard ‘Gerry’ Marsden didn’t need a pacemaker when delivered in 1942. Singer with The Dixie Cups, Rosa Lee Hawkins left the chapel of love in 1944. English cricketer Patrick Ian ‘Pat’ Pocock bounced out in 1946. The day really wouldn’t be complete without a Norwegian of the day, and I don’t disappoint given Erik Hivju started out in 1947. Known for playing Det. Greg Medavoy in NYPD Blue, Gordon Clapp received light applause when born in 1948. Alternative comedian/actress with the unique look – Helen Margaret Lederer found her heart beat in 1954. Having mentioned creator of The Muppets above, here we have the voice of Kermit the Frog – Steven Lawrence ‘Steve’ Whitmire was a dreamchild in 1959. Cyprus born entrepreneur who liked to try and break things on Dragon’s Den, Theodoros ‘Theo’ Paphitis will be getting Mrs P to break open the champers, (or possibly pomange), in celebration of his 63rd birthday. Miserablist comedian James Andrew Innes ‘Jack’ Dee was delivered lying down in 1961. Actress who wrote My Big Fat Greek Wedding – Antonia Eugenia ‘Nia’ Vardalos found no experience was necessary in 1962. Ex-ball kicker and team captain on dull sports quiz show ‘A Question of Sport’, Alastair Murdoch ‘Ally’ McCoist wasn’t offside when born 60 years ago. Another sports personality who won both gold and silver in cycling at the 2012 Olympics, now found riding horses – Victoria Louise Pendleton was a descender in 1980. Actor Spencer Treat Clark started testing the babysitters from 1987. Fellow actor Benjamin Schiff ‘Ben’ Platt was pitch perfect in the screaming from 1993.

Pope Liberius kicks the deaths paragraph off given he became a Holy Ghost in 366. Pepin the Short, King of the Franks, (though there are no records as to his height), found his time was up in 768. Another Pope, this one Pope Innocent II obviously had enough of pure thoughts in 1143. Serbian Grand Prince/King Stefan Nemanjic or Stefan the First Crowned, took his last vow in 1228. Emperor Pedro I of Brazil and King Pedro IV of Portugal and the Algarves was pretty subdued from 1834. Brother to Charlotte, Emily & Anne – painter/writer Patrick Branwell Brontë went to cold comfort farm in 1848. Balloonist and parachutist Charles Leroux, (born Joseph Johnson), bailed out of life in 1889. First Prime Minister of Sweden Louis Gerhard De Greer munched his last meatball in 1896. Egg maker Peter Carl Fabergé, also known as Karl Gustavovich Fabergé didn’t get a blinged up coffin in 1920. Physicist with the counter named after him, Johannes ‘Hans’ Wilhelm ‘Gengar’ Geiger went off the scale in 1945. Silent film star, Charles ‘Chuck’ Reisner started reducing from 1962. Commissioner James Gordon from the Batman TV Series, (or James Neil Hamilton), saw the spotlight dim in 1984. Writer of the Dr. Suess books, Theodore Suess Geisel found he wasn’t going to get up from today in 1991. Overworked actor Surendranatha Thilakan had his make up artist do one more days work in 2012. Last actor of the day – William Goldwyn ‘Bill’ Nunn III has been finding the things to do in Denver when you’re dead from 2016. Finally, cricketer/commentator Dean Mervyn Jones went to check upstairs in 2021.

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Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 23rd September

