Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 19th January

Buddhist priest and founder of the Sōtō school of Zen with five names to his credit – Dōgen Zenji kept his parents on their toes from 1200. Ancient royal of the week goes to King of France, (for all of 17 months), and King Consort of Scotland – Francis II was a little ruffian in 1544. Inventor James Watt began to let off steam from 1736. Writer Edgar Allan Poe wasn’t in a predicament in 1809. Person credited with inventing the word constipated, (among other achievements), Henry Bessemer had a regular birth in 1813. Dauber in the post-impressionist style, Paul Cézanne certainly impressed his parents in 1839. First recorded swimmer of the English Channel, Matthew Webb started thrashing about in 1848. Popular politician being Prime Minister of Iceland 5 times – Ólafur Thors gave a straight answer over his birthday after 1892. Surgeon co-responsible for developing the lobotomy, James Winston Watts worked out his birth date from 1904. Actor Guy Madison made it through the final frontier in 1922. Having mentioned Philip ‘Phil’ Everly on the 3rd January when he rolled over, here he is again given he wasn’t born yesterday in 1939. Gravelly voiced actor Michael ‘Mike’ Reid took a year or so from 1940 to start running around. Fellow actor who moved from Frank Spencer to The Phantom of the Opera, Michael Patrick Smith or Michael Crawford, raised the curtain in 1942. Singing hippie Janis Lyn Joplin was a real cry baby in 1943. Well known, (for a couple of things), singer Dolly Rebecca Parton had her mum think, ‘don’t drop out’ in 1946. Singer/songwriter Robert Palmer was simply irresistible to his parents in 1949. Also born that year, snooker player Dennis Taylor had a double kiss from his mum. Frizzy haired nearly ex-chief arm waver being musical director for London Symphony Orchestra, Simon Denis Rattle started off life in 1955 as he meant to carry on. Journo who was in a bit of bother over his interview with Chas’s ex-missus Diana – Martin Henry Bashir was above the fold in 1963. Also arriving that year, diminutive ex-shouter and person who used his privilege to hamper things in the House of Commons – John Simon Berkow brought some, ‘Oooorderrrrr’ to his parents. Singer/songwriter Caron Milena Wheeler has been livin’ in the light since 1963. Six time tennis grand slam winner, Stefan Bengt Eberg took it to break point in 1966. F1 champ from 2009, Jenson Alexander Lyons Button didn’t get a reconnaissance lap before his birth in 1980. Euan Blair – son to Tony, the illegal war sender who banged on about Brexit to anyone listened to him, switched on in 1984.

Death wise it appears to be another quiet day, that said, we begin with Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey ended up in Suffolk without his head attached in 1547. Governor of New Mexico Charles Bent found himself dead straight in 1847. Empress consort of Mexico, Princess Charlotte of Belgium left the moules frites alone after 1927. Gold medal divot replacer at the 1904 Olympics, Clement Smoot didn’t get to play around after 1963. Fellow Belgian and two time winner of the Tour de France, (seemingly without any ‘enhancements’) – Firmin Lambot lost his pace in 1964. Actor known for his role in King Kong, Frank Reicher was underground in 1965. Actor/comedian – born Harold Mendelson but known as Hal March had the $64,000 dollar question answered in 1970. Actress known for voicing Snow White in Disney’s film – Adriana Caselotti turned white in 1997. Controversial mystic guru with the beard, Chandra Mohan Jain or Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, has experienced eternal peace since 1990. Actor from television series Lawman, Kohn Lawrence Russell headed west in 1991. Actress/inventor of radio guidance system for allied torpedoes in the Second World War – Hedy Lamarr sunk herself in 2000. Soul singer Wilson Pickett was less than one step away from death in 2006. Founding member of the Mamas and the Papas – Dennis Gerrard Stephen ‘Denny’ Doherty hasn’t been dancing in the streets since 2007. Ukrainian chess master Anatoly Alexandrovich Bannik went for a permanent adjournment in 2013. Finally, actress and widow to lovey Richard ‘Dicky’ Attenborough, Sheila Beryl Grant Attenborough, (née Sim), didn’t have a great day in 2016.

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Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 18th January

Today, we start the births paragraph with founder of thesaurus named after him, yes, Peter Mark Roget was born, delivered, hatched etc in 1779. Inventor of barbed wire, Joseph Glidden didn’t get snagged in 1813. Co-discoverer of helium – Edward Frankland had a squeaky voice from 1825. First Prime Minister of Australia – Edmund Barton, who got a mention on 7th January when he retired from the sun gets another go given he didn’t contest his birthdate from 1849. Assistant to Alexander Graham Bell, (he of telephone fame), Thomas Augustus Watson heard voices for the first time in 1854. Writer of Winnie the Pooh, Alan Alexander Milne was the lucky one born in 1882. Another children’s author, this one of Swallows & Amazons – Arthur Michell Ransome floated along in 1884. Larger half of comedy acting duo Laurel & Hardy, Norvell Hardy, (or to his fans) – Oliver Norvell ‘Babe’ Hardy, was on the loose from 1892. English born actor, Archibald Alexander Leach who went onto become known as Cary Grant, found this is the night in 1904. Fellow actor David Daniel Kaminsky/Danny Kaye had his initial starring role in 1911. Coulrophobics look away now as Robert Lewis ‘Bob’ Bell who also went by his alter ego ‘Bozo the Clown’, had his entrée in 1922. Engineer/inventor with the noise reduction system named after him, Ray Milton Dolby began hearing in 1933. Also born that year, botanist and environmentalist with not only the distinctive beard, but also voice – David Bellamy rustled through the undergrowth. Graphic novelist who ultimately is responsible for introducing one time innocent choir boy Pallid Jones, (who took ‘time off’ from his broadcasting career a few years ago) – Raymond Redvers Briggs’ parents found when the wind blows from 1935. Architect of the Good Friday Agreement, (bagging the Nobel Peace Prize as a consequence) and ex-leader of the SDLP – John Hume stood for the first time a few months after arriving in 1937. Singer with Motown group The Temptations, Davis Eli ‘David’ Ruffin was gettin’ ready back in 1941. Having mentioned first Australian Prime Minister Edmund Barton, (above), here’s their slightly less refined 24th PM – Paul John Keating didn’t put his mum through too much labour in 1944. Not wanting to be left out, current President of Austria – Alexander Van der Bellen also arrived in 1944. Industrial designer with a few restaurants to his name, Philippe Starck had a simple but inventive structure in 1949. Formula One racing driver and dad to F1 champ Jacques – Joseph Gilles Henri Villeneuve or just Gilles Villeneuve was in pole position back in 1950. Star of some better films than others, Kevin Michael Costner found a perfect world in 1955. Singer/songwriter with The Thompson Twins – Thomas Alexander Bailey was into the gap back in 1956. Actor David Mark Rylance Waters started the days and nights on earth in 1960, whilst in 1964 actress Barbara Jane Horrocks had a little voice. National Hunt racing champion jockey Thomas Richard Dunwoody has been obsessed with his birthday since 1965. Straggly haired/bearded shouter of indecipherable grunts with band Korn – Jonathan Howsmom Davis had no place to hide in 1971. Also arriving that year, racing driver who’s uncle was Emerson – Christian Fittipaldi took a while to gain his balance. Singer with defunct band Kula Shaker who’s related to actors John & Hayley – Crispian Mills,(who was born Crispian John David Boulting, and also goes by the name Krishna Kanta Das), didn’t understand the word ‘Hush’ in 1973. Norwegian of the day, non doped up cyclist Thor Hushovd got into the rhythm in 1978. If you think people in authority are getting younger, this will back up your case as ex-Taoiseach, (Prime Minister), who’s taken half a step back and is now Tánaiste, (deputy head of government), of Ireland Leo Eric Varadkar has reached the grand age of 43. One half of British band The Ting Tings – Katie Rebecca White wanted to be the one in 1983. Singer/songwriter Samantha Tamania Anne Cecilia Mumba has gotta tell you she also arrived in 1983. Spree killer who opened fire at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University – Seung-Hui Cho had the love of his family in 1984. Actor Karan Brar didn’t quite get to start the diary of a wimpy kid in 1999.

