Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 28th June

We start today’s posting with Spanish hating Gian Pietro Carafa or Pope Paul IV who was a mere laity in 1476. Continuing with the Catholic theme, six time married,(before they frowned on divorce), and Pope disagreer, Tudor King Henry VIII of England decreed it was his time in 1491. Teetotal hymn writing co-founder of Methodism, John Wesley felt the love in 1703. Dogging enthusiast, (as in founding the dog show named after him), Charles Alfred Cruft was well trained after birth in 1852. Prime Minister of France, Pierre Laval held the balance of power in 1883. Other half to Hammerstein, song writer Richard Charles Rodgers was present in his mum’s arms from 1902. Ex-Cabinet Minister in Britain with the hangdog expression, William Stephen Ian ‘Willie’ Whitelaw had a commencement order in 1918. Continuing the political theme, ninth Indian Prime Minister, Pamulaparti Venkata Narasimha Rao didn’t debate about being delivered in 1921. Melvin James Kaminsky who’s probably better known as Mel Brooks, was unsure to be or not to be this day in 1926. Also born that year – inventor of the CT scanner, Robert Steven Ledley was authenticated. Real life Mr Creosote, child abuser and ex-Cabinet member who got everything hushed up about him, Cyril Smith popped out in 1928. United Nations inspector Hans Martin Blix was independently verified to have also been born that year. President of Brazil, Itamar Augusto Cautiero Franco bobbed along in 1930. Panto dame favourite and sit-com actor in ‘Are You Being Served?’, Frederick John Inman was free in 1935. Inventor of Prozac – Klaus Schmiegel perked up after birth in 1939. Tennessee born actress Kathleen Doyle ‘Kathy’ Bates showed signs of life from 1948. Controversial writer Adrian Anthony (A.A.) Gill must have been an objectionable baby in 1954. Actor John Paul Cusack made it through the thin red line in 1966. Founder of online payment channel PayPal who’s also mixed up with Tesla Inc., owner of overpriced electric car company and controversial tweeter – Elon Reeve Musk ventured into the world back in 1971. Tall daughter of short ex-F1 mogul Bernie, Tamara Ecclestone Rutland was under starter’s orders in 1984.

The deaths paragraph also starts with two Popes – first up is Leo II who left the bald patch to grow from 683. Next up is Pope Paul IV who gave up wearing sandals and wafting incense around the Vatican from 767. Roman emperor Louis the Blind was also Louis the Dead in 928. Prince Lazar Hrebeljanović ruler of Serbia opted for the eternal heavenly kingdom option in 1389. Fourth President of the United States of America, James Madison Jr., found he ran out of time in 1836. Lesser known mate of James Butler ‘Wild Bill’ Hickok, John Baker ‘Texas Jack’ Omohundro headed west in 1880. 33rd, 37th and 41st Prime Minister of France, Jules Armand Stanislas Dufaure never got to see the Élysée Palace again after 1881. Fourth President of Brazil, Dr. Manuel Ferraz de Campos Sales left the sash off from 1913. Precipitator of the First World War, with a Scottish band named after him, Archduke Franz Ferdinand drew his last breath in 1914. Cricketer Victor Thomas Trumper probably let out more than a trump before expiring in 1915. Actress Irene Joan Marion Sims didn’t get to carry on in 2001. Ex-manager of band with the extreme make up – Kiss, as well as producing Supermarket Sweep, (well before Dale Winton got to hear about it), William ‘Bill’ Aucoin saw the end game in 2010. Finally, author of Psycho, Harlan Jay Ellison has seen no doors, no windows since 2018.

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Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 27th June

