Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 28th May

First birth of the day goes to John the Fearless aka John of Valois and John I of Burgundy who showed what he was made of in 1371. Selim II of the Ottoman Empire was given a few years grace from 1524 until he was made to wear large puffed out hats. George I King of the United Kingdom and Ireland started the trend of royals bearing their name from 1660. Non-inventor of the guillotine and death penalty opponent, Joseph-Ignace Guillotin spliced through in 1738. Youngest British Prime Minister to take up the post, William Pitt the Younger was a real Tory wet in 1759. Pierre Gustave Toutant-Beauregard the American Confederate States Army General put up less resistance being born in 1818. Inventor of the blowtorch, Carl Richard Nyberg felt the heat after being delivered in 1858. Designer of ornate village Portmerion, (in North Wales), Bertram Clough Williams-Ellis took a different view of things from 1883. Writer of spy series James Bond, (yawn), and children’s book, ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’ – Ian Lancaster Fleming wasn’t shaken or stirred after 1908. Matriarch to far left acting dynasty, Rachel Redgrave, (née Kempson), had a touch of love in 1910. Blues guitarist Aaron Thibeaux ‘T-Bone’ Walker also entered this mean old world 1910. Sit-com star who also presented God slot programmes, and not forgetting the Churchill stairlift ads, Thora Hird thought she was the entertainer from 1911. Four time Prime Minister of Turkey, Mustafa Bülent Ecevit democratically left his party in good time from 1925. Canadian politician Claude Forget hasn’t forgotten his birthday since 1936. Ex-Mayor of New York who held steady after the 9/11 attacks – Rudolph William Loius ‘Rudy’ Giuliani didn’t flinch at being delivered 78 years ago. Also arriving 78 years ago – four time Grammy award winning singer Gladys Knight, (minus her pips). Chesty impressionist born Eunice Irene Carroll, but known as Faith Brown, has been up front about being born in 1944. Actress known for her character ‘Marlene’ in Only Fools and Horses, Susan Joan Pringle ‘Sue’ Holderness found that’ll be the day in 1949. New Romantic synth popster Steven John Harrington or as his make up artist knew him, Steve Strange had a normal birth in 1959. Singer with 80’s band Fine Young Cannibals, Roland Lee Gift found it’s ok to be born in 1962. Dishevelled know all comedian, David Lionel Baddiel found what time bedtime was from 1964. Gay friendly hot pant loving pop minstrel Kylie, (Boomerang), Minogue had tears on her pillow in 1968. Living Norwegian of the day, Jørgen Strickert started his fan club in 1980.

As for people taking up the undertaker’s offer, Archbishop of Canterbury – Lanfranc started counting worms in 1089. Afonso IV of Portugal was brave to the end in 1357. American lexicographer Noah Webster Jr., kept the same spelling for dead in 1843. Youngest sis of the Brontë clan, Anne Brontë dropped her quill in 1849. John Russell, 1st Earl Russell or even Lord John Russell, two time British Prime Minister found his luck ran out, (again), in 1878. One of the Nazi sympathising Mitford Sisters, Unity Mitford found more than her arm rigidly straight in 1948. Edward VIII King of the United Kingdom and its associated Dominions of the British Empire, (before he was snagged by Wallis Simpson), found he didn’t have to clean his medals after 1972. Known as Mr Grainger in 1970’s sit-com Are You Being Served? Frederick Arthur Baker/Arthur Brough checked out in 1978. Hero of the Falklands War, Lieutenant Colonel Herbert ‘H’ Jones (VC) didn’t manage to dodge the bullet in 1982. Comedian John Eric Bartholomew, or as he was better known, Eric Morecombe, found eternal sunshine in 1984. Actor/comedian Philip Edward Hartmann wasn’t the houseguest from 1998. Actress Martha Ellen Scott had more than one foot in heaven in 2003. Dead Norwegian of the day goes to ski jumper/author Thorleif Schjelderup who started enjoying the apres-ski from 2006. Artist known for her portly ladies, Beryl Cook has left the smock unwashed from 2008. Actor Terence Joseph Alexander found death is a number in 2009. Diminutive sit-com actor Gary Coleman was left wondering what Willis was talkin’ about before expiring in 2010. Not terribly popular ex-owner of both Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Manchester United, Michael Glazer wasn’t granted extra time in 2012. Finally, children’s television presenter known for his stint with Shep on Blue Peter – John W Bottomley aka John Noakes, weighed anchor in 2017.

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Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 27th May

Births today begin with Dutch Prince, William II fan of Orange, (well before creosoting yourself became fashionable), started out in white linen back in 1626. Creator of the wind scale bearing his name, navy man Francis Beaufort started charting his life from 1774. Known for her name associated with ladies undergarments, women’s rights and her temperance views, Amelia Jenks Bloomer found the right to be born in 1818. Lanky haired tall story teller, James Butler Hickok or as he styled himself, Wild Bill Hickok, gambled on arriving in 1837. Seventh President of Portugal – Manuel Teixeira Gomes, entered the fray in 1860. It’s quite amazing you don’t mention any horror film actors for months and then three come along within two days – yesterday was Peter Cushing’s turn and today first we see Vincent Price who was master of the world in 1911. Pulitzer Prize winning author Herman Wouk was inside, outside in 1915. Actor who played Chin Ho Kelly from Hawaii Five-O, Kam Tong Chan but altered it slightly to Kam Fong Chun detected the best day in 1918. The other horror film actor born today is Peter Cushing’s acting buddy from the Hammer Horror films – Christopher Frank Carandini Lee peeped out from behind his sheet in 1922. 56th United States Secretary of State, born Heinz Alfred Kissinger but known as Henry Kissinger, was quite diplomatic about his birth in 1923. Hard drinking journalist Jeffrey Joseph Bernard was born in 1932. Jazz composer/pianist who came up with Hang on Sloopy, (among others) – Ramsey Emmanuel Lewis Jr., has been part of the in crowd since 1985. 1960’s warbler who was always on the look out for a new hat, Priscilla Maria Veronica White, but went by the name of Cilla Black, found out what it was all about in 1943. Professional cardboard box loving actor Lewis Collins crashed through in 1946. Magazine publisher and poet Felix Dennis found there was no ambiguity over his birthdate from 1947. Light-heavyweight boxer John Anthony Conteh found the cutman in 1951. Controversial Australian politico born Pauline Lee Seccombe but known as Pauline Hanson didn’t bother with the exit poll in 1954. Punk singer Susan Janet Ballion or Siouxsie Sioux had a slowdive in 1957. Also born that year is worthy winner of Olympic gold and bronze medals for paddling round the pool, Duncan Alexander Goodhew. Kiwi music maker, founding member of both Split Endz and Crowded House, Neil Finn was locked out in 1958. Keeping with the Antipodean theme, Australian parkour and tennis champion, Patrick Hart ‘Pat’ Cash bounced into life in 1965. Seeing as I’ve given space to his co-stars of Diff’rent Strokes, it’s only fair Todd Anthony Bridges gets a mention too as he was the baby of the family in 1965. Named after a service station on the M4 motorway, chef Heston Blumenthal became a happy eater in 1966. Geordie ball kicker and crier with various issues, Paul John Gascoigne will be weeping into his cake given he’s now 55. Non-guilty editor of News International newspapers in the shocking phone hacking scandal, Rebekah Brooks got the circulation going in 1968. Ex-leader of the Yellow Team in British politics, Timothy James ‘Tim’ Fallon wasn’t first past the post in 1970 given he prefers proportional representation. Also born that year act tor and non relation to Ralph, Joseph Alberic Twistleton-Wykeham-Fiennes was the escapist. Singer Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes had the doctors in scrubs during her birth in 1971. Lisping chef who closed his restaurants in virtually every town in Britain, and who’s named is plastered all over various kitchen utensils/equipment, not forgetting being a campaigner for better school meals, (chips are always good), James Trevor ‘Jamie’ Oliver was delivered to the world in 1975. Another person born that year is André Lauren Benjamin or André 3000 found he wasn’t an outcast, whilst in 1991 Kiwi rugby player Beauden John Barrett learnt about latching on. Daughter to actor currently in dispute with one of his ex-wives and two hit wonder Vanessa Paradis – Lily-Rose Melody Depp, didn’t give her parents a silent night for a few years after 1999.