As for deaths, King Peter I of Portugal and the Algarve was unable to sip any more port and lemon from 1367. Founder of Cape Town, Johan Anthoniszoon ‘Jan’ van Riebeeck navigated his way to the cemetery in 1677. Tenth President of the United States of America, John Tyler vacated the White House in 1862. Silent film actor Wallace Reid must have let out a sigh, or even a murmur on his death bed in 1923. Writer of The Jungle Book, (among other works), Joseph Rudyard Kipling didn’t get to see the undertakers in 1936. Swindler with an ‘investment scheme’ named after him – born Carlo Pietro Giovanni Guglielmo Tebaldo Ponzi but known by the American police as Charles Ponzi didn’t get a good return in 1949. Formerly one of the Three Stooges, Jerome Lester Horowitz who went by his stage name ‘Curly Howard’, was unable to turn back the clock in 1952. Actor who achieved fame in Hollywood late in life, Sydney Hughes Greenstreet found they die with their boots on in 1954. War photographer, (among many other things) – Cecil Walter Hardy Beaton didn’t get to decorate the interior of his coffin in 1980. Actor known for playing Albert Steptoe as well as being partial to a drink and opportunist at public toilets, Wilfred Brambell started to suffer dry rot from 1985. Glamour model and one half of auto-tuned singers Mel & Kim – Melanie ‘Mel’ Appleby was 4 years too early to join the ‘27 Club’ in 1990. Artist Norman Anthony ‘Tony’ Hart morphed into a corpse in 2009. Founding member of The Eagles, Glenn Frey found the heat is on at the crem in 2016. Finally, theatre director and co-founder of the Royal Shakespeare Company – John Bernard Adie Barton shuffled off stage left in 2018.

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Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 17th January

Physician/botanist with a plant named in his honour – Leonhart Fuchs wasn’t glabrous from 1501. Having not having mentioned any Popes for at least a day, here we see Pope Saint Pius V set things straight, despite entering the world as Antonio Ghislieri in 1504. Inventor of not only lightning rods but also bifocal lenses as well as being a Founding Father of the United States, Benjamin Franklin was a young American in 1706. Last King of Poland along with being Grand Duke of Lithuania – born Stanisław Antoni Poniatowski but known as Stanisław II Augustus found he had white hair in 1732. Youngest sister of the Yorkshire writing clan – Anne Brontë wrote herself into the plot back in 1820. Jimmy Edwards looky-likey, first President of Ireland – Douglas Ross Hyde had to try and start understanding what his parents were saying from 1860. Scandal ridden, womanising last Liberal Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, David Lloyd George was definitely first past the, (bed), post in 1863. Innovator of the slapstick film genre, Michael Sinnott, or Mack Sennett – found something slippy in 1880. Norwegian of the day, psychologist Ola Raknes didn’t analyse his birth in 1887. Notorious American gangster and inmate of Alcatraz, Alphonse Gabriel ‘Al’ Capone wasn’t prohibited being born in 1890. Prima-ballerina born Norma Koreff, but known as Norma Kaye found it was two’s company in 1920.

Chiricahua Apache actor Dehl Berti didn’t have second thoughts over arriving in 1921. Actress/comedian with 80 years experience in the television business, Betty Marion White Luddon had to tell the truth over her birthday from 1922. Actress/singer with the rather unfortunate Cockney rhyming slang term, Eartha Kitt had the nanny looking after her from 1927. Hair chopper to the stars, Vidal Sassoon made it through the layers in 1928. Actor who’s voiced Darth Vader – James Earl Jones knew who his father was from 1931. Female ventriloquist Sonia Phyllis Hurwitz or Shari Lewis started to throw her voice in 1933. Iconic boxer born Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr later to become Muhammad Ali, let his mum count to ten in 1942. Former Prime Minister and President of Haiti, René Garcia Préval has got to like being born in 1943. Last of Elizabeth Taylor’s husbands, Larry Fortensky wasn’t in denial about his birth in 1952. 1980’s popster/teen idol Paul Anthony Young, has been looking for hope in a hopeless world since 1956. Ex-children’s television presenter who popped up from time to time before dying in 2017 – Keith Chegwin wasn’t shaken or stirred after birth in 1957. Co-founder of female band The Bangles, Susanna Lee Hoffs saw different light from 1959. Comedy actor James Eugene ‘Jim’ Carrey found he had a rubber face back in 1962. Born in 1964, wife to Barry – ex-El Presidente of the US of A, Michelle Obama wasn’t the First Lady in the Robinson family. One hit wonder Rexton Rawlston Fernando Gordon who went by the slightly hipper name ‘Shabba Ranks’, found his roots and culture in 1966. Another ex-Mr P Anderson, Robert James Ritchie, (or Kid Rock), has had a rebel soul since 1971. Frontman to band The Kaiser Chiefs, Charles Richard ‘Ricky’ Wilson didn’t predict a riot when born in 1978. Singer/songwriter who DJ’s on the side, born Adam Richard Wiles but also goes by the name Calvin Harris, wasn’t 18 months old in 1984. Actor Max Adler’s parents showed their glee upon his birth in 1986. YouTube personality and actor – Jake Joseph Paul probably had his birth filmed in 1990.