Today’s posting begins with King of France and Naples, Louis XII wasn’t a usurper in 1462. Continuing the ancient French royal theme, King Charles IX was feeling ruff in 1550. Co-writer of song sung at virtually every birthday party around the world – ‘Happy Birthday to You’, Mildred J. Hill had to make do with people saying that to her from 1859. Having mentioned co-founder of Southwest Airlines yesterday when he died, here’s the founder of Pan American World Airways – the aptly named Juan Terry Tripp flew out in 1899. Extensive Geordie, (Newcastle, England for my foreign readers), writer of books Catherine Cookson, (or rather Catherine McMullen), was a novel addition to the family in 1906. IT billionaire and maverick politico who’s thrown his Stetson into American Presidential race on two occasions, Henry Ross Perot downloaded successfully in 1930. Taller, un-amusing half of ‘comedy’ duo Cannon & Ball, Thomas Derbyshire or Tommy Cannon as he’s known professionally, had the open spot in 1938. Living Norwegian of the day goes to actress Kjersti Døvigen who started wearing thick woolly jumpers this day in 1943. Guitarist and co-songwriter with surf band The Surfaris – James Evans (Jim) Evans was past point panic in 1947. Fashion designer Vera Wang was her parents first daughter having been born in 1949. Eighth President of Ireland Mary Patricia McAleese reconciled to be being born in 1951. Another non-amusing comedian Feroza ‘Meera’ Syal had her goodness gracious me moment in 1961. West End musical luvvie and extensive talker on his BBC Radio 2 show – Michael Ashley Ball was centre stage in 1962. Film director Jeffrey Jacob Abrams has been hoping to be forever young since 1966. Stern faced nanny Joanne ‘Jo’ Frost had her first time out in 1971. Second living Norwegian, black metaller Olve Eikemo has so far been immortal given he’s now 49. Actor Tobias ‘Tobey’ Vincent Maguire knows the details around his birth in 1975. Singer/songwriter with Sixpence None the Richer, Leigh Bingham Nash was in the early years from 1976. South African born English, (thanks to his mum), cricketer Kevin Peter Pietersen has reached 42 not out and should celebrate by having a duck. Another of Khardashian clan, famed for doing nothing but appearing in dull television programmes about themselves – Khloé Alexandra Khardashian tried to make a name for herself in 1984. F1 driver who had reason to spray champagne having won the 2016 championship title, Nico Erik Rosberg was under starters orders in 1985.

As for people dying, Empress of Ethiopia, Mentewab, didn’t get to see ‘Saint Bob’ try to bail out her country given she rolled over in 1773. Founder of the Sikh Empire Maharaja Ranjit Singh loosened the turban in 1839. First President of the Church of Christ of the Latter Day Saints, (or Mormons to you and me), Joseph Smith Jr. found his days of door knocking and annoying people over in 1844. Dead Norwegian of the day, Ragna Wettergreen had everyone convinced with her death scene in 1958. Not only an English tennis player, (who lifted the Wimbledon trophy five times), but also a golfer and field hockey player who picked up a silver medal for archery at the 1908 Olympic Games, Charlotte ‘Lottie’ Dod had her last quiver in 1960. Known for bringing James Bond to life, (yawn), Albert Romolo ‘Cubby’ Broccoli found you don’t live twice in 1996. Actor John Uhler ‘Jack’ Lemmon III wasn’t one of those who liked it hot in 2001 given he’s buried in Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery, Los Angeles. Having gone to Las Vegas in 2002, John ‘The Ox’ Entwhistle found his life ended in a hotel room with a stripper/groupie after suffering a heart attack, so I’ll leave that one for you to work out. One third of The Three Degrees Fayette Regina Pinkney made sure it was Two Degrees in 2009. Another fan of the Colombian marching powder, (other drugs are available), Robert Dwayne ‘Bobby’ Womack found it’s all over now in 2014. Songwriter/singer responsible for Mustang Sally and Respect Yourself to name but two – Bonny ‘Mack’ Rice came to the end of his score in 2016. ‘Talent’ agent and patriarch to the Jackson family – Joseph Walter ‘Joe’ Jackson stopped having children in 2018. Finally, composer/arranger for various big stars over the years as well as being responsible for the M*A*S*H theme tune – John Alfred Mandel was unable to say, ‘I want to live!’ from this day in 2020.

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Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 26th June