Death wise, I re-visited this as previously the first one I’ve reported for today was in 1949, however, we now go back a bit further given Roman usurper Procopius was tied to two bent trees in 366. King of Asturias, Ordoño I left the sunshine behind in 866. Theologian born Jehan Calvin before going onto be known as John Calvin was unable to use a polemic statement about his death in 1564. Assassin of King IV of France – François Ravaillac found himself drawn and quartered in 1610. Françoise-Athénaïs de Rochechouart de Mortemart, Marquise of Montespan or Madame de Montespan, mistress of King Louis XIV of France lost the friends with benefits tag in 1707. Sort of dead Norwegian of the day – Sophie Magdalene of Brandenburg-Kulmbach queen-consort of Denmark and Norway may have started her days in Germany, but they ended in Copenhagen back in 1770. Laziest man in history, (and it’s not one of my work colleagues), but Jeremiah Carlton who apparently inherited a fortune at 19 and then retired to bed for the next 70 years was finally prised out of the sheets in 1790. Founder of dull fact exhibition bearing his name – LeRoy Robert Ripley, (or just Robert Ripley), had to believe it was his last day on the planet in 1949. First Prime Minister of India who learnt a lot from Ghandi, Jawaharlal Nehru followed his mentor in 1964. World heavyweight boxing champion – Ezzard Mack Charles suffered the ultimate KO in 1975. President/CEO of company he liked so much he bought it – Remington Shavers, Victor Kermit Kiam II was unable to keep going for it! after 2001. Actor Paul Xavier Gleason has been unable to say, ‘C’mon let’s live a little’ from 2006. Inventor of the modern day hot air balloon, Paul Edward ‘Ed’ Yost headed the other way being six feet under in 2007. William Desmond Anthony ‘Bill’ Pertwee best known as ARP warden Hodges in 1970’s BBC sit-com Dad’s Army, put those lights out in 2013. Designer of signage for the New York City Subway Massimo Vignelli found himself underground in 2014. Finally, co-founder of brothers band bearing their surname known for their tune being played every time Top Gear is shown – Gregory LeNoir Allman was a bit premature thinking ‘it ain’t over yet’ in 2017.

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Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 26th May

Today’s births paragraph starts with Giulio do Giuliano de Medici, or as people in the confessions booth knew him, Pope Clement VII had a legitimate birth in 1478. Norwegian of the day goes to sketcher and painter, Olaf Leonhard Gulbransson had a decent hair line when delivered in 1873. Born Asa Yoelson, or just Al Jolson who took to blacking himself up and was, (apparently), ‘The World’s Greatest Entertainer’, left his mammy in 1886. Banjolele/ukulele player with t’northern accent, George Hoy Booth but probably better known as George Formby, wasn’t fretting about being born in 1904. Star of various dull western films and regular at Eat at Joe’s, Redondo Beach, California, (worth a visit if you’re ever that way), The Duke – Marion Robert Morrison or John Wayne rolled into town back in 1907. Bushy eye browed rotund actor Robert Adolph Wilton Morley had his curtain up moment in 1908. Long term manager of Manchester United, and it’s not gum chewing hot tempered Alex Ferguson but Alexander Matthew ‘Matt’ Busby cleared the corridor of uncertainty in 1909. Actor known for his role as Tonto in The Lone Ranger, Harold John Smith who went by the name Jay Silverheels, showed true grit in 1912. Regular of Hammer House of Horrors films, Kenley, (Surrey), born Peter Wilton Cushing didn’t scare his folks when born in 1913. Singer born Norma Delores Egstrom but known to her fan as Peggy Lee, was Miss Wonderful from 1920. Known for his trumpet playing – Miles Dewey Davis III started trumping in 1926. Founder of competitor to the title of ‘Bain of every council in the world’ – fast food outlet Burger King, David R. Edgerton was flipped upon arrival in 1927. Part of bickering partner’s group, Fleetwood Mac, Stephanie Lynn ‘Stevie’ Nicks went her own way in 1948. Other half to Crockett, non shiny suit wearer with the sleeves rolled up – Philip Michael Thomas or Ricardo Tubbs to those who remember Miami Vice, hasn’t had a stigma being born in 1949. Also born that year, scrubby bearded friend of the IRA and ex-leader of the red team in Britain who didn’t get a grip on anti-semitism in his party – Jeremy Bernard Corbyn wasn’t opposed to being delivered. Another person born in 1949 is inventor of ‘wiki’ – Howard G. ‘Ward’ Cunningham hasn’t edited his birthdate, despite writing the software to do so. Singer/songwriter with the beard and sunglasses – Randall Hank Williams, but known as Hank Williams Jr., has carried on the family tradition since 1949. First female American astronaut to venture into space – Sally Kristen Ride found the escape velocity in 1951. Wearer of garish blazers and chinos whilst travelling around Britain and Europe by train reading an old book, ex-MP Michael Denzil Xavier Portillo steamed through in 1953. Actress Margaret Colin was pretty in pink back in 1958. Singer Colin Vearncombe who’s better known as Black, was more red in 1964. Leonard Albert ‘Lenny’ Kravitz the American singer who likes his sunglasses, found it ain’t over till it’s over, (although that could also be used as his epitaph), in 1964. Classic English actress who’s starred in a few of the Harry Potter (yawn) films, Helena Bonham Carter won’t be popping next door to her ex-partners pad for cake in celebration of her 56th birthday. Also celebrating her 56th birthday today is Zola Budd the South African, (or is she British?), barefoot jogger and tripper upper at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics. Frederik, Crown Prince of Denmark, Count of Monpezat may well crack open a can of Carlsberg Super Brew given he’s reached his 54th birthday. Co-creator of cartoon series South Park and co-developer of The Book of Mormon – Matthew Richard ‘Matt’ Stone was bigger longer and uncut in 1971. Ginger haired actress from BBC soap Eastenders (yawn) – born Julie Anne Harris or Patsy Palmer didn’t find birth a drama in 1972. Temperamental singer with The Fugees, Lauryn Noelle Hill found the world turns in 1975. Comedian who’s sold out by plugging useless internet provider, PlusNet, (though they should be called MinusNet), Jason John Manford’s parents were actually doing him proud when born in 1981.