Today’s an average day for births and a bit of a slow one for deaths – bearing that in mind, we start with Gaius Octavius or Augustus Caeser the first Roman Emperor who had a straight arm waving about from 63BC. Mongol Emperor and founder of the Yuan dynasty in China, Kublia Khan arrived at 1215. King Ferdinand VI of Spain cheered up this day each year from 1713. Star gazer Johann Franz Enche spied the light for the first time in 1791. Cocaine and morphine addled surgeon William Stewart Halstead had his initial introduction to hospitals in 1852. 11th of 12 children and founder of company bearing his name, (which is still going strong today), Robert Bosch engineered his way into the world back in 1861. Queen consort of Serbia Draginja ‘Draga’ Obrenović, (formerly Mašin), was no longer a baby in waiting from 1864. Writer of books about The Scarlet Pimpernel – Emma Magdolna Rozália Mária Jozefa Borbála ‘Emmuska’ Orczy de Orci blended in well with her family from 1865. Given we’ve come out of the largest pandemics for years with loads of asymptomatic carriers, here we see cook born Mary Mallon, but known as ‘Typhoid Mary’ didn’t try to hoodwink anyone over her birthday from 1869. Engineer who co-founded car company bearing his name, (with his brothers) – Alfieri Maserati wasn’t as temperamental as his cars from 1887. 38th Prime Minister of Italy – Aldo Romeo Luigi Moro was apolitical in 1916. Eight time married, (some people never seem to learn from their mistakes), Joseph Yule Jr., or Mickey Rooney as he was also known left the hide out in 1920. Saxophonist John William Coltrane was settin’ the pace in 1926. Blind American singer/songwriter, (no, not Stevie Wonder), but Ray Charles, (Robinson), had plenty of crying time in 1930. Bollywood actor Prem Chopa gave it his all in 1935. Henry Calthorpe Blofeld, or ‘Blowers’ to his cricketing fans didn’t stump his parents when born in 1939. Spanish crooner, (of who I can only name one hit he’s responsible for, and that’s one too many), Julio José Iglesias de la Cuevaor, or just Julio Iglesias, released himself on the world in 1943. One time beaded haired children’s television presenter, now in a select group of Liberal Democrats within the House of Lords, Floella Benjamin went to play school a few years after arriving in 1949. Also born that year, ‘The Boss’ – Bruce Frederick Joseph Springsteen came to be born in the USA. Tony B.Liar’s Mrs, (the one who opened No. 10’s front door to the world in her nightdress with dishevelled hair, but unfortunately minus the fag dangling from her mouth), Theresa Cara ‘Cherie’ Blair, (née Booth), started representing herself from 1954. Former Blue Peter presenter and ghost hunter – Yvette Paula Fielding didn’t scare her parents in 1968. Northern whinger and idiot abroad Karl Pilkington will be moping about the place given he’s now hit half a century. Actor Anthony Dwane Mackie found freedomland in 1978.

People at the other end of their life include, Pope Linus who drew the short straw in 79. Eleventh Grand Master of the Knights Templar – Robert de Sablé left the other ten Knights battle it out in 1193. Dead Norwegian of the day, botanist/bishop Johan Ernst Gunnerus found he wasn’t late for his funeral in 1773. Opera composer Vincenzo Salvatore Carmelo Francesco Bellini didn’t have a long drawn out death scene with someone stood over him singing a song in 1835. Businessman who named a university in Texas after himself, William Marsh Rice certainly wasn’t Hoppin’ John in 1900. Grandfather to the rather painful sounding Emma Freud, Sigismund Schlomo, (Sigmund), Freud vacated his sofa in 1939. Actor William ‘Billy’ Gilbert Barron, sneezed his last in 1971. Writer of Psycho Robert Albert Bloch departed this crowded earth in 1994. Finally, singer/songwriter born Robert Burns, but went onto be known as Robert C. Christie Hunter managed to go to heaven in 2019.

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Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 22nd September