Deaths appear to be a bit thin on the ground today – painter Paulus Potter found himself in a box back in 1654. Thai/American conjoined twins Chang & Eng Bunker (the ones we have to thank for the term Siamese Twins), both hung their boots up in 1874. 19th President of the United States of America – Rutherford Birchard Hayes, found where Lucy is in 1893. Founder of the Girl Scouts in the USA, Juliette Gordon Low ended up six feet lower in 1927. Stained glass lamp designer Louis Comfort Tiffany extinguished the light in 1933. Actor Winstead Sheffield Glendinning Dixon ‘Doodles Weaver’ featured in a real life two shots to the chest episode in 1983. Dead Norwegian of the day, King Olaf V left the throne, (much to the relief of the others in the Palace) in 1991. Russian spy implicated in the Profumo Affair – Captain Yevgeny Mikhailovich Ivanov or, as he was also known, Eugene Ivanov took his eye off things in 1994. Person who discovered Pluto, (the planet not dog), Clyde William Tombaugh made the third zone in 1997. Character actress Queenie Leonard didn’t get to see any more palm trees in LA after 2002. Chess grandmaster and world champ Robert James ‘Bobby’ Fischer timed out in 2008. Star of The Wire, Robert Frederick Chew stopped masticating in 2013. Actor mentioned four days ago in honour of his birth, Simon Shelton/Simon Barnes must have caught a drought playing Tinky Winky in 2018. Shouting actor from un-pc BBC sitcom of the 70’s – It Ain’t Half Hot Mum, Windsor Davies didn’t make it to assignment L in 2019. Finally, actor who appeared not only with Paul Eddington but also Basil Brush – Derek James Fowlds has been well over the hill since 2020.

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Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 16th January

We start today’s posting with really ancient Royal of the week – King Edward III’s lad Edmund Crouchback found it an advantage during his birth in 1245. Norwegian of the day – author Dorothe Englebretsdatter’s parents sang their daughters praise from 1634. King Francis II of the Two Sicilies started to rule the house in 1836. Revered actor who hated acting, Johnston Forbes-Robertson put on a brave face in 1853. Co-founder of both tyre company and restaurant guide bearing his name – André Jules Michelin was a pumped up baby in 1853. Silent film star Harry Carey was there as it happened in 1878. Actor known for his role in the Superman television series – John Rummel Hamilton gave the heads up to his mum in 1877. Mum to diarist and loft deweller Anne, Edith Frank, (née Holländer), started out in 1900. Large hat wearing Presidenti of Cuba, (before Fidel took over) – Fulgencio Batista Zaldívar overthrew his parents lives from 1901. Also born that year, inventor of ice resurfacer for ice rinks, Frank Joseph Zamboni Jr., reached the edge. Potty mouthed actress/singer Ethel Agnes Zimmerman who went onto become known as Ethel Merman had a happy landing in 1908. Television/film director Leslie Herbert ‘Les’ Martinson was a young maverick in 1915. Second Norwegian of the day – Winter and Summer Olympic contestant, Martin Stokken stumbled through in 1923. Primatologist who was subject of film Gorillas in the Mist – Dian Fossey swung low in 1932. Writer with the skunk hairstyle and partner of Annie Leibovitz who was mentioned in the second paragraph on December 28th – Susan Rosenblatt/Sontag found the way we live now a reality from 1933. Former singer/manager of his Mrs, Celine Dion – René Angélil had a few years on her given he was born in 1942. Actor Kabir Beds suffered the doctor’s cut as opposed to the director’s one in 1946. British MP embroiled in a sex scandal, (yes, really), before going on to making shirts – Harvey Proctor joined the Thursday club in 1947. Snooker player Clifford Charles Devlin ‘Cliff’ Thorburn had his initial trick shot in 1948. King Faud II of Egypt and the Sudan saw his first pyramids in 1952. Singer Helen Folasade Adu who abbreviated that to Sade Adu and then cut that down to Sade, has been a smooth operator since 1959. Founding member of En Vogue, singer/songwriter Maxine Jones was obviously born to sing in 1962. One third of The Grand Tour presenters – and it’s not Jezza, or ‘the Hamster’, but Captain Slow, James Daniel May jump started in 1963. Founding member of bright jumper wearing group ‘The Wiggles’, Gregory John ‘Greg’ Page was top of the tots in 1972. Supermodel Kate Moss had her first Croydon facelift in 1974. Singer Aaliyah Dana Haughton found age ain’t nothing but a number from 1979.

As for deaths we start with Pope Marcellus I who received his halo in 309. Grammarian Lindley Murray reached a full stop in 1826. Dead Norwegian of the day, landscape painter Thomas Freanby found his drop sheet in 1842. Founder of department stores bearing his name, Marshall Field had a fire sale of his own in 1906. President of Brazil, Francisco de Paula Rodrigues Alves found a cool spot in 1919. Subject of 70’s pop group with the St. Vitus’ dance sufferer – Boney M’s single Ma Baker, criminal Kate ‘Ma’ Barker found that taking on the FBI probably wasn’t such a good idea in 1935. Actress and Mrs Clark Gable, Jane Alice Peters/Carole Lombard went from hell to heaven in 1942. Equally known for his height, (6ft 9ins/2.06m) as for his role in The Addams Family, actor Theodore Crawford ‘Ted’ Cassidy called time in 1979. Actor Peter William Shorrocks Butterworth found the body said No! in 1979. Having mentioned actor John Bernard Lee a mere ten days ago, here he is again given his ashes whistled down the wind in 1981. Actor who played the Major in Fawlty Towers – Ballard Blascheck or Ballard Berkeley, found he didn’t need an evening paper from 1988. Star of the original Star Trek, (along with many other roles), Glenn Corbett became a shadow force in 1993. Son to one time, (now seemingly rescinded), convicted sex pest Bill – Ennis Coby probably wished he’d taken a different route in 1997. Singer with doo-wop group The Coasters, Will J. ‘Dub’ Jones, was unable to ask anyone to, ‘Wake Me, Shake Me’ in 2000. Author/journalist and oldest son of Evelyn, Auberon Alexander Waugh had his last word in 2001. Pioneer in transgender surgery – Stanley H. Biber didn’t get to see bits drop off him in 2006. Writer of dull series Rumpole of the Bailey and barrister, (not to be found making coffee anywhere), Sir John Clifford Mortimer left it to will in 2009. Founder of Taco Bell, Glen William Bell Jr., found himself somewhat crispy in 2010. Inventor of Etch A Sketch, Andrés Cassagnes erased himself in 2013. Known for his role in The Partridge Family, David Joseph ‘Dave’ Madden left home for good in 2014. Also dying that year, ‘the Professor’ on Gilligan’s Island – Russell David Johnson got on his black saddle. Leather clad drummer with heavy metal band Judas Priest – David ‘Dave’ Holland has been free floating since 2018. Academic son of J.R.R. Tolkien – Christopher John Reuel Tolkien joined his old man in middle earth in 2020. Finally, record producer with the ridiculous wigs – Harvey Phillip ‘Phil’ Spector has found silence is easy since 2021.