Death wise, having mentioned Pope Clement VII (above), here’s Augustine of Canterbury, the first ever Archbishop of the Cathedral city who hung his mitre up way back in 604, (or was it 605?). King of the English Edmund I found his time was up in 946. AEminent diary keeper, (as dairy keeper wouldn’t quite be the same), Samuel Pepys didn’t enter his thoughts from 1703. Bloody neurologist who discovered swearing and tic laden sodding condition bearing his name, Georges Gilles de la Tourette was effin’ brown bread in 1904. Co-founder of clinic using his name, Charles Horace Mayo was spread thinly in 1939. Oldest son of Henry who followed his old man into the family business and also had a range of unsuccessful cars named after him, Edsel Bryant Ford came to the end of his particular road in 1943. Singer with The O’Jays, William Powell, jumped off the love train in 1977. Side kick to Bette Davis in her films, actor George Brent lost the right to live in 1979. Inventor of fetishists favourite material polyvinyl chloride, (or PVC) – Waldo Lonsbury Semon found himself wrapped in pine back in 1999. Actress of stage and screen Anne Ryan Thomas Haney succumbed to the forces of nature in 2001. Co-founder of scale model car company, Matchbox – Leslie Charles Smith needed a bigger box to be carried off in 2005. Grandson of the original Michelin man, Édouard Michelin found his tyres didn’t float in 2006. 2008 saw film director Sydney Pollack have his eyes wide shut for good. Founder of Surfer magazine, John Severson has been locked in his coffin since 2017. Co-founder of Atari and coder for ‘Pong’ – Samuel Frederick Dabney Jr. stopped waggling his joystick in 2018. Finally, casino tycoon in Macau – Stanley Ho Hung-sun was unable to hold out any longer after today in 2020.

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Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 25th May

Sixth Emperor of the Song Dynasty – born Zhao Zhongzhen, before adopting Zhao Xu and then taking the title of Emperor Shenzong of Song, didn’t have people singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to him from 1048. Abu’l Fath Nasir-ud-Din Mahmud Shah I, Mahmud Begarha or Mahmud Begada, the Sultan of Gujarat found he had faith in being born in 1458. Tights wearing Prime Minister of Great Britain, John Stuart left his initial deposit in 1713. Newspaper baron, (among other things), William Maxwell ‘Max’ Beaverbrook was hot off the presses in 1879. Helicopter and aeroplane designer Igor Ivanovich Sikorsky started hovering around from 1889. First Prime Minister of Burma – U Nu, didn’t take long to get to know his name after 1907. Heavyweight journalist and dad to both Jonathan & David, Frederick Richard Dimbleby turned out in 1913. First Norwegian of the day, silver medal Olympic sailor Peder Lunde Sr was a little boy in 1918. Other half of easy listening, (for some), songwriting duo Bacharach & David, Harold Lane ‘Hal’ David had all the time in the world in 1921. Novelist Robert Ludlum had the bourne ultimatum in 1927. Actor known for his roles in The Lord of the Rings, (yawn) and The Hobbit, (double yawn), along with his Shakespearean work, Ian McKellen was centre stage in 1939. Puppeteer behind Miss Piggy and Fozzie Bear from non-amusing show The Muppets, Frank Richard Oz(nowicz), was in, then out having been delivered in 1944. Founder of chain The Chicago Pizza Pie Factory – Robert Michael Payton met his grandma in 1944. Disgraced radio DJ born David Patrick Griffin but known professionally as Dave Lee Travis aka ‘The Hairy Cornflake’ took the lunchtime slot back in 1945. Playwright responsible for The Vagina Monologues – Eve Ensler, also known as ‘V’ didn’t fanny about in 1953. Reggae singer Lincoln Barrington ‘Sugar’ Minott had a good thing going in 1956. Woking, (Surrey), born mod-father John William ‘Paul’ Weller Jr. started speaking like a child in 1958. One time risqué comedian, sole member of The Joan Collins Fan Club, (or two if you count Fanny the Wonder Dog), and Norman Lamont’s mate – Julian Peter McDonald Clary made his own unique entry to the world in 1959. Canadian comedy actor, who came up with Austin Powers and the not so great Love Guru, Michael John ‘Mike’ Myers started shrieking in 1963. Actress Anne Celeste Heche was walking and talking about a year after her birth in 1969. Actor Cillian Murphy didn’t retreat in 1976. Rugby player with the distinctive kicking style, Jonathan Peter ‘Jonny’ Wilkinson got his initial hospital pass in 1979, whilst in 1982 other Norwegian of the day, footballer Daniel Braaten winged it.

Today isn’t one to be a Pope or an Archbishop, though on the plus side, the bloke fanning the white smoke got some overtime as Pope Boniface IV rolled over in 615. Not to be outdone by Boniface, (above), Pope Gregory VII followed him in 1085 with Pope Alexander IV also deciding to stop breathing in 1261. They were joined by Archbishop of Canterbury John Stafford who wanted a bit of inaction from 1452. King Peter III of Portugal lost some weight from 1786. Another Archbishop of Canterbury, Randall Davidson didn’t have to bother selecting hymns from 1930. Composer born Gustav Theodore Von Holst, before abbreviating that to Gustav Theodore Holst found the glory of the west in 1934. Earlier version of Dr. Harold Shipman, French quack and serial killer Marcel André Henri Félix Petiot found himself on the wrong end of a guillotine in 1946. Also not making it through that year, co-writer of tune which morphed into ‘Happy Birthday to You’, Patty Smith Hill had a few other, (non-self penned), tunes sung at her funeral. King Idris I of Libya, until Muammar Gadaffi took over proceedings in 1969, didn’t have a crown or cape to put down in 1983. Actress Patricia Doreen ‘Pat’ Coombes found the laughs dried up in 2002. Ska, rocksteady and reggae singer Desmond Adolphus Dacres, (or Decker), found you can get it if you really want it, (though that probably doesn’t apply to the heart attack that finished him off in 2006). Dead Norwegian of the day, politician Hakkon Lie adopted the supine position in 2009. Indian actor Dilip faded out in 2012. First President of the Republic of Poland before becoming second President of the Polish People’s Republic, Wojciech Jaruzelski found himself deadski in 2014. Finally, hip hop artist George Perry Floyd Jr., found fame for the wrong reasons in 2020.