Ancient royal, (and fourth of King Henry VIII’s wives), Anne of Cleves kicks things off today given she took a leading role in proceedings way back in 1515. Statesman/diplomat and person who adopted the Gregorian calendar – Philip Dormer Stanhope, 4th Earl of Chesterfield started lounging about in 1694. Man of letters, (hopefully not French one’s), practical joker and person we have to thank for postcards – Theodore Hook began the sayings and doings of life from 1788. Michael Faraday found a certain electromagnetism towards his family from 1791. Five time Wimbledon tennis single champ who graduated to bagging the gold gong at the Olympics, Charlotte Cooper Sterry, (née Charlotte Reinagle Cooper), didn’t adopt the closed stance in 1870. Daughter of handbag wielding suffragette Emmeline – handbag wielding suffragette Christabel Harriette Pankhurst didn’t take it out on her parents from 1888. Having mentioned a former Australian Prime Minister only yesterday, it seems only fair and just to give a shout out to another ex-Aussie PM – Joseph Benedict ‘Ben’ Chifly who chugged along in 1885. Continuing the political theme, Norwegian of the day – Haakon Lie found that was the one thing he was unable to do about his birthday from 1905. Actress who was in some of the biggest films back in the 50’s – Martha Ellen Scott was 15 days off before having her first Monday in October back in 1912. Best known for playing bumbling Captain Mainwaring in classic BBC sit-com Dad’s Army, Arthur Lowe found the way out in 1915. Actor Eugene Harrison Roche was all in the family from 1928. Extensive writer of feminist works, Fay Weldon was showing life force in 1931. Mountaineer who was the first female to scale Mount Everest and the seven summits – Junko Tabei descended in 1939. First singer of the day is one hit wonder, (with the cheerleaders), Antonia Christina Basilotta who abbreviated that to Toni Basil hasn’t taken the mickey over her birthday since 1943. Ex-husband to Princess Anne – Mark Anthony Peter Phillips started horsing about in 1948. Singer/songwriter and actor who I saw in Auf Weidersehen, Pet – Gary Frederick Holton was one of the bloody kids in 1952. Slap head singer with near family band, Right Said Fred – Richard Peter John Fairbrass was more down than up in 1953. Next up is acclaimed singer, (each to their own), lanky haired Nicholas Edward ‘Nick’ Cave had his first birthday party a year after arriving in 1957. 1958 saw blind opera singer Andrea Bocelli have his initial bellow and found his voice thereafter. Also born in 1958, rock singer Joan Marie Larkin but known as Joan Jett, saw the light of day. Innuendo laden comedian, ex-co-host on boring programme Great British Bake Off, now found hosting Just a Minute, and other, (professional), half to Mel – Susan Elizabeth ‘Sue’ Perkins wondered what the dickins was going on in 1959. Also arriving that year, American anti-Pope born David Allen Bawden but goes by the name Pope Michael has claimed this day his own since 1959. Actress born to a Princess – Catherine Oxenberg suffered the rubdown after her birth in 1961. Now ex-Premier of New South Wales – Gladys Berejiklian assumed her place in 1970. Final singer, (and ultimate one hit wonder), Chesney Lee Hawkes has been the one and only from 1971. Also born that year is Norwegian royal of the week, (if not month), Princess Märtha Louise of Norway, who’s made London her home since 2012. Ex-Dr. Who assistant, Mrs C. Evans and pop starlet Leian Paul ‘Billie’ Piper initially piped up in 1982. Another actor from Epsom Surrey,, (and in Harry Potter films) – Thomas Andrew Felton wasn’t the apparition in 1987.

As for deaths, it appears today is a pretty quiet day, however, it does have a bit of a religious bent, but before that we see ancient dead royal Norwegian of the day – Olaf III, King of Norway hasn’t missed the rain in Bergen since 1093. Dōgen Zenji, Buddhist priest and founder of the Sōtō school of Zen in Japan took his last deep breaths in 1253. Sultan of Turkey – Selim I who was also known as Selim the Grim and Selim the Resolute, wasn’t so resolute after 1520. Next up is Guru Nanak, founder of Sikhism and first of the ten Gurus found the eternal truth in 1539. Explorer and consquistador who led the first European expedition to the Grand Canyon – Francisco Vázquez de Coronado y Luján found journey’s end in 1554. Pope Clement XIV handed in his papers back in 1774. Having mentioned English lexicographer Samuel Johnson a few days ago, here’s his Russian counterpart Vladimir Ivanovich Dal who lost his power of speech, (and life), in 1872. Emperor Tôn Thất Thuyết of Vietnam, he of the hat with the handles and wispy beard, was unable to conduct any movements from 1913. Last private owner of Stonehenge – Sir Cecil Herbert Edward Chubb, 1st Baronet – got a slightly smaller bit of stone celebrating his life in 1934. Radiochemist with the rather unfortunate surname, Frederick Soddy, found himself under a few sods in the graveyard from 1956. Sid James looky likey- President of Mexico, Adolfo López Mateos had his ultimate mañana moment in 1969. Co-star to Dick Martin in Rowan & Martin’s Laugh In – Daniel Hale ‘Dan’ Rowan was not only a straight man from 1987, but he was also stiff. Extensive songwriter Israel Isidore ‘Irving’ Berlin didn’t get to do it again given he rolled over in 1989. Co-star of the Road… to films, Dorothy Lamour took the road to Forest Lawn, Hollywood Hills Cemetery in 1996. Act tor of stage and screen, George Campbell Scott made it out of the hospital, (in a box), in 1999. Probably the most famous mime artist Marcel Marceau found himself inside a real box from 2007. Finally, one half of ‘Rockney’ band Chas & Dave – Charles Nicholas ‘Chas’ Hodges found that’s what happens when you die in 2018.