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Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 15th January

Wide hat and odd shaped shoe wearing King Afonso V of Portugal and the Algarves starts today’s posting as he made his initial conquest in 1432. Norwegian of the day, (who was mentioned nine days ago upon his death), writer Peter Christen Asbjørnsen entered into folklore from 1812. First King and founder of Saudi Arabia – King Abdulaziz ibn Abdul Rahman ibn Faisal ibn Turki ibn Abdullah ibn Muhammad Al Saud thankfully cut his name down to Abdulaziz from 1875. Princess Margaret of Connaught, later to become Crown Princess of Sweden and royal patron of trucks as Duchess of Scania – started having her picture taken with Vicky from 1882. Composer/actor with a gong named in his honour – Ivor Novello, (or David Ivor Davies), got the best baby award in 1893. Second King of Saudi Arabia mentioned today – Saud bin Abdulaziz Al Saud started wearing his thobe in 1902. Greek shipping magnate Aristotle Socrates Onassis made it through the lubbers hole in 1906. Theoretical physicist – Henry Teller, ‘the father of the hydrogen bomb’ was without his penn in 1908. Expensive car manufacturer bearing his name, Gianoberto Maria Carlo Bugatti, (or just Jean Bugatti), designed his delivery to perfection in 1909. Dad to actors Beau and Jeff, actor Lloyd Vernet Bridges Jr., became the talk of the town from 1913. Character actress Pamela Isabel Cundell wondered what the big deal was in 1920. Known for playing Captain Peacock in Are You Being Served? Frank Thornton Ball found some will, some won’t, be born in 1921. Civil rights campaigner Martin (Luther) King Jr., had his first dream in 1929. Capsized sailor in the 1997 Vendée Globe competition, Tony Bullimore found the waters broke for the first time in 1939. Singer Don Glen Vilet who went by the sobriquet ‘Captain Beefheart’ was the spotlight kid in 1941. Baroness Marie Christine Anna Agnes Hedwig Ida or minor royal Princess Michael of Kent began her duties in 1945. One third of pop producing trio who somehow dominated the charts in the late 80’s to mid 90’s – Peter Alan Waterman won the hearts of his family in 1947. Founding member and original singer with Lynyrd Skynyrd, Ronald Wayne ‘Ronnie’ Van Zant was an endangered species when born in 1948. Fellow singer, with Swiss band Yello – Boris Blank had his, ‘Oh yeah’ moment in 1952. Ex-President of Serbia – Boris Tadić joined the clan in 1958. Reggae singer Carol Theresa East or Sister Carol was the original Rasta womb-man in 1959. Second Norwegian of the day – explorer Erling Kagg popped out in 1963. Irish actor with the magical regrowing hairline, William James Nesbitt didn’t have cold feet about arriving in 1965. Actress Regina Rene King, took a drop rather than a leap of faith in 1971. Television presenter and daughter of Eve Pollard – Claudia Winkleman found three’s a crowd in 1972. Radio DJ and television presenter Edith Eleanor Bowman didn’t give her parents a Sunday morning lie in from 1975. Given other royal kids get a mention here, I guess it’s only fair Michael Schumacher looky likey Prince Philip of Yugoslavia and his twin bro Prince Alexander of Serbia and Yugoslavia get a look in given they started trying to gain their parents attention in 1982. Actress/singer born Chloe Celeste Hosterman before finding deodorant and going for the name Dove Olivia Cameron was a lazybaby in 1996.

Death wise, Roman emperor Servius Sulpicius Galba, who also went by the name of Lucius Livius Galba Ocella, didn’t manage to dodge future emperor Otho in AD69. Íte ingen Chinn Fhalad the patron saint of Killeedy somewhat ironically started having her feast day from 570. Mistress of Lord Horatio Nelson – Emma, Lady Hamilton, stopped knocking about the place in 1815. Third Premier of Queensland to get a mench this week, Edward Michael, (‘Ned’), Hamlin hung his singlet up in 1952. Founder of light aircraft company bearing his name, William Thomas Piper Sr., had the chocks pulled away from him in 1970. Famed for playing the Scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz, Raymond Wallace ‘Ray’ Bolger didn’t get to go any further on the Yellow Brick Road in 1987. Founder of Amnesty International whilst ordering others to blow people up during his time as Chief of Staff of the IRA – Seán MacBride didn’t put up any resistance in 1988. Actor Gordon Cameron Jackson went against the wind after his appointment at the crem in 1990. Singer/songwriter Harry Edward Nilsson III found the good times over in 1994. Sherry maker Jose Ignacio Domecq was encased in oak rather than pine in 1997. UN war criminal Željko Ražnatović who also went by the name Arkan bit the bullet in 2000. Emir of Kuwait – Sheikh Jaber al-Ahmad al-Sabah ran out of gas in 2006. Inventor of the high resolution electron microscope, James Hillier saw everything in very low resolution from 2007. Actor known for his roles in both Only Fools and Horses as well as The Vicar of Dibley, Roger Lloyd-Pack was no longer the living, more the dead, from 2014. Actor who portrayed Grizzly Adams – Daniel Francis ‘Dan’ Haggerty found himself in a different log cabin from 2016. Three people didn’t make it through 2018 – first up singer/songwriter with The Cranberries, Dolores Mary Eileen O’Riordan found this is the day. Secondly gospel composer who came up with ‘Oh Happy Days’ – Edwin Reuben Hawkins didn’t have to imagine heaven. Actor with the moustache, born Cyril Goldberg before going onto be known as Peter Paul Wyngarde was unable to throw people off the scent of his death. Finally, actress Carol Elaine Channing paid in full for her funeral in 2019.