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Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 24th May

People born today include, among others, commander in the Roman Empire – Julius Caesar Germanicus had his parents take inspiration from someone else in 15BC. Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit rival inventor to Anders Celsius warmed to 37C, (or 98.6F), after being born in 1686. Sour faced, Prince Albert loving, long serving, (and mourning), sitter of the throne, Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom and Ireland, along with being Empress of India, held court in 1819. Known equally for his confectionery as for his philanthropy, Joseph Rowntree was a real sweetie in 1836. Second Prime Minister of South Africa, Jan Christiaan Smuts kept it clean from 1870. Inventor of peanut butter cups who got a mention a few days ago, Harry Burnett (‘H.B’) Reese obviously wasn’t allergic to birth given he made it through in 1879. Soprano singer/golfer – Joan Hilda Hood Hammond didn’t arrive with the croquet style in 1912. Irish actress Siobhán Giollamhuire Nic Cionnaith, but known as Siobhán McKenna entered stage right in 1923. Comedian Stanley Baxter impressed his parents in 1926. Actor born Michael Edward Lonsdale-Crouch and then known as Michael Lonsdale was out 1 in 1931. Marijuana expert and one half of comedy duo Cheech & Chong – Thomas B. Kin ‘Tommy’ Chong was a mellow baby having been delivered in 1938. Singer/songwriter born Cecil Bustamente Campbell who took a slightly hipper name of Prince Buster reached the big five in 1943, (having been born in 1938). Folk musician and singer/songwriter with the nasal tone, Robert Albert Zimmerman or Bob Dylan was just as hard to understand back in 1941. Singer born Patricia Louise Holt-Edwards, but flogs records under the name Patti LaBelle, turned it out in 1944. Wife of fried squirrel and peanut butter sandwich lover, Elvis – sometime panto star Priscilla Ann Presley, (née Wagner), started to grace this land from 1945. Singer/song writer and founding member of Blue Öyster Cult – Albert Bouchard has, (heaven forbid), celebrated his birthday since 1947. Versatile actor James ‘Jim’ Broadbent wasn’t born topsy turvey in 1949. Eldest daughter to country singer Johnny Cash – singer/songwriter Rosanne Cash didn’t suffer the seven year ache after her birth in 1955. Kristin Scott Thomas was the English patient, (or baby), in 1960. Olympic paddler and gold medalist at the Seoul Games, Adrian David Moorhouse pushed his way off in 1964. Not only a ball kicker but also adept at the Kung Fu style too, would be French philosopher Éric Daniel Pierre Cantona wasn’t off side in 1966. Reclining Conservative MP who wears a top hat most of the time – Jacob William Rees Mogg was born 100 years too late in 1969. My twin sisters Claire & Lisa arrived in 1971, whilst 1973 saw Radio 2 DJ who likes the sound of his own voice, (and I’m not talking Steve Wright), but Dermot O’Dreary experience his first audience. Person who claims to be developer of Parkour, Sébastien Foucan was free running a couple of years after being born in 1974. Norwegian of the day, Mohammed Fellah was a mere baby in 1974. Son of Regent and Hereditary Prince of Liechtenstein Prince Alois, Prince Joseph Wenzel of Liechtenstein has carried on the minor royal line since 1995.

Deaths begin with David I of Scotland who found his kilt didn’t lift up in the wind after 1153. Sultan of Morocco – Abu Al-Hasan ‘Ali ibn ‘Othman has left the tajin left unwashed since 1351. Mathematician/astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus, stopped seeing stars in 1542. English statesman who discovered the Gunpowder Plot – Robert Cecil, 1st Earl of Salisbury, didn’t get to go up in smoke as he ended up in a graveyard at Hatfield Parish Church in 1612. Architect of Lenin’s Mausoleum – Aleksey Shchusev didn’t have Lenin design his grave in 1949. Band leader Edward Kennedy ‘Duke’ Ellington stopped waving his arms about in 1974. Policeman actor born Horace John Waters, but known as Jack Warner has his Bang! You’re Dead moment in 1981. Founder of WWF – World Wrestling Federation, oh, sorry, WWE – World Wrestling Entertainment, Vincent James ‘Vince’ McMahon Sr. was on the ropes in 1984. Acerbic/eccentric actress Hermione Ferdinanda Gingold didn’t get to work out the butler’s dilemma before her Demi’s in 1987. Singer/songwriter and founding member of The Byrds – Harold Eugene “Gene” Clark was unable to say, ‘I feel a whole lot better’ this day in 1991. Stage/television actress who I remember from her role in Fawlty Towers, Joan Sanderson joined the ghosts of Motley Hall in 1992. Pipe smoking Prime Minister of Great Britain in the mid 1970’s with the odd voice and majority of just 3, James Harold Wilson had his last gasp in 1995. Actor Edward Mulhare reached the outer limits in 1997. Having mentioned his daughter Roseann, (above), here’s Johnny Cash’s first wife – Vivian Liberto found her days of wearing gingham blouses over in 2005. Comedian Thomas Richard ‘Dick’ Martin has been more west than north of Pittsburgh since 2008. Reigate resident, ventriloquist, (and ex-neighbour of mine), Ray Alan made Lord Charles redundant in 2010. Actor known for his role in The Pink Panther, Herbert Tsangtse ‘Burt’ Kwouk found the gate to heaven in 2016. Finally last surviving munchkin from The Wizard of Oz, born Gerard Marenghi but known as Jerry Maren has been under the rainbow since 2018.

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Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 23rd May