Denmark/Norwegian Queen Consort, Anne Catherine of Brandenburg had to wait a few years from 1575 to wear puffed out dresses. Clergyman and ninth President of Harvard, Edward Holyoke had his great awakening in 1689. Not wanting to be left out, earliest official to be called President of competing Ivy League university – Yale College, Thomas Clap had a round of applause when delivered in 1703. Lesser known artist and poet brother to the Brontë sisters, Patrick Branwell Brontë started spouting incomprehensible sentences back in 1817. Union major general in the American Civil War who’s also credited with inventing baseball – Abner Doubleday didn’t balk at being born in 1819. First Canadian Prime Minister to get a mention today is eighth incumbent – Robert Laird Borden passed his first motion in 1854. Nazi’s favourite aeroplane maker before branching out into little three wheeled cars, Wilhelm Emil ‘Willy’ Messerschmidt designed his entrance to the world in 1898. Also born that year is Lewis Burwell ‘Chesty’ Puller, who’s not an ‘adult’ entertainer but an American soldier with so many medals you could hardly see the left side of his jacket. Founder of business jet company bearing his name, (and non-relation to Edward), William Powell ‘Bill’ Lear was on full throttle from 1902. Stetson wearing Andreas Cornelius van Kuijk otherwise known as Elvis Presley’s manager Thomas Andrew ‘Colonel Tom’ Parker left the womb in 1909. Big band leader Syd Lawrence was in the rhythm of things back in 1923. Known for designing the iconic ‘I ♥ NY’ logo, among others – Milton Glaser had a good bounce rate in 1929. Ex-President and CEO of overpriced coffee maker found around the world, Starbucks – Orin C. Smith was wired in 1942. Band mate of Van Morrison and young lady admirer Bill Wyman – Clive Powell or as he’s better known Georgie Fame, had his first getaway in 1943. Morose singer Christopher Joseph ‘Chris’ Isaac’s mum found someone crying, which turned out to be her son in 1956. Three time winner of the Tour de France, (without drugs), Gregory James ‘Greg’ LeMond had his first experience of a pusher in 1961. Another person born that year, singer with one hit wonder band, Berlin – Terri Kathleen Nunn took her mum’s breath away. Actor/comedian Sean Patrick Hayes started the bucket list in 1970. Member of odd Finnish metal band Lordi, Jussi Antero Sydänmaa didn’t get to wear anything but a towel after being born in 1973. Another singer born that year, Gretchen Frances Wilson has been here for the party since then. Singer I’d never heard of until she was caught up in the Manchester bombing, Ariana Grande-Butera was Baby I in 1993.

As for deaths, Roman Emperor Flavius Claudius Julianus eased off the grapes in 363. Naturalist/curate Gilbert White, didn’t have any one to hand his house onto in 1793, so it’s now open to anyone prepared to venture off the A3 on their way to Portsmouth in England. Joseph-Michel Montgolfier, co-inventor of the hot air balloon ran out of air himself in 1810. Person responsible for the Brighton Pavilion, King George Augustus Frederick of Great Britain and Ireland, along with being King of Hanover – didn’t have to worry about the sea breeze from 1830. Prince of Monaco and Duke of Valentinois Albert I, sunk to 6ft (or 1.829m) in 1922. Third President of Czechoslovakia Emil Dominik Josef Hácha, stopped swigging cheap beer in 1945. Second Prime Minister of Canada mentioned today, this one being the 11th Holder of the title, Richard Bedford Bennett, 1st Viscount Bennett found himself the only former PM of the country not to be buried there, given he sourced a quiet plot to rest in Michelham, Dorking, (Surrey) from 1947. Three time gold medal winner at the Olympics for rowing and dad to Grace, John Brendan ‘Jack’ Kelly Sr., didn’t die from a stroke, rather intestinal cancer in 1960. Actor known for his role in Tango & Cash, Phil Rubenstein became a ghost warrior in 1992. Comedian born Cecil Victor Manser but known as Charlie Chester was unable to say never say die after 1997. Maggie T’s other half, mac and hat wearing Sir Dennis Thatcher stopped drinking G&T’s at his golf club from 2003. Wearer of garish blazers whilst presenting long running game show Countdown, John Richard Whiteley nibbled his last gypsy creme in 2005. Co-founder of American budget airline, Southwest Airlines Rollin W. King was permanently grounded in 2014. Five time PGA Tour winner Phil Rodgers lost his centre of gravity in 2018. Finally, graphic designer mentioned above – Milton Glaser is one of those in the minority who died on their birthday in 2020.

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Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 25th June