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Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 14th January

Today’s worthy bunch include, among others, King Valdemar I of Denmark and Duke of Schleswig who staked his claim in 1131. American, then British, soldier in the American Revolutionary War – Benedict Arnold got his marching orders in 1741, (on the old style calendar). Governor of Victoria, Australia, with the excessive sideburns – Charles Hotham had to wait a few years from 1806 before getting to sample VB. Author of countless children’s books – Thornton Waldo Burgess began his adventures in 1874. Fashion designer born Maria Adélaide Nielli but known as Nina Ricci was a one off product in 1883. Writer who came up with children’s character Dr Doolittle – Hugh John Lofting started talking to his parents about a year after his arrival in 1886. Producer of Laurel & Hardy, Harold Eugene ‘Hal’ Roach Sr., saw the lights for the first time in 1892. Star of over 230 films, born Phyllis Virginia Daniels before going onto be known as Bebe Daniels was a daring youth from 1901. Television producer who’s co-responsible for various game shows including: Family Feud, What’s My Line and The Price Is Right – Mark Goodson came on down in 1915. Actor known for his roles in Zorro and Lost in Space, born Armand Joseph Catalans – but renamed himself Guy Williams, was a real bonanza to his parents in 1924. Founder of soft drink company Orange Gina, (oh, sorry, that’s owner of the local tanning salon), Orangina – Jean Claude Beton was a rotund baby in 1925. Actor who played shouty bigot Alf Garnett, Warren Miselle, (later to become Mitchell), didn’t suffer a two way stretch in 1926. Fellow sit-com actor, (with the false teeth) – Richard David Briers was all the down, (rather than up) in 1934. Country singer born Billie Jo Moore, but known as Billie Jo Spears, was unable to stay away from the apple tree after 1937. Fellow singer John Allan Jones wasn’t on his Jack in 1938. Academy award winning actress Dorothy Faye Dunaway, solved the puzzle of a downfall child in 1944. Having mentioned patient killing doctor Harold Shipman only yesterday when he topped himself, here he is again as he embarked on life in 1946. Film director Steven Soderbergh was granted access all areas in 1963. Actor who I know from his role in The Full Monty, Mark Addy had his parents make the announcement of his birth in 1964. Annoying television chef with the bins and wavy hair, Hugh Christopher Edmund Fearnley-Whittingstall was locally produced in 1965. Actress Emily Margaret Watson found the cradle will rock in 1967. James Todd Smith, or, to give his stage name, Ladies Love Cool James, (so no vanity there then), had his first (c)rap in 1968. Ex-drummer with grunge band Nirvana who’s now got his own band and likes to break his legs – David Eric ‘Dave’ Grohl found the rhythm in 1969. Norwegian of the day, bagger of 5 Winter Olympic gold medals – alpine skier Lasse Kjus slid out in style back in 1971. Singer with family band The Kings of Leon, Caleb Followill gave four kicks before birth in 1981.

Deaths start with astronomer and general know all with the Brian May hair and with a comet named after him – Edmond/Edmund Halley stopped seeing stars in 1741. King of Denmark & Norway as well as being Duke of Schleswig-Holstein – Frederick V gave up the partying in 1766. Not an actual person, but Greyfriars Bobby, a Skye Terrier who has a statue in Edinburgh, which rather ironically other dogs now relieve themselves on, entered the great kennel in the sky back in 1872. Writer, (among many other things), Charles Lutwidge Dodgson or to give his nom de plume, Lewis Carroll, didn’t have any further pillow problems from 1898. Having mentioned car manufacturer John Francis Dodge on 25th October, here he is again given he suffered a fatal breakdown in 1920. Hollywood actor Humphrey DeForest Bogart entered the big sleep in 1957. Fellow actor Barry Fitzgerald became the quiet man in 1961. King Frederick IX of Denmark hung his sailors outfit up for the last time in 1972. Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Robert Anthony Eden had his own exit poll confirmed in 1977. Raymond Albert ‘Ray’ Kroc who built McDonalds into what it is today, had one final drive through, the funeral home in 1984. Two years later, Donna Belle Mullenger or Donna Reed, who appeared in It’s a Wonderful Life found it wasn’t so wonderful dead in 1986. First dead Norwegian of the day, grunter Terjen Bakken or ‘Valfar’ as he was known to his Viking metal fans stopped suffering from tinnitus in 2004. Outlandish German fashion designer Rudolph Moshammer found his life cut short in 2005. Actress Shirley Schrift or Shelley Winters lost that lucky touch in 2006. Known for his role in Diff’rent Strokes – Conrad Stafford Bain bizarrely enough had a normal stroke in 2013. Second dead Norwegian of the day, Jon Bing – he of the moustache and bald head with long hair at the back, got his dust to dust moment in 2014. Finally, act tor Alan Sidney Patrick Rickman has had an eye in the sky since 2016. Also not making it through that year – music producer and husband/manager to Celine Dion, René Angélil has been enjoying the silence.

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Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 13th January