Births today start with ancient King of the Franks, Philip I, (work that one out), crowned a great day for his mum way back in 1052. Collector of enough items to open a museum bearing his name – Elias Ashmole began cataloguing his life from 1617. Doctor who’s associated with animal magnetism – Franz Friedrich Anton Mesmer was mesmerised by his birth in 1734. Architect responsible for rebuilding the Palace of Westminster, (or for those who use brown sauce, Houses of Parliament), Charles Barry had a measured entrance to the world in 1795. Eleventh President of Brazil, Epitácio Lindolfo da Silva Pessoa was a natural born leader in 1865. Actor born Douglas Elton Thomas Ullman before changing it to Douglas Fairbanks was headin’ south in 1883. Norwegian of the day, mathematician Thoralf Albert Skolem started keeping tabs from 1883. Aviatrice with a few world records to her name, Hélène Boucher glided through in 1908. Also born that year, two time Nobel prize winning engineer who co-invented the transistor John Bardeen didn’t resist being delivered. Actor John Payne gave his mum fair warning of his arrival in 1912. Founder of the Voluntary Service Overseas – Alexander Graeme Dixon didn’t give his mum any choice in 1914. Cricketer in the summer and penalty taker for Arsenal in the winter, Dennis Charles Scott Compton wasn’t offside when delivered in 1918. Jazz musician/broadcaster – Humphrey Richard Adeane Lyttelton didn’t have the humph being born in 1921. Another broadcaster – Desmond Herbert Carrington didn’t hit the post during birth in 1924. Actor Arthur Nigel Davenport had the cry of the innocent in 1928. Cabaret singer/actress – Rosemary Clooney, (paternal aunt to George), found she started something in 1928. Five time married ex-plugger of miniscule Snickers chocolate bars, Joan Henrietta Collins did her homework as to the best day to be born on in 1933. Founder of music company bearing his name as well as inventing the synthesizer with his name plastered over it, Robert Arthur ‘Bob’ Moog made some noise in 1934. Children’s television presenter and breakfast DJ Zoë’s old man – born Graham Thalben Ball, before changing it to Johnny Ball, has been thinking of a number, (currently 84), since 1938. General Norman Johnson, singer with Chairman of the Board didn’t give his mum any more time given he was born in 1943. Former member of bomb enthusiasts group the IRA, and ex-Deputy First Minister of Northern Ireland, James Martin Pacelli McGuinness rose through the ranks from 1950. Master pawn and king mover across chess boards, Anatoly Yevgeny Karpov had his opening gambit in 1951. Also born that year, actor known for his role in Rising Damp – born Donald Williams, but now goes by the name of Don Warrington made his first appearance. Boxer born Marvin Nathaniel Hagler, or ad he’s now known – Marvellous Marvin Hagler settled on being born this day in 1952. Other half of 80’s popster band Dollar – Thereza Bazar found it’s nature’s way in 1957. Also born that year, singer with another 80’s band – Baltimora, James Harry ‘Jimmy’ McShane wasn’t living in the background. Former US Marine Corps before hitting the comedy circuit in America – Drew Allison Carey joined the community in 1958. Unamusing comedian Robert Renwick ‘Bob’ Mortimer joined the circuit in 1959. Actress Melissa Suzanne McBride is living proof she was born in 1965. Retired English cricketer Graeme Ashley Hicks was all out in 1966. Frugal ex-bean counter for the United Kingdom and carrier of the red box carrying whiskey/dull papers, and ex-editor of the London Evening Standard – born Gideon Oliver Osborne, but better known as George, found he was dispatched for the first time in 1971. A year later Brazillian driver who goes round the same track 100 or so times but has yet to win a championship, Rubens Barrichello got the slipstream right in 1972. Actor/comedian Richard Ellef Ayoade was a little bruiser in 1977. Singer with Welsh group The Pipettes, Gwenno Mererid Saunders or Gwenno Pipette started to pull shapes in 1981. Fellow singer with not only Atomic Kitten but also Sugababes, Heidi India Range was caught in a moment back in 1983.

Deathwise, Pedro Martínez de Luna y Pérez de Gotor or Antipope Benedict XIII was unable to succeed in surviving the day way back in 1423. Shah of Persia, (Iran) – Ismail I didn’t have such a sunny disposition in 1524. Scottish pirate Captain William Kidd walked the plank in 1701. American frontiersman Christopher Houston ‘Kit’ Carson entered the legend book in 1868. Dead Norwegian of the day goes to writer of Peer Gynt with the extensive mutton chops, Henrik Yohan Ibsen had his own burial mound from 1906. Bonnie, (Parker), and Clyde, (Barrow), the American gangsters, (well before the Bloods and the Crips came along), were both quite literally blown away in 1934. Person with various sites in New York named after him, John Davison Rockefeller Sr. didn’t have to worry about his funeral expenses in 1937 given he was worth in excess of $1.4 billion back then, (and in case you’re wondering how much that is today, it’s approx $23 billion apparently). Founder of car manufacturer bearing his name, Herbert Austin, 1st Baron Austin – trundled off into the sunset back in 1941. One time mate of Hitler, Heinrich Luitpold Himmler stopped goose stepping in 1945. Creator of neon lighting, Georges Claude, saw everything go very dark in 1960. Lorreta Mary Aiken or Jackie ‘Moms’ Mabley was no longer out on a limb from 1975. Co-founder of Dutch vehicle manufacturer DAF – Hubert Josef ‘Hub’ van Doorne didn’t get into hearses until 1979. Musician/singer with rave band The Shamen, William ‘Will’ Sinnott hasn’t been en-tact since 1991. Ninth President of South Korea, Roh Moo-hyun stopped eating dogs in 2009. Indian cricketer Madhav Krishnaji Mantri went through the gate in 2014. Subject of book and film ‘A Beautiful Mind’ mathematician John Forbes Nash Jr., didn’t work out his date of death in 2015. James Bond actor with an eye brow doing its own thing – Roger Moore wasn’t the man who wouldn’t die given he keeled over in 2017. Fellow actor and ex-husband to Yootha Joyce, Glynn Edwards called time in 2018. Finally, children’s author and illustrator Eric Carle reached the end of his story in 2021. Racing driver/lawyer with an adventurous personal life and son of black shirt Oswald – Max Rufus Mosley hasn’t had to worry about the red tops since last year.

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Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 22nd May

Births today begin with Princess Elizabeth of the United Kingdom, (and no it’s not the current queen, even though she’s knocking on a bit), who turned out to be the seventh child, (and third daughter), of King George III and Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz in 1770. Physicist and inventor of not only the first electromagnets but also the first practical electric motor, William Sturgeon sparked into life back in 1783. Stephen Fry looky likey who was into various musical things, Wilhelm Richard Wagner conducted his entrance to the world in 1813. Writer of classic crime capers featuring Sherlock Holmes & Co, (when he wasn’t doctoring on the side), Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle started the memories and adventures from 1859. Fifth Prime Minister of South Africa Daniel François Malan had separation issues from his mum in 1874. Creator of dull cartoon series Tintin, Georges Prosper Remi or to give him his pen name, Hergé, was joined by another English luvvie actor, Laurence Olivier, who arrived without prompting in 1907. Known in America for being the voice of The Price is Right, John Leonard ‘Johnny’ Olson kept his family guessing until his arrival into the world in 1910. One of the oldest swingers in town, (until his death in 2018), and singer – Shahnour Varinag Aznavourian or Charles Aznavour got to star in his first act in 1924. Subject of film starring left leaning actor Sean Penn, Harvey Milk was very happy, (some might say gay), being born in 1930. Band leader and trumpet player Kenneth Daniel ‘Kenny’ Ball was full of wind having also been born in 1930. Small pith helmet wearing bespectacled actor/singer born Ronald Edwards, but known as Don Estelle got to hear the whispering grass from 1933. Engineer who contributed significantly to liquid crystal displays (LCD) – George Harry Heilmeier had clear vision in 1936. Actor Paul Edward Winfield found it’s good to be alive from 1939, (until 2004). Former sprinter who went onto lead the yellow team in Britain – Walter Menzies ‘Ming’ Campbell was, unsurprisingly, born in Scotland back in 1941. Theodore John Kaczynski aka ‘The Unabomber’ professed to being born in 1942. Ex-Upper Gatton, (Surrey) resident and bar propper in The Chequers Pub, (Walton-on-the-Hill, Surrey), George Best kicked his way out in 1946. Reg Dwight’s mate, Bernard John ‘Bernie’ Taupin started the circle of life in 1950. Having mentioned George Heilmeier, (above), here we have inventor of the blue LED – Shuji Nakamura saw the way through in 1954. Late camp creosote fan and host of ex-quiz on the National Lottery show, Dale Jonathan Winton dropped by in 1955. Gladioli swinging miserablist Manc songster Steven Patrick Morrissey, or just Morrissey, won’t be munching on vegetable cake to console himself reaching his 63rd birthday. Now a mum, mobile phone throwing champion and temperamental ‘super’ model who likes chunky shoes, Naomi Elaine Campbell, launched herself off in 1970. Actress and younger sister to Kyle, (mentioned a couple of days back) – Alison Eastwood started having the breakfast of champions in 1972. Fijian born Irish hurler and Gaelic footballer – Seán Óg Ó hAilpín didn’t have the double arrive in 1977. Another slightly different ‘model’, (among other things), Katrina Amy Alexandra Alexis Infield who became Jordan, before being known as Katie Price pushed it to the limit in 1978. According to the rankings, current No.1 net avoider, dodger of COVID jabs and three time winner of Wimbledon along with a few other tennis tournaments around the world, Novaks Djokovic rallied in 1987.