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Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 21st September

Having mentioned previous incumbent of the titles Bill now holds only yesterday, we see today’s posting start with previous incumbent of his disgraced uncle Andy – claimant to the English throne, Richard Plantagenet 3rd Duke of York could rightly claim his birthday from 1411. Designer of the first official American flag as well as the first American coin and on top of that he also scribbled his name on the Declaration of Independence, (along with the seeming thousands of others) – Francis Hopkinson was a one off from 1737. Road builder John Lowdon, (or Loudon), McAdam started to lay out his path, (or rather road), in life from 1756. 33rd Sultan of the Ottoman Empire – Murad V started storing things from 1840. Not wanting to be left out, 34th Sultan of the Ottoman Empire – Abdul Hamid II made celebrating birthdays in his family easy to remember from 1842. Patriarch to the Barrymore acting clan, Herbert Arthur Chamberlayne Blythe, but known as Maurice Barrymore had the curtain raised on his life in 1849. Actor of stage, then film – John Bunny wasn’t seeing double in 1863. Herbert George ‘H.G.’ Wells writer of dull sci-fi books such as The War of the Worlds, found the shape of things to come from 1866. English composer with a foreign name, born Gustav Theodore von Holst but known as Gustavus Theodore Holst had the sneezing charm from 1874. Co-founder of Penguin books – Allen Lane Williams, was unable to read up on birth in 1902. Animator responsible for classic cartoons with Warner Bros., Charles Martin ‘Chuck’ Jones, was naughty but mice in 1912. Actor born Arlington Rand Brooks, Jr., who successfully managed to cut that down to Rand Brooks managed to hold that kiss in 1918. Stetson wearing alcoholic soap star – Larry Martin Hagman, or J.R. Ewing, wasn’t a decoy for his parents in 1931. Depressing singer Leonard Norman Cohen actually had something to celebrate once a year from 1934. Horror writer Stephen Edwin King hasn’t edited his life since 1947. Having mentioned ventriloquist Ray Allen a few days ago, here we see the man with his hand up a green duck’s bottom – Keith Harris start to vent about his birthday from 1947. Comedy actor William James ‘Bill’ Murray has had his Groundhog Day since 1950. President of Ichkeria, ‘where’s that?!’ I hear you ask – somewhere out in Chechnya apparently, Aslan (Khalid) Aliyevich Maskhadov ambushed his parents day in 1951. Prime Minister of Japan assassinated earlier this year, Shinzō Abe graduated from a cot to a cabinet from 1954. Also arriving that year, drummer with heavy rock band Motörhead, born Philip John Taylor took a while before becoming known as ‘Philthy Animal’. Busy Indian actor Gulshan Grover hasn’t kept a code of secrecy over his birthdate in 1955. 26th Prime Minister of Australia, (they’re currently up to No. 31), Kevin Michael Rudd took affirmative action in 1957. Also born that year, younger brother of Joel – Ethan Jesse Coen showed true grit during birth. Singer/songwriter with Swing Out Sister, Corinne Drewery managed to breakout in 1959. Fellow singer Audrey Faith Perry, who’s probably better known as Faith Hill, started to breathe in 1967. Talk show host Ricki Pamela Lake found her voice in 1968. Pebble glass wearing, swaggering and warring brother once part of Oasis, not to mention being ex-Mr Kensit and Appleton, helicopter falling William John Paul ‘Liam’ Gallagher opened his beady eyes in 1972. Singer with Danish band Mew – Jonas Bjerre Terkelsbøl started making comforting sounds from 1976. Cricketer Christopher Henry ‘Chris’ Gayle is on his way to hitting 100 given he’s now reached 43. Actress Kareena Kapoor certainly didn’t have 3 idiots present at her birth in 1980. Known for getting arrested and for being in some inconsequential reality television series, Nicole Camille Escovedo or Nicole Richie has had anything but a simple life since 1981. Actor Joseph Francis Mazzello III was a star kid in 1983. Epsom, Surrey fitness coach who got most British kids up and jumping whilst trying to get their parents to do the same in 2020 – Joe Wickes, started getting into shape after 1985.