Today’s births begin with Beatrice of England, not the rather funny looking daughter of Sarah ‘Toesucker’ Ferguson and Prince Andy, but daughter of Henry III of England and Eleanor of Provence, joined the house of Plantagenet in 1242. Early day surgeon Wilhelm Fabry made it into the world back in 1560 without the aid of a machine that went ping. Actor Basil Radford was born in character back in 1897. Serial bed jumper and Prince Chas’s favourite uncle, born Prince Louis of Mountbatten, but to give him his full name Louis Francis Albert Victor Nicholas Mountbatten, 1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma, launched himself off in 1900. Keeping with the royal theme, Yasuhito, Prince Chichibu of Japan started wearing braid in 1902. Born Eric Arthur Blair, (no relation to ex-charades expert Lionel, or the unhinged Tony), in India – writer George Orwell came out for air in 1903. Boss eyed winged chair hogger in his dinner jacket whilst reading Odd Odes on That’s Life, Cyril Fletcher pinned back his lug holes for the first time in 1913. Oldest son to Oswald and half brother to Max – Nicholas Mosley was one of the children of darkness and light in 1923. Cartoonist who came up with The Smurfs – Pierre Culliford or Peyo as he was also known, joined the ranks of famous Belgians from 1928. Children’s author Eric Carle has had the secret birthday message this day since 1929. Vishwanath Pratap (V.P.) Singh Prime Minister of India for all of about eleven months had his direct action day in 1931. Pop artist credited with creating iconic album cover for Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart Club Band, (among others), Peter Thomas Blake has been drawing on life’s experiences since 1932. Lead singer with group bearing his name – Harold Melvin was reaching for the world in 1939. Un-amusing other half of comedy do ‘Little & Large’, born Edward Hugh McGinnis before going onto be known as Eddie Large managed to raise a smile in 1942. Person credited with designing the laptop computer, William Grant ‘Bill’ Moggridge opened up for the first time in 1943. Non relation to Paul, fellow singer Carly Simon isn’t so vain about reaching 76. Older brother to Neil, but still a leading light in his own bands, Kiwi born Brian Timothy ‘Tim’ Finn found it runs in the family 69 years ago. Reading, (Berkshire) most famous son, Ricky Dene Gervais grinned his way into life back in 1961, whilst a year later in 1962 large framed omnipresent quiz show panellist Phillip Christopher Swan, or just Phil Jupitus, didn’t realise he had his first audience. Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou also known as George Michael – ex-shuttlecock stuffer down his y-fronts and singer with 80’s teen girls favourite band Wham! found his freedom in 1963, but that was before he was banged up in 1998 after being caught in a public toilet in Beverley Hills after a careless whisper, (amongst, ahem, other things). Also born that year, actress known for playing Kelly Gaines in un-amusing sitcom Cheers, Jackie Swanson started the baby talk. Ex-ball kicker Jamie Frank Redknapp expressed his views on being born in 1973. Indian actress Karisma Kapoor took her cue in 1974. The rather unfortunately named model Michele Merkin doesn’t need proof about being born in 1975. Actress Sheridan Smith had her eyes down in 1981. Britain’s Tik Toking Eurovision near winner Sam Ryder has found there’s nothing but space, man since 1989.

Having dealt with the births above, we now turn our attention to deaths, and to this end Pope Cornelius made sure the fire was started in 253. Niels, King of Denmark found his reign over in 1134. Mum to Eleanor of England (above), chose today of all days to call it a day in 1291. French musketeer Charles Ogier de-Batz Castlemore d’Artagnan found it was all for one in 1673. First Maori King and founder of Wherowhero royal dynasty, Pōtatau Te Wherowhero stopped rubbing noses in 1860. The Custer Brothers – Boston, George Armstrong and Thomas all took their last stand at the Battle of the Bighorn in 1876. Comedy actor Anthony John ‘That’s Almost An Armful’ Tony Hancock left 23 Railway Cuttings East Cheam, (Surrey), for the last time in 1968. Wife to chief woggle wearer and fire starter Robert, Chief Guide Olave St Clair Baden-Powell, Lady Baden-Powell, (née Soames) had to be taken to the church in 1977. Animator David ‘Dave’ Fleischer found his stop motion moment came in 1979. Underwater diver who was mentioned a couple of weeks ago in honour of his birthday, Jacques Cousteau found his overground air tanks, (his lungs) stopped working in 1997. Charlie’s Angel, Mary Farrah Leni Fawcett became a real life angel in 2009. Also not making it through that year, sparkly glove wearing, moon walking, chimp owning fan of young boys, Michael Joseph Jackson the bleached skinned fan of propofol and benzodiazepine found out this really was it for him. Naturist actor known for playing bowler hat wearing John Steed in The Avengers, Daniel Patrick Macnee experienced that hot touch in 2015. Finally ex-leader of the Scottish National Party, Robert Gordon Wilson stopped eating deep fried Mars bars in 2017.

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Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 24th June