As for deaths, they appear to be a bit thin on the ground, but we do start with latter day Julius Caesar – Roman Emperor Constantine the Great/Constantine I/Saint Constantine left it a good few years after his death in 337 to get people excited about him. Pope Alexander VII who took 80 days to become Pope found it took only one to die in 1667. First First Lady of the United States of America – Martha Washington was also the First dead First Lady of the United States of America having not made it through today in 1802. King of the Two Sicilies with the jaunty angled hat, Ferdinand II was nearly taken out in 1856, but managed to hang on until 1859. Writer of not only Les Misérables but also The Hunchback of Notre Dame – Victor Hugo didn’t get to ring in the changes from 1885. First Disc Jockey in the United Kingdom – Major Christopher Reynolds Stone started spinning in his grave from 1965. Having mentioned wobbly chinned English actress Dame Margaret Taylor Rutherford a few days ago, here she is again given the curtain came down in 1972. Also not making it through that year is dad to Daniel Day-Lewis, Cecil Day Lewis had his buried day. Wolfgang Reitherman who’s probably not known for his work on various classic Disney cartoons, found himself less than animated in 1985. Lee Jong-wook, sixth Director General of World Health Organisation obviously wasn’t feeling too healthy given he died in 2006. Soldier and drummer Lee Rigby unfortunately found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time in 2013. Upper class actress born Nedenia Marjorie Hutton, but known as Dina Merrill wished she could turn back the clock in 2017. Finally, children’s writer and illustrator – Anna Judith Gertrud Helene Kerr joined Mog in 2019.

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Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 21st May

Births today start way back in 120 BC with mum to Julius Caesar – Aurelia Cotta who didn’t realise her contribution to history. Not only King of Spain, but also Portugal, Naples and Sicily, Philip II started getting used to the attention in 1527. Prison reformer and ex-star of the £5 note in England, Elizabeth Fry, (née Gurney), didn’t quake when born in 1780. Having mentioned priest and vulcanologist with the earthquake scale named in his honour on March 19th when he died, here’s Giuseppe Mercalli again given the earth shifted in his favour back in 1850. Post impressionist painter – Henri Rousseau didn’t have guide coat when born in 1844. Two time President of Uruguay – José Batlle y Ordóñez took things nice and steady in 1856. Inventor of the first practical electrocardiogram – Willem Einthoven made it through the other ‘Eindhoven Triangle’ in 1860. Inventor who came up with the first synchronous electric clock – Henry Ellis Warren didn’t have a tick from 1872. Inventor of the hydroplane – Glenn Hammond Curtiss found the freedom of the air in 1878. Another Dictator/Presidenti of Argentina, (this one with a penchant for wearing a dinner suit and white bow tie) – Pedro Eugenio Aramburu Silveti took the oath in 1903. Singer Thomas Wright ‘Fats’ Waller started goin’ about his business in 1904. Actress born Daisy Sander but better known as Dandy Nichols was part of the happy family from 1907. Actor from both Perry Mason and Ironside, Raymond William Stacey Burr didn’t have a raw deal being born in 1917. Fellow actor, this one known for his roles in 50’s war films – Anthony Maitland Steel started to have a piece of cake this day from 1920. Actress born Justine Kay Kendall McCarthy who picked Kay Kendall from that found the curtain went up in 1927. 22nd Prime Minister of Australia – John Malcolm Fraser experienced his first swing in 1930. Broadcaster and Mr Esther Rantzen, (after an eight year affair with her) – Desmond Wilcox found that’s life from 1931. Original founding member of family singing group The Isley Brothers, Ronald Isley started twisting and shouting in 1941. Seventh President of Ireland, Mary Therese Winifred Robinson had her parents toast her birth with a few pints of the black stuff in 1944. Also born that year, pop singer Marcia Blank/Blane may well have been Bobby’s girl. Actor Richard Lawrence Hatch, or for the sci-fi fans out there Captain Apollo in Battlestar Galactica – took the party line every year from 1945. Diminutive frizzy haired popster from the 1970’s born Gerard Hugh Sayer, but now going by the name Leo Sayer, (rhyming slang for ‘all dayer’), found the show must go on in 1948. Previous editor of The Sunday Times who’s demanded answers from MP’s on his television shows – Andrew Ferguson Neil had his first mention in the papers back in 1949. Known for the excessive gold chains/rings and Mandinka warrior haircut, born again Christian Laurence Tureaud or just Mr T, wasn’t freaked when delivered in 1952. Edward Ernest ‘Judge’ Reinhold Jr. made sure his mum didn’t have a baby on board from 1957. American serial killer Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer, (the Milwaukee Cannibal), started on life’s right path in 1960. Also born that year, Indian actor Mohanlal Viswanathan Nair, had his initial audition. Known for her role in SpongeBob SquarePants, Carolyn Lawrence didn’t have fairly odd parents from 1964. Rapper Christopher George Latore Wallace, who went onto be better known as The Notorious B.I.G. started wearing biggie smalls in 1972. Unfunny surreal comedian in the silver jumpsuit who traded non amusing quips on Never Mind the Buzzcocks and now found on some baking show – Noel Fielding had his mighty boosh moment in 1973. Having mentioned various cyclists over the past few days, here’s another – Mark Cavendish dropped a gear in 1985. Also launching off that year is Norwegian of the day, doggy paddler who gained a silver medal at the Beijing Olympics, Alexander Dale Oen. Keeping with the water theme, budgie smuggling bronze medal winner at the London Olympics, who upgraded that to a gold at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics – diver Thomas Robert ‘Tom’ Daley broke the waters in 1994.