As for deaths, there’s a few old royals but first – Roman poet born Publius Vergilius Maro who was better known as Virgil had his envoi in 19BC. Pope Conon took his leave after only 11 months at the Vatican in 687. Edward of Caernarfon or just Edward II, King of England – took to his tomb in Gloucester Cathedral in 1327. Holy Roman Emperor/King of the Romans and King of Italy – Charles V stopped having his portrait painted in 1558. Writer Sir Walter Scott should have earned the nickname Old Mortality given he dropped his quill in 1832. First dead Norwegian of the day, Christian Frederik Carl Georg Valdemar Axel or Prince Carl of Denmark who also went under the name King Haakon VII of Norway, didn’t have to remember if he was a Prince or a King from 1957. Creator of Band-Aid plasters, Earle Dickson peeled off in 1961. Track and field athlete with the talons, Florence Delores Griffith Joyner, (Flo Jo), may well have been one of the fastest women of all time, but she successfully managed to stop being so in 1998. Second dead Norwegian to feature today is cross country skier Hallgier Brenden who managed to cover his tracks pretty well in 2007. Voice actor born John Michael Riorden Billsbury but went by the name Michael Rye, switched his microphone off in 2012. Heir to the L’Oréal fortune and richest woman in the world, (from 2016) – Liliane Henriette Charlotte Bettencourt née Schueller didn’t need the $44.3 billion she’d amassed by 2017. Founding member, vocalist and lead guitarist of the Four Seasons – Gaetano “Tommy” DeVito saw his last autumn in 2020. Also not making it through that year, actor Michael Edward Lonsdale-Crouch who managed to cut it down to Michael Lonsdale never worked out the mystery of the yellow room. Finally, actor born Tausau Ta’a before going onto be known as Al Harrington gave up sleuthing in 2021.

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Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 20th September

Ancient royal of the week – Arthur, Prince of Wales/Earl of Chester/Duke of Cornwall (all roles passed on by Chas to Bille), kicks today’s posting off given he arrived in 1486. Jean-Jacques Desskines, or self proclaimed Emperor Jacques I of Haiti, was actually quite a nice baby in 1758. Chemist and physicist, (who’s not related to distilling family with the same surname) – James Dewar, inventor of the Dewar flask, (now known as the Thermos flask, and which I first heard about at school when my science teacher told me about it, but I digress), found a difference in temperature in 1842. Belgian engineer responsible for building the Paris Métro – Édouard Louis Joseph Empain came out of the dark in 1852. King of Siam, (no, not Yul Brynner), but Phra Bat Somdet Phra Poramintra Maha Chulalongkorn Phra Chunla Chom Klao Yu Hua, who managed to cut that down to Rama V, started collecting medals from 1853. Early day film director, producer, actor and screenwriter, (you see they were making up their job titles back then too), Sidney Olcott found someone slapping his back, rather than scratching it in 1873. Redhill, (Surrey), born actor, before defecting to Hollywood – Walter Kingsford was outward bound in 1881. Spiritual leader from India, Shriram Sharma Acharya was a calming influence on his parents from 1911. Stage and film actor Kenneth Gilbert More was a happy go lucky child from 1914. Co-writer of many a classic BBC sit-com from the 70’s & 80’s James ‘Jimmy’ Perry joined the old boy network in 1923. Having mentioned Rama V, (above), Ananda Mahidol or Rama VIII, King of Thailand didn’t want to miss out on things given he arrived in 1925. Well known jazz musician John Philip William Dankworth, (who was better known as Johnny Dankworth), was too cool for the blues in 1927. Italy’s most famous actress, Sofia Villani Scicolone/Sofia Lauren found it started in Rome, not Naples back in 1934. Kleptocratic military general who dictated over Nigeria – Sani Abacha joined the idile baba in 1943. Singer Hillard “Sweet Pea” Atkinson was born to laugh at tornadoes in 1945. Person with the beer named after him, Peter Hanson ‘Pete’ Coors was full of gas in 1946. Kiwi popster with 80’s group ‘The Thompson Twins’, (who weren’t called Thompson, nor were they twins), Alannah Joy Currie didn’t mess with Doctor Dream in 1957. Todd Smith Blackadder, not a friend of Lord Percy Percy, (who was mentioned two days ago), but a rugby union player had his first dummy pass in 1971. Formula One driver Juan Pablo Montoya Roldán started driving his parents round the bend from 1975. Professional road cyclist with the slightly alternative name – Vladimir Alexandrovich Karpets found it wasn’t curtains when born in 1980.