French/Flemish mystic Antoinette Bourignon de la Porte starts today’s posting given she took her mum by surprise in 1616. Holder of four Olympic medals, (from two different games), American wheezer Nathaniel Cartmell broke the tape for the first time in 1883. Ex-Queensland Premier Johannes ‘Joh’ Bjelke-Petersen delivered the right result for his parents in 1911. Actor and salty old sea dog Captain Birdseye – John Hewer, wasn’t home before midnight in 1922. Writer of Paddington Bear, Thomas Michael Bond was born deepest darkest Berkshire, (Newbury to be precise), in 1926. Actress Frances Sternhagen reached the outer limits in 1930. Fellow actor Ian Mackendrick Hendry never got to meet his dopplegänger from 1931. Actor/comedian with the wig, (and no it’s not Frankie Howerd), Rip Taylor found the show must go on from 1931 without confetti, (for the first few years). Known for her appearances in Monty Python’s Flying Circus, (among other shows), recent blind dater on First Dates – Carol Cleveland found the meaning of life from 1942. Australian singer/songwriter Paul Maurice Kelly didn’t get to hear his mum say, ‘Darling it hurts’ during his birth in 1955. Long haired leather trousered rocker with thrash metal band Megadeath, James LoMenzo had a rude awakening in 1959. The shambolic birth and early life of Wayne Coyne, main man of alternative group The Flaming Lips started in 1961. Also born that year, fez/bowler hat wearing frontman to Ska band Madness – Graham McPherson, or Suggs didn’t get to wear baggy trousers, more baggy nappies/diapers. Comedian found on an ever increasing number of panel shows wiry haired keyboard player and now champion dancer – Mark Robert ‘Bill’ Bailey didn’t look part troll in 1965. Actor/racing driver Patrick Galen Dempsey found his pace in 1966. Also making his debut that year, actor, Simon Shelton/Barnes didn’t have Twinky Winky in the Teletubbies to keep him quiet. Ball dropper, (on the snooker table), Stephen Gordon Hendry had his big break in 1969. Alleged doped up pedlar Marco ‘The Pirate’ Pantani staged his first breakaway in 1970. Football, (soccer) player, Mark Bosnich obviously wasn’t too good to go down in 1972. Possibly conceived in Florida, actor Orlando Bloom was unlocked in 1977. Actress Ruth Wilson was the pretty thing that lives in the house from 1982. Imran Khan, (no, not that one), but Indian actor had the Bombay talkies from 1983. Actor and ex-squeeze of Miley Cyrus – Liam Hemsworth has been knowing it’s his birthday since 1990.

Deaths today start with Saint Kentigern, (or Saint Mungo), patron saint of Glasgow, Scotland, over did it with the fried Mars bars in 614. Holy Roman Emperor with the rather cruel name – Charles the Fat, started to slim down in 888. Founder of the Quaker movement, George Fox did more than quake in his boots for the last time in 1691. King Frederick V of Denmark and Norway along with being Duke of Schleswig-Holstein found he wasn’t going to continue the effeminate poses after 1766. Former cricketer and founder of Lord’s Cricket Ground in London, Thomas Lord ran himself out in 1832. Having celebrated the birth of Joh Bjelke-Petersen above, we now have the passing of George Henry Thorn another Premier of Queensland who stopped taking the sun in 1905. Man of many things including lawman and brothel keeper, Wyatt Berry Stapp Earp didn’t dodge death in 1929. Physicist who discovered gamma rays – Paul Ulrich Villard has failed to heat up again since 1934. Novelist/poet James Joyce had his own wake, never mind Finnegans in 1941. Co-founder of Paramount Pictures, Jesse Louis Lasky had the clapperboard come down in 1958. Comedian and Bain of the IRS – Ernest Edward Kovacs was unable to say, ‘Wake me when it’s over’ in 1962. Singer Donny Edward Hathaway was giving up everything in 1979. President of the Republic of China, Chiang Ching-Kuo may have died in 1998, but he had to wait until the winter of 2005 to be buried. Dead Norwegian of the day, mountaineer and shipping magnate Arne Næss Jr, (born Arne Rudolph Ludvig Raab), lost his footing in 2004. Also not making it through that year, ex-GP, (General Practioner), Doctor who killed a few hundred of his patients, Harold Shipman did us all a favour by taking his life. Welsh socialite Sir David St Vincent ‘Dai’ Llewellyn wasn’t so sociable from 2009. Another person who died that year was Patrick Joseph McGoohan found himself released. Singer Theodore DeReese ‘Teddy’ Pendergrass found now was the time in 2010. Religious leader Balagangadharanatha Swamiji ran out of breath saying his name in 2013. Photographer and ex-husband to Princess Maggie – Anthony Charles Robert Armstrong-Jones, 1st Earl of Snowden who Debrett’s knew as Lord Snowden snapped in 2017. Finally, circus owner who also owned the Wookey Hole caves – Gerry Ward Cottle didn’t have to pay to go underground in 2021. Also not making it through last year, other half of tiger owning magicians who had a show in Las Vegas – Siegfried Fischbacher added to the ghost count.

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Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 12th January

Today’s posting starts with chemist who introduced the word gas to the world – Jan Baptist van Helmont also began producing it in 1580. Fairy tale writer Charles Perrault spun a yarn about being born in 1628. Ferdinand I King of the Two Sicilies, Ferdinand IV of the Kingdom of Naples, Ferdinand III of of the Kingdom of Sicily and King of Gozo found time to be born in 1751. Not to be outdone, Ferdinand II King of the Two Sicilies started getting a sun tan in 1810. Person who introduced Vedanta and Yoga to the western world – born Narendranath Datta but went onto be known as Swami Vivekananda contorted his way through in 1863. Two people born in 1893 – Hermann Wilhelm Göring/Goering and Alfred Rosenberg were both yet to develop into despicable people leading the Nazi Party. Multiple Oscar winning actress Luise Rainer entered the good earth in 1910. Ex-South African President Pieter Willem Botha started to have separation issues in 1916. Spiritualist who came up with transcendental meditation Mahesh Prasad Varma or Maharashi Mahesh Yogi’s mum should have been put in a trance when giving birth in 1918. Another cast member from Little House on the Prairie, born Dorlee Deane McGregor before going onto be known as Katherine ‘Scotty’ MacGregor was all in the family back in 1925. Alleged singer and comedian, Desmond Bernard ‘Des’ O’Connor never suffered loneliness having been born in 1932. Former drainpipe layer and gardener before going onto being a television presenter/broadcaster – Michael Aspel had his break in 1933. Blues singer John William ‘Long John’ Baldry found it’s good to be alive from 1941, (until his death in 2005). Heavyweight pugilist Joseph William ‘Joe’ Frazier had some fancy footwork during birth in 1944. Actress known for her role in un-amusing sit-com Cheers, Kirstie Louise Alley found it takes two in 1951. Frizzy haired radio DJ who’s pushed the boundaries somewhat, Howard Allan Stern shocked everyone by being born in 1954. Half of Swedish pop duo Roxette, Per Håkan Gessle was dressed for success, (in his nappies/diapers) back in 1959. Billionaire founder of company who make people run around vast warehouses, Amazon – born Jeffrey Preston Jorgensen but now known as Jeffrey Preston Bezos, was off the bed, (as opposed to the shelf), in 1964. Founder of late 80’s/early 90’s dance band S’Express – Mark Moore had nothing to loose arriving in 1965. One legged dancer and ex-Mrs, (or Lady) McCartney, Heather Mills stumbled into life in 1968. Norwegian of the day, ex-ice hockey player Kjell Espen Knutsen Jahre has started skating over his age having been born in 1972. Tattooed previous member of the Spice Girls, Melanie Jayne Chisholm who abbreviated that to Melanie C and then managed to get that down to Mel C, found 2 become 1 in 1974. Actress Gemma Arterton was the girl with all the gifts in 1986. Actress/singer Naya Marie Rivera found family matters from 1987. Pop singer/songwriter who’s passed me by, Victoria Louise ‘Pixie’ Lott found gravity in 1991. Former boy band member who left One Direction, (yawn), Zain Javadd ‘Zayn’ Malik started keeping his parents up all night from 1993.