As for deaths, definite King of England and disputed King of France – Henry VI of England was confirmed dead in 1471. Not to be out done, Christian I King of Denmark, Norway and Sweden took his place in Roskilde Cathedral in 1481. Staying in Denmark antiquarian who came up with the three age system, (stone, bronze and iron ages) – Christian Jürgensen Thomsen, joined the unfound artefacts in 1865. German physicist with the rather unfortunate surname, August Adolf Eduard Eberhard Kundt wasn’t that physical after 1894. 37th President of Mexico, José Venustiano Carranza found his sombrero was surplus to requirements in 1920. Archibald Primrose – Prime Minister of the United Kingdom didn’t get lost in the Houses of Parliament again after 1929. Designer of combat aircraft incorporating his name, Geoffrey de Havilland found the chocks were put on his life in 1965. Having mentioned Sammy Davies Jr. a mere five days ago, here’s his old man with the imaginative name of Sammy Davis Snr. was to adopt the third position in 1988. Actor/comedian mentioned back in March when born – Maxwell George Lorimer, or as he was better known, Max Wall, put his jacket on properly for the last time in 1990. Scandal ridden son of ex-Indian Prime Minister, Indhira, Rajiv Ghandi came to an unexpected end, (for him), in 1991. Fan of all things pink who was an extensive writer of slushy romantic stories and owner of numerous yappy ankle biting mutts, born Mary Barbara Hamilton, but known as Barbara Cartland, thankfully found her career at an end in 2000. Also not making it through that year, original luvvie Sir Arthur John Gielgud didn’t get to say, ‘Darling’ again. Third person not making it past 2000 is Mark Reynolds Hughes, founder of pyramid selling, (or ‘multi level’ as they’ve now dressed it up), company Herbalife, obviously didn’t take his company’s products given he keeled over. Racing driver and car manufacturer – Alejandro de Tomaso joined the aftermarket in 2003. Finally, musician with Megadeath Nicholas ‘Nick’ Menza reached the end game in 2016.

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Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 20th May

start today’s posting with architect of the United States Capitol, (or just the Capitol building), William Thornton began to sketch his life out from 1759. Chubby faced novelist/playwright born Honoré Balzac but known to his reader as Honoré de Balzac started his first chapter of life in 1799. Another of the philosophers mentioned in Monty Phython’s song – John Stewart Mill wasn’t particularly ill in 1806. Founder of both difficult to use charge card company – American Express and bank bearing his name – Wells Fargo, William George Fargo got his mum to express herself in 1818. We have a lot to thank, (and curse), this person for as he is credited with inventing the phonograph record thereby opening the door to the likes of Jedward, (other boy and girl groups are also unfortunately available along with (c)rap music, the dreaded Country & Western etc) – Emile Berliner got into the groove back in 1851. Danish born Norwegian of the year – writer Sigrid Undset had happy times in Norway from 1882. Over dressed King of the Arab Kingdom of Syria and Iraq, Faisal bin Hussein bin Ali al-Hasimi, or just Faisal I, started wearing robes in 1885. Aeronautical engineer responsible for the iconic Supermarine Spitfire fighter plane, Reginald Joseph Mitchell lifted the flaps in 1895. Cardinal mentioned 18 days ago in the second paragraph – Giuseppe Siri started asking questions a couple of years after his arrival in 1906. Star of cheery Christmas film ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’, (among others), James Maitland Stewart who abbreviated that to Jimmy Stewart, wasn’t quite born to dance, rather to act in 1908. Co-founder of computer hardware and software manufacturer Hewlett-Packard, William ‘Bill’ Reddington Hewlett decoded himself in 1913. Comedian/actor George Leslie Gobel got to learn about the birds and the bees a few years after 1919. Former guerrilla who then went onto become 40th President of Uruguay – José Alberto ‘Pepe’ Mujica Cordano seized the day in 1935. Motown singer/songwriter Shorty Long, or rather Frederick Earl Long, thought there ain’t no justice being born in 1940. Ex-Prime Minister of Singapore Goh Chok Tong waded forth in 1941. Sheffield,(England), shouter to music, and non relation to Jarvis, John Robert ‘Joe’ Cocker, had more than a little help from the nurses in 1944. Also born that year, is co-founder of energy drink Red Bull, Dietrich Mateschitz who found his wings. 1946 saw American singer who doesn’t like wearing clothes, (and no, it’s not Iggy Pop), Cherilyn Sarkisian but better known as Cher who probably wishes she could turn back time. Prime Minister of Japan, (for all of fifteen months), Yoshihiko Noda admitted defeat and was born in 1957. Singer/songwriter and member of 80’s girl group The Go-Go’s, Jane Marie Genevieve Wiedlin has had some get up and go about her since 1958. Not so fresh faced popster from early 1980’s band Haircut 100, Nicholas ‘Nick’ Hayward’s parents had a fantastic day in 1961. Younger bro to Di, Charles Edward Maurice Spencer the 9th Earl Spencer or Viscount Althorp has climbed even further up the title ladder since his birth in 1964. Interviewer and son of Paul, Louis Sebastian Theroux started documenting his life from 1970. Singer Trevor George Smith took the wise decision to change his name to slightly hipper Busta Rhymes, found it’s a party this day every year since 1972. Professional ball kicker Petr Čech was clear in 1982. Another actor from The Crown – Josh O’Connor left the hope gap in 1990. Actor from Game of Thrones (yawn) – Jack Gleeson has been with all the good children since 1992. Not Frank the talking Pug from Men in Black but internet star Doug the Pug arrived in 2012.

Death wise, it’s a pretty quiet day, but we do start with Pope John XXI who found his time at the Vatican was up in 1277. Original telluric traveller Christopher Columbus stopped his transatlantic crossings in 1506. Born Charles Rudolph Harrell, singer Rudy Lewis drifted away in 1964. Belgian linguist with the rather unfortunate surname, Willem Pee stopped mid flow in 1986. Co-inventor of Paint by number, Max Klein went grey in 1993. Actor and probably the best Dr. Who before going onto be a scarecrow, John Devon Rowland ‘Jon’ Pertwee found the body finally said no in 1996. Terrorist convicted of downing Pan Am flight 103 over Lockerbie, Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al-Megrahi found himself downed in 2012. Also not making it through that year is odd looking Bee Gee minus the bleached teeth and medallion, Robin Hugh Gibb wasn’t stayin’ alive. Co-founder of iconic, (to some), band The Doors – Raymond Daniel Manczarek Jr., who altered his surname to Manzarek, was unable to say, ‘Light my fire’ in 2013. Rupert Louis Ferdinand Frederick Constantine Lofredo Leopold Herbert Maximilian Hubert John Henry zu Löwenstein-Wertheim-Freudenburg, Count of Löwenstein-Scharffeneck whose only claim to fame was being the Rolling Stones financial manager found he ran out of breath saying his name in 2014. Finally, F1 champ from the 70’s with the burnt ear – Andreas Nikolaus ‘Niki’ Lauda found a nice flat spot in 2019.