Deaths include, among many others – Antipope Paschal III obviously wasn’t anti-death from 1168. Flemish born critic Jan Gruter, (or Gruytére), he also went by the name Janus Gruterus, wasn’t so critical of dying in Heidelberg in 1627. Writer and folklorist with his brother, Jacob Ludwig Carl Grimm didn’t really have a fairy tale end to life in 1863. General Augusto Tasso Fragaso, President of Brazil – Member of the Military Junta and moustache of the year 1942, took his last look at Copacabana Beach in 1945. Finnish composer and pianist Heino Wilhelm Daniel Kaski reached his crescendo in 1957. Another Finnish composer not making it through that year, Johan Julius Christian ‘Jean’ Sibelius actually started decomposing. 126th Prime Minister of Greece, Alexandros Othonaios permanently resigned in 1970. Actor Roy Mitchell Kinnear found the heavens above in 1988. Ex-First Lady of the Soviet Union and wife of Mikhail, (he of big hats and birthmark) Raisa Maximovna Gorbacheva, (née Titarenko) stopped drinking vodka in 1999. English footballer/manager – Brian Howard Clough started having roads named after him from 2004. Tenth President of Afghanistan, (who didn’t flee the country), and probable relative of a school contemporary of mine – Burhānuddīn Rabbānī didn’t get to breath a sigh of relief in 2011. Eric Shaun Lynch later known as Eric the Midget and then Eric the Actor and sidekick to Howard Stern on his radio show signed off in 2014. Finally, singer Sarah Dash was leaving again in 2021.

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Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 19th September

We begin today’s posting with 15th Emperor of the Roman Empire – Antoninus Fulvus Pius who was born in LXXXVI AD. King of Poland, Duke of Lithuania who also managed to get his hands on being King of France, Henry III looked a bit ruff after his birth in 1551. Next up is a Pratt, this one a leading light in the Latter Day Saint movement, Orson Pratt Sr., was a newer day saint to his family in 1811. Early day Smashie, (or was it Nicey?), Christopher Reynolds Stone, the person we have to thank for virtually all radio DJ’s who now ramble on and on over the tracks they’re supposed to be playing, put his parents in a spin back in 1882. Developer of the Van Alen Streamlined Scoring System (VASSS) for tennis, James Henry ‘Jimmy’ Van Alen II found the break point in 1902. Founder of Isshin-ryū style of Karate – Tatsuo Shimabauku started wearing white from 1908. Son of German sports car manufacturer Ferdinand Porsche Sr., Ferdinand Anton Ernst ‘Ferry’ Porsche was wheeled out in 1909. Actor and ‘singer’ along with being alleged wife beater and child abuser, born Arthur Earnest Mullord but went onto be known as Arthur Mullard, had a smashing time in 1910. Novelist who came up with Lord of the Files, William Gerald Golding was a moving target in 1911. Now retired radio/television presenter Peter Murray James/Pete Murray didn’t have the coiffured hair in 1925. Actor William Edward Hickey was the little big man in 1927. With a BAM! and a KABOOM! we see Batman actor from the 1960’s television series, William West Anderson or Adam West arrive in 1928, so let’s have an OUCH! for his mum. Character actor Derek Robert Nimmo found life begins at forty after arriving in 1930. Fellow actor, David Keith McCallum Jr., left the secret place in 1933. Having mentioned The Beatles manager, Brian Samuel Epstein, on the 27th August when he stopped representing himself, here he is again given he wanted to please, please, his parents from 1934. One half of The Righteous Brothers, William Thomas ‘Bill’ Medley was right here and now in 1940. Ellen Naomi Cohen aka Cass Elliott aka Mama Cass was winkin’, blinkin’ and noddin’ from 1941. Known for her million selling single ‘Band of Gold’, Freda Charcilia Payne found she got carried away in 1942. Actor Michael John Elphick didn’t get to hear his parents say, ‘And now the screaming starts!’ in 1946. Back to the singers – Laurence Neil ‘Lol’ Creme was good news for his parents in 1947. Act tor Jeremy Irons didn’t have a chorus of disapproval when born in 1948. Model Lesley Lawson, (née Hornby), or Twiggy branched out in 1949. Funkster and co-founder of disco band Chic, Nile Gregory Rogers got into the groove back in 1952. Lanky and geeky Sheffield born unofficial bottom wiggling backing dancer for Michael Jackson, Jarvis Branson Cocker didn’t remember his first time in 1963. Also born that year ex-England goal keeper who let his fair share of balls through during international tournaments, David Andrew Seaman must have learnt this trait when he slipped through the nurses hands. Saxophonist with one hit to her credit – Candy Dulfer didn’t baffle her mum after birth in 1969. Comedian who now doesn’t let his guests talk on his chat show – James Thomas ‘Jimmy’ Fallon joined the scheme in 1974.