As for deaths, archaeologist John Horsley has been waiting for someone to dig him up since 1732. Anne, Princess Royal, (no, not the horsey one), but Princess of Orange looked distinctly white in 1759. British Prime Minister, (for all of 11 months), William Grenville, 1st Baron Grenville didn’t need his Whig from 1834. Vice President of the Vegetarian Society, (yes they were about back then), who also invented his method of shorthand, Issac Pitman took the long handed way to die in 1897. Founder of Canadian Club whisky, Hiram Walker matured to the point of death in 1899. Crime writing queen Dame Agatha Mary Clarissa Christie, (née Miller), didn’t keep anyone in suspense given she died, (without any suspicious circumstances), in 1976. Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme of the Soviet Union, Nicolai Viktorovich Podgorny gave up drinking vodka in 1983. Actor Keye Luke has been the phantom of Chinatown since 1991. Co-founder of computer hardware company Hewlett-Packard, William ‘Bill’ Redington Hewlett ran out of life in 2001. Disastrous Argentinian General and 44th Presidenti who took his country to war over the Falklands, Leopoldo Fortunato Galtieri Castelli released his grip in 2003. Also not making it through that year, one third of medallion wearing white toothed brother group – The Bee Gees, Maurice Gibb saw the lights go down over Massachusetts. Indian actor, Amrish lal Puri had his death scene in 2005. Crime writer responsible for Dalziel & Pascoe – Reginald Charles Hill missed the April shroud by three months in 2012. Finally, writer who came up with The Exorcist – William Peter Blatty stopped receiving the awards in 2017.

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Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 11th January

Todays posting starts with last Roman emperor to rule the east and west empire – Flavius Theodosius I took a few years from 347 to earn the sobriquet ‘The Great’. Going transatlantic, academic who studied at Harvard before becoming their President – John Rogers passed his first test in 1630. Founding father of the United States of America and 1st United States Secretary of The Treasury with a Broadway and West End musical named in his honour – Alexander Hamilton started to cost his parents from either 1755 or 1757. Straggly bearded founder of Western Union and co-founder of the university bearing his name, Ezra Cornell began communicating with his mum from 1807. Surgeon/pathologist one of the ones who didn’t survive with a disease named after him – James Padget had to put up with people calling him Gadget from 1814. First Prime Minister of Canada, John Alexander Macdonald didn’t bribe his mother in 1815. Having not had a Norwegian of the day over past few days, here we see composer Christian Sinding make up for that oversight given he arrived in 1856. American shopkeeper who opened his store on Oxford Street London, Harry Gordon Selfridge found his life cycle started in 1858. Inventor of the organ, (among other things), bearing his name, Laurens Hammond tuned in for the first time in 1895. Person who discovered lysergic acid diethylamide (or just LSD) – Albert Hoffman was on his biggest trip in 1906. Norwegian Prime Minister of the week – Trygve Martin Bratteli was merely a brat in 1910. Founding member of the Special Air Service – Robert Blair ‘Paddy’ Mayne didn’t manage to slip through un-noticed in 1915. Second Canadian Prime Minister to be mentioned – Joseph Jacques Jean Chrétien joined the party in 1934. Actor Rodney Stuart ‘Rod’ Taylor found it open season in 1930. Songwriter and mum to Stevie Wonder – Lula Mae Hardaway took the cue sheet in 1930. Ex-Reigate resident, actor known for his role in now un-PC sit-com, It Ain’t Half Hot Mum – Melvyn Hayes didn’t quite stage the silent invasion in 1935. Committed red team member, comb over king – deluded and disastrous strike leader, Arthur Scargill wasn’t numb when born in 1938. Saxophone player for Bruce Springsteen, Clarence Anicholas Clemons hit the right note in 1942. Australian popster Daryl Braithwaite started breaking the rules in 1949. Actress Kim Lesley Hartman didn’t dress for dinner for a few years after arriving in 1952. Actor found in virtually every television and quiz show from the early to mid-90’s, John Gibb Marshall or as his equity card states John Sessions, wasn’t made in Dagenham given he was born in Largs, Ayrshire in 1953. English football, (soccer), player/manager Bryan Robson was off the bench in 1957. One third of disbanded group The Bangles, Victoria Anne Theresa Peterson Cowsill saw a different light from 1958. Son to committed Scottish independence activist Sean, (who resided in the Bahamas) – actor Jason Joseph Connery was the boy who had everything from 1963. Singer Mary Jane Bilge, (sorry Blige), had the breakthrough in 1971. Ex-Indian cricket captain Rahul Dravid didn’t run out in 1973. Ball kicker Emile William Ivanhoe Heskey had a striking entrance in 1978. Now retired hurling player – Anraí Ó Sibhleáin or Henry Shefflin, didn’t have a sideline cut in 1979. Singer with British band Kasabian – Thomas Peter ‘Tom’ Meighan was cutt off in 1981. Second Reigate resident to be mentioned today, dreadlocked ginger singer Sam Newton Battenberg Faulkner wasn’t hand built by robots in 1985. Replacement for naked jogging machine casualty Carol Vorderman who can do her sums, (without counting on her fingers), Rachel Riley was virtually famous in 1986. Ball kicker born Jamie Richard Gill before changing his surname to Vardy made sure it was a team effort in 1987.