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Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 19th May

Today’s births paragraph begins with entrepreneur and philanthropist Johns Hopkins started making a name for himself in 1795. Next up is Queen Consort of Spain born Maria Isabel Francisca de Assis Antónia Carlota Joana Josefa Xavier de Paula Micaela Rafaela Isabel Gonzaga, before taking the shorter title of Maria Isabel of Braganza was over the border in 1797. Opera singer who’s got four food dishes named in her honour, Helen ‘Nellie’ Porter Mitchell, (or Melba as she became known), served herself to the world in 1861. Taxidermist you have to thank for all those stuffed animals staring at you from museums – Carl Ethan Akeley was put on a pedestal by his parents in 1864. Geodesist, (all to do with measuring the earth’s fundamental properties apparently), John Fillmore Hayford got his measurements right in 1868. Unhinged American serial killer Hamilton Howard ‘Albert’ Fish slipped through in 1870. Socialite and first woman to grace the green benches in Parliament, Nancy Witcher Langhorne Astor made her presence known from 1879. Founder of the Republic of Turkey, (and its first President), with the slicked back hair, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk born Ali Riza oglu Mustafa was perfection in his parent’s eyes back in 1881. Communist revolutionary with a city and airport named after him, (and I’m sure there are a few roads/bridges etc as well) along with his wispy little beard, Nguyễn Sinh Cung or Hố Chi Min wasn’t confused with his birthday in 1890. Assassin of bare foot blanket wearing bespectacled Indian independence leader Mahatma Gandi – Nathuram Vinayak Godse, started hanging about in 1910. Keeping with the Indian theme, sixth President of the country, Neelam Sanjiva Reddy, wasn’t a speaker until at least a couple of years after birth in 1913. First woman to swim the English Channel both ways – Florence May Chadwick freestyled it in 1918. Known for appearing in the Marlboro cigarette adverts, born Eugene Joseph Hugh, but known as David McLean, puffed his way through in 1922. Despot dictator of Cambodia who wore little green suits Saloth Sar, or as he used to order everyone to address him Pol Pot, made sure the population celebrated his birthday from 1925. Also born that year is black Muslim human rights activist Malcolm X, (as he couldn’t spell Little), found his voice. Presenter of BBC show Juke Box Jury – David Lewis Jacobs started climbing the ladder from 1926. Founder of English F1 team and sports car manufacturer which starts every model with an ‘E’, LOTUS (Lots Of Trouble Usually Serious), Anthony Colin Bruce Chapman found traction in 1928. Actor I know from his role in The Vicar of Dibley – Trevor Peacock managed to stick around from 1931 to 2021. Actor/wrestler Francis Patrick ‘Pat’ Roach joined the monster club in 1937. Ex-MP for the red team and broadcaster – Robert Kilroy Silk, took his place in the house from 1942. Actor who never had to learn lines, (and was mentioned on 30th April in the second paragraph) – Peter William Mayhew brought glee to his parents in 1944. First of five people in the music world to celebrate their big day today is windmill guitarist, song writer and visitor of ‘interesting’ websites, Peter Dennis Blandford ‘Pete’ Townsend got to see for miles, (well, the end of the hospital ward), in 1945. Glam rocker with Marc Bolan’s group T. Rex, Steve Currie was born to boogie in 1947. Sofa hogger Russell Harty’s favourite guest, model/singer Grace Jones hasn’t had a private life since 1948. One third of rock band ZZ Top, (and yes, he did have a beard), Joseph Michael ‘Dusty’ Hill found his legs in 1949. Current incumbent of the job no one else wants – President of Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai pulled the short straw arriving in 1949. Another singer, Jeffrey Ross Hyman, known by the slightly hipper name Joey Ramone made some noise in 1951. Near national treasure taken too soon from us who was often found behind a piano, Victoria Wood had a new face in 1953. Creator of Java programming format, James Arthur Gosling logged on for the first time in 1955. Ex-(and murdered) wife of O.J. Simpson Nicole Brown Simpson started out in life back in 1959. 1980’s one hit wonder Yasmin ‘Yazz’ Evans found the only way was out in 1960. Son of Dirty Harry, Kyle Eastwood made his dad’s day in 1968. Singer with now defunct band Ace of Base – Jenny Cecilia Petrén gave her mum the sign this day in 1972. Norwegian of the day is ball kicker Pål Steffens Andresen who started dribbling in 1982. Somehow successful singer Samuel Frederick ‘Sam’ Smith found he’s not the only one born this day in 1992.

Death wise, Dunstan, Archbishop of Canterbury stopped carrying his cross with him in 988. Not to be outdone by him, Pope Celestine V didn’t get to see his last audience at his funeral in 1296. Having seen off Francis Weston, Henry Norris and William Brereton a couple of days ago, Henry VIII saw to it that mum to Queen Liz I, Anne Boleyn was headless in 1536. British Prime Minister, William Ewart Gladstone, left the back benches in 1898. Co-designer of the Forth Bridge who also developed the London Underground, Sir Benjamin Baker was a dead load from 1907. Welsh born soldier Thomas Edward ‘T.E.’ Lawrence who liked to ride around on the back of a camel whilst wearing traditional Arab dress admitted defeat and died in 1935. Waxed moustached ex-soldier and 122nd Spanish Prime Minister – Dámaso Berenguer y Fusté didn’t get any more medals after 1953. Early Hollywood actor Ronald Charles Colman met the late George Apley in 1958. English sonnet writer with a statue at St Pancras Station, Sir John Betjeman was summonsed by the bells in 1984. Ex-Mrs of both John F. Kennedy and Aristotle Onassis, Jacqueline Lee ‘Jackie’ Kennedy Onassis (née Bouvier) finally had her sunglasses removed in 1994. Prime Minister of Japan Sōsuko Uno lost his deposit on life in 1998. Another famous Reigate resident – singer Michael William ‘Mike’ Sammes was no longer young, willing and eager in 2001. Another Prime Minister, this one the 19th of Australia – John Gorton found he didn’t need sun cream from 2002. Singer with Freddie and the Dreamers – Freddie Garrity found it’s not great this day in 2006. Olympic medal winning basketballer Robert Louis ‘Bob’ Boozer put his glass down in 2012. Racing legend Sir John Arthur ‘Jack’ Brabham saw the chequered flag in 2014. Also not making it through 2014 – entrepreneur who invented online shopping, Michael Aldrich was delivered to the undertakers. Actor/voice actor born Angus Young, but known as Alan Young, has been down to earth since 2018. Dead Norwegian of the day, pianist/composer Alfred Janson hasn’t worried about finding Middle C since 2019. Finally, not the sweating comedian who runs around stage pulling funny faces, but runner who sweated and pulled grimacing faces – Lee Evans reached the finish line in 2021.

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