In the absence of any Popes having incense wafted about in their honour, we’ll have to settle with Archbishop of Canterbury, Theodore of Tarsus who left the pulpit in 690. Danish astronomer Ole Rømer found his star in the descendent back in 1710. Original founder of bank bearing his surname – Mayer Amschel Rothschild lost interest in 1812. 20th President of the United States of America, James Abram Garfield was the second to take a bullet in 1881. Founder of children’s charity bearing his name, Thomas John Barnado found his time was up in 1905. Indian musician Vishnu Narayan Bhatkhande was more than out of tune in 1860. Given I thought this was a made up name, I was somewhat surprised to see it was an actual person, Condé Montrose Nast lost his circulation in 1942. Medal winning, (Victoria Cross no less), and dam buster Wing Commander Guy Penrose Gibson bombed out in 1944. Inventor of xerography, (dry copying), Chester Floyd Carlson dried out himself from 1968. Singer/songwriter Ingram Cecil Connor III or Gram Parsons, found the other side of this life in 1973. Dead Norwegian of the day, Prime Minister Einar Gerharsen gave up serving his people in 1987. Popcorn magnate Orville Clarence Redenbacher popped his clogs in 1995. Australian singer, David Gordon Kirkpatrick became slim and dusty in 2003. Third president of Nintendo Hiroshi Yamauchi ran out of lives in 2013. Writer and younger sis to Joan, Jacqueline Jill ‘Jackie’ Collins was drop dead beautiful in 2015. World middleweight boxing champion and inspiration for film, ‘The Raging Bull’ – Giacobbe “Jake” LaMotta entered the mutual corner in 2017. Hair dye enthusiast who was second President of Tunisia – Zine El Abidine Ben Ali who cut that down to Ben Ali munched his last Tunis cake in 2019. Footballer James Peter ‘Jimmy’ Greaves went for the 3-3 formation either side of his coffin in 2021. Also not making it through 2021 is actor from Only Fools and Horses – John Spurley Chalice who started pushing up the green, green grass.

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Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 18th September