There’s another Pope to kick the deaths paragraph off, as we see Pope John VI became a relic in 705. Irish born physician and collector with various roads in central London named after him and who’s stuff created the British Museum, Sir Hans Sloane didn’t donate his bones in 1753. Founder of brewery named after him, John Molson didn’t bottle it up after 1836. Amateur poet who wrote the lyrics to American National Anthem ‘The Star Spangled Banner’, Francis Scott Key stopped his bible study in 1843. First Premier of New South Wales, Sir Stuart Alexander Donaldson took his last breath in not so sunny Cumberland, England in 1867. Developer of condensed milk – Gail Borden II found himself canned in 1874. Son of founder of Carlsberg Brewery, Carl Christian Hillman Jacobsen went flat in 1914. King of the Hellenes – Constantine I of Greece, not only lost his popularity but his life in 1923. Novelist Thomas Hardy has been in the grave by the handpost since 1928. Co-star to un-amusing silent film star Charlie Chaplin – Olga Edna Purviance joined the idle class in 1958. Inventor of both Clearasil and Odor Eaters, Ivan DeBlois Combe found he didn’t have a spotty face or smelly feet when he died in 2000. Act tor and other half to Dame Jude, Michael Leonard Williams had a dead cert in 2001. One of the first people to shin up Mount Everest with his Sherpa Tenzing Norgay, Sir Edmund Percival ‘Ed’ Hillary found himself 29,035 feet or 8,849.65 metres from the summit in 2008. Sports presenter who was mentioned just over a week ago, David Vine went down hill in 2009. Inventor of the electronic handheld breathalyser, Thomas ‘Tom’ Parry Jones ran out of breath in 2013. Actor Jerome Barry Willis found himself God’s outlaw from 2014. Also not making it through that year, 11th Prime Minister of Israel born Ariel Scheinermann but went by the name Ariel Sharon stopped thinking, ‘it’s a good job I didn’t meet Ozzy Osborne’. Finally, actress Kerstin Anita Marianne Ekberg found death knocks twice in 2015.

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Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 10th January

Older and lesser known brother to Jesse James, Alexander Franklin ‘Frank’ James starts the posting today given he forced his way through in 1843. Writer with the rather unfortunate surname, Melchior Wańkowicz started his back story in 1892. Actor known for his portrayal of the Scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz, Raymond Wallace ‘Ray’ Bolger found life begins at 8:40 in 1904. Original ‘M’ in long running film franchise James Bond, (John) Bernard Lee was on the spot in 1908. Fellow actor born Paul Georg Julius Freiherr von Hernried Ritter von Wasel-Waldingau, before simplifying it to Paul Henreid, was no longer between two worlds in 1908. Music producer who coined the term ‘rhythm & blues’ also responsible for signing various big names, (think Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles and the nasal drone that is Bob Dylan to name but three) – Gerald ‘Jerry’ Wexler had a pulse from 1917. Nephew to Walt, he of little mice and huge pleasure parks – Roy Edward Disney eased in when born in 1930. Actor of stage, film and television, Anthony ‘Anton’ Rodgers had an impromptu entrance back in 1933. Singer/songwriter known for his one hit, Philip Wallach Blondheim who went on to become Scott McKenzie, took a moment in 1939. Singing son to off key singer Frank, the imaginatively named Frank Sinatra Jr., did it his way in 1944. Anatomist with the homberg hat and plasticine cadavers, Gunther Gerhard Liebchen who then went for Gunther von Hagens, started his study of bodies in 1945. Also born that year, gravelly voiced womanising Scottish, (despite being born in London), singer/songwriter – Roderick David ‘Rod’ Stewart has never had a dull moment. Co-founder of Steely Dan, Donald Jay Fagen has been reelin’ in the years from 1948. Heavyweight boxing champ before going on to flog his own portable grill thing, George Edward Foreman shadow boxed his way out in 1949. All I’ll say about actress famous for one film as her film titles don’t really lend themselves to being quoted – born Linda Susan Boreman before taking the professional name Linda Lovelace also arrived in 1949. Patricia Mae Andrzejewski who made Pat Benatar out of that was all fired up in 1953. Irish version of Gordon Brown, (who even looks a bit like him), ex-Taoiseach of Ireland, Brian Bernard Cowen had better approval ratings with his family in 1960 than he did with the electorate. Singer with Canadian band Crash Test Dummies – Bradley Kenneth ‘Brad’ Roberts, reached the promised land in 1964. Singer/actor Nathan Marcellus Moore was just a heartbeat away in 1965. Older parricide brother who took his parents right out before being jailed and turning his hand to writing – Joseph Lyle Menéndez expelled himself in 1968. Norwegian of the day, cross country skier Thomas Alsgaard kicked and glided in 1972. One half of comedy duo Flight of the Conchords, Jermaine Clement found people places things from 1974. Advisor who wasn’t fired by Pres D. Trump, his son-in-law Jared Kushner has had the ear of his parents from 1981.

As for deaths, we have no less than three Popes – so without further ado we start with Pope Saint Miltiades who didn’t have to worry about getting the middle of his head shaved from 314. Next up Pope Agatho gave the Vatican balcony a miss from 681. Not wanting to be outdone, Pope Gregory X was unable to pontificate after 1276. Continuing the religious theme, Archbishop of Canterbury William Laud found himself without a head in 1645. Sovereign Prince of Monaco, Honoré II never got to see the pot bellied millionaires wandering around in their linen shirt/trouser combo from their yachts to the casino given he died in 1662. Revolver manufacturer Samuel Colt, successfully discharged himself in 1862. Frontiersman William Frederick ‘Buffalo Bill’ Cody started to lookout across the mountain in 1917. Double Olympic gold medal winning runner – Edwin Harold ‘Teddy’ Flack wheezed his last in 1935. Fashion designer also known for her scents, Gabrielle Bonheur ‘Co Co’ Chanel had her own unique smell from 1971. Blues musician Chester Arthur Burnett or Howlin’ Wolf as he was also known had the answer to who will be next answered in 1976. Inventor of the Toll House Cookie, (basically a cookie with chocolate chips in it) – Ruth Graves Wakefield found herself baked in 1977. Comic book artist for Marvel Comics – born Giovanni Natale Buscema but known as John Buscema erased himself in 2002. Founder of the Montreux Jazz Festival, the rather unfortunately named Claude Nobs found his stop time was in 2013. Singer with the different coloured eyes, David Bowie, (or David Robert Jones), who was mentioned a mere two days ago in honour of his birth gets another go given his wife had to return his present in 2016. Journo who broke the story of (last) century, (the outbreak of World War II) – Clare Hollingworth surrendered at 105 in 2017. Original member of the Mickey Mouse Club, Mouseketeer Doreen Isabelle Tracey didn’t manage to avoid the trap in 2018. Finally, billionaire, (on paper), co-owner of various hotels in London, England – David Rowat Barclay hasn’t had to worry about guests nicking the toiletries and bath robes since 2021.

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