We start both paragraphs with a Roman emperor and to this end we see Trajan march forth in 53. Following on from him, I would like to send my birthday felicitations, greetings, good wishes, congratulations etc to everyone celebrating their birthdays today although lexicographer Samuel Johnson was a child of few words in 1709. Bartolomeo Alberto Cappellari, (or Pope Gregory XVI as those in the conclave knew him), had his first audience in 1765. Breech and sash wearing King with a spilt personality – King of Denmark Christian VIII and on the other days, King of Norway as Christian Frederick was a little star in his parents eyes from 1786. Painting cousin in law to Vincent van Gough – Anthonij “Anton” Rudolf Mauve started to see everything in colour from 1838. Norwegian of the day, businessman/politician with a ship named in his honour, Richard Bernhard With was among us from 1846. James Henry ‘Jim’ Scullin, ninth Prime Minister of convicts colony, (or Australia as it’s now known), left the dispatch box in 1876. Thirteenth Prime Minister of another of Britain’s old colonies – Canada, John George Diefenbaker succeeded in being born back in 1895. Keeping with the political theme, first Prime Minister from the island of sandy beaches and pretty much endless sunshine – Mauritius, Seewoosagur ‘Chacha’ Ramgoolam made it through labour in 1900. Pete & Dud’s favourite actress Greta Lovisa Gustafsson, (or just Greta Garbo), had the inspiration to be delivered in 1905. Physicist from Redondo Beach California responsible for producing neptunium – Edwin Mattison McMillan radiated the energy from 1907. Post war CEO of Volkswagen, Kurt Lotz, beetled along in 1912. Actress Grayson Hall had one life to live from 1922. Ventriloquist who was an ex-neighbour of mine – Ray Allen let his belly do the talking from 1930. Founder of now defunct F1 team – Giancarlo Minardi didn’t know about the stop-go penalty in 1947. Politician who was Northern Ireland Secretary at the time of the Good Friday Peace Agreement – Maureen ‘Mo’ Mowlam couldn’t keep quiet after 1949. Also born that year, English footballer Peter Leslie Shilton cleared the corridor of uncertainty. Indian actress, Shabana Azmi thought she had an immaculate conception in 1950. Given his other band mates have been mentioned here, it’d be a bit unfair not to mention long fringed Douglas Glenn Colvin, who adopted the alternative moniker Dee Dee Ramone, started having pleasant dreams in 1952. Known for playing Lord Percy Percy and Captain Darling in classic BBC sit-com Blackadder, Tim McInnerny was a little darling in 1956. Former glamour model who’s now a panto star, Linda Francis Elide Lusardi started off life in 1958 wearing as many clothes as she carried on doing during her modelling days. Tony Soprano, or rather James Joseph Gandolfini Jr., became the boss of his family from 1961. Ex-footballer currently doing a ‘Noel’ in Nigeria, by hosting Deal or No Deal out there, John Fashanu dealt his hand by arriving in 1962. Also arriving that year, backing singer with The Human League – Joanne Catherall managed to crash through. Actress found in dull fest Game of Thrones, (among other roles) – Tara Ann Cassandra Fitzgerald started her childhood in 1967. Winner, then loser, of seven Tour de France titles, serial cheater Lance Edward Armstrong (Gunderson), was legitimately off the front in 1971. Mrs Will Smith, actress born Jada Koren Pinkett, (now with Smith tacked on to that), set it off in 1971. Another ex-English footballer – Sulzeer Jeremiah ‘Sol’ Campbell hasn’t had to defend his birthday since 1974. Retired footballer – Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima, known as Ronaldo, was a striking baby from 1976. Chris Tarrant, no, not the cheeky chappie who presented the Capital Radio breakfast show and then Who Wants to Be a Millionaire for donkey’s years, but retired Aussie Rules Footballer, kicked things off in 1980. Rapper who’s slightly altered name is a quiz team favourite – Dizzee Rascal, or rather Dylan Kwabena Mills wasn’t the boy in da corner in 1984. Son of Arnie, actor/model Patrick Arnold Shriver Schwarzenegger made sure he used all the space up in the name box on his birth certificate in 1993.

Deaths appear to be a bit thin on the ground, yet we start with Roman emperor – Domitian didn’t get a casino in Las Vegas named after him following his death in 96. King of Franks, who was called Louis VII failed to reign it large from 1180. Sort of dead Norwegian of the day, King Charles XV of Sweden and when not wearing the crown or ermine cape there, he was King in Norway as Carl IV found his days travelling between the two countries over in 1872. Physicist who managed to measure the speed of light, Armand Hippolyte Louis Fizeau rather ironically saw the lights go out in 1896. Co-star in The Wizard of Oz, Francis Philip Wuppermann, or just Frank Morgan, stopped keeping company from 1949. Proper dead Norwegian of the day, Olaf Leonhard Gulbransson stopped drawing on life’s experiences from 1958. Act tor Franchot Tone, jumped off the wagon train in 1968. Guitarist and singer/songwriter you either love or hate, (no guessing as to which camp I fall into), James Marshall ‘Jimi’ Hendrix, born Johnny Allen Hendrix, let someone else light his fire in 1970. Actress Patricia Frederica Manfield, or Patricia Frederica ‘Pat’ Phoenix or as fans of Constipation Street, (sorry Coronation Street) knew her, Elsie Tanner didn’t rise again after 1986. Portuguese sailor and President, Américo de Deus Rodrigues Tomás weighed anchor in 1987. Founder of, (another), over priced Italian fashion house – Franco Moschino had a seamless transition to death in 1994. B movie director Russell Albion ‘Russ’ Meyer didn’t get to use his clapperboard again after 2004. Boxer/actor Kenneth Howard ‘Ken’ Norton Sr, hit the ropes in 2013. Finally, associate justice of the Supreme Court of the United States – Joan Ruth Bader Ginsburg had her death affirmed in 2020.

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