We kick the births paragraph off with John De Warrene, (7th Earl of Surrey) who found what a lovely place it was to live in from 1286. Joanna of Austria, Princess of Portugal was born in Spain and started her tour of Europe from 1535. Chief finger pointer and poster boy for the army in the First World War, Horatio Herbert Kitchener got his first medal in 1850. Prince George of Greece and Denmark, (the one with the waxed moustache), had spilt loyalties from 1869. Older brother to Walt and co-founder of cartoon company, Roy Oliver Disney was quite animated after being born in 1893. Heavy weight boxing champ William Harrison ‘Jack’ Dempsey was down and out in 1895. Mentioned only yesterday – Charles Hollis ‘Chuck’ Taylor, known for throwing a ball through a hoop as well as his legendary canvas boots had a fast break in 1901. Not the lead singer with heavy rock band AC/DC, but commentator with the rather more genteel sport of cricket, Brian Alexander Johnson (Johnners) was all out in 1912. Astronomer Fred Hoyle – who coined the term ‘big bang’ eclipsed his parent’s day in 1915. Co-founder of Greenpeace, David Fraser McTaggart started off with brown pieces in 1932. Previous President of Chile, Eduardo Alfredo Juan Bernardo Frei Ruiz-Tagle lowered gradually into the world back in 1942. Also arriving that year, actress born Michele Lee Dusick, (who dropped her last name), was born as a result of the love bug. Wallington, (Surrey), born guitarist with various bands, Geoffrey Arnold ‘Jeff’ Beck plucked his way through in 1944. Also born that year is ‘alternative’ flamboyant singer Arthur Wilton Brown who set his parents world on fire. Ex-Mayor of New York, George Elmer Pataki has been in the running for his birthday every year since 1945. Fan of drinking a bottle of brandy whilst banging out a beat on the drums, Maui resident Michael John Kells ‘Mick’ Fleetwood will probably be sipping mint tea celebrating his 75th birthday whilst his band mates bicker around him. Also born that year, ex-celebrity chef and sidecar rider – Clarissa Theresa Philomena Aileen Mary Josephine Agnes Elsie Trilby Louise Esmeralda Dickson Wright was quite slim. Reggae encyclopaedia and radio DJ, David Michael Rodigan shouldn’t need to smoke the Jamaican tobacco for him to enjoy his 71st year on the planet. Pioneer of electronic music who then let the side down by founding Atomic Kitten, George Andrew ‘Andy’ McCluskey didn’t so much talk as scream loud and clear in 1959. Given we haven’t had a Norwegian for a few days, Erik Poppe solves that given he popped out in 1960. One half of band Tears for Fears, Curt Smith was born from the seeds of love in 1961. Also arriving that year, actor Iain Glen didn’t have a silent scream. Singer/songwriter Glenn Alan Medeiros has been unable to say, ‘Not me’ to his birthday since 1970. Non drug taking cyclist, (now there’s a novelty eh Lance, Bjarne, Robert Miller et al), Robert ‘Robbie’ McEwen had a baby head in 1972. Very tall, (6ft 6ins, or in new money, 1.98m) cricketer, Stuart Christopher John Broad bowled his family over in 1986. Singer/songwriter Solange Piaget Knowles has lived in her older sister, (Beyoncé) shadow since 1986. Overpaid ball kicker Lionel Messi found what nappies, (diapers), were for from 1987.

Deathwise, (I don’t think this person is from Harry Potter), Higbald of Lindisfarne ran out of time in 803. Founder of Chinese pot makers and head of Ming Empire, Hongwu Emperor found himself in the earth from 1398. 22nd and 24th President of the United States of America, Stephen Grover Cleveland lost the body guards in 1908. Singer and fan of the Tango, (as in dance, not fizzy fruit drink) – Charles Romauld Gardés or Carlos Gardes had his entregarme moment in 1935. Not one of my old school teachers but Hollywood film director – William Jackson Keighley has found since 1984 that every dawn I die. Also not making it through that year, third President of the National Hockey League, Clarence Sutherland Campbell hasn’t left the sin bin. Actor/comedian John Herbert ‘Jackie’ Gleason has managed to keep off the grass since 1987. Known for playing George Banks in Mary Poppins, actor David Cecil MacAlister Tomlinson found the magic box in 2000. Cocaine using Ex-Prime Minister of Italy, Emilio Colombo was resigned to dying in 2013. Star of various dull Westerns, (among others), Eli Herschel Wallach became the ghost writer in 2014. Finally, co-designer of computer network ARPANET, precursor to the internet – Frank Evans Heart had his 404 moment in 2018.

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Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 23rd June

Ancient royal of the day, King James III’s wife Margaret of Denmark/Norway kicks things off today given she started out in 1456. First wife of small French agitator Napoleon I, Joséphine de Beauharnais, (née Tascher de la Pagerie), found tonight was her night in 1763. Another old royal to feature today is short lived, abdicating, alleged Nazi sympathising King of England with the associated outposts of the Empire, (and gold digging Mrs), Edward VIII went his own way in 1894. Founder of advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather – David Mackenzie Ogilvy found his target audience with his parents from 1911. Having mentioned early day computer whizz on 7th June when he suffered an irretreviable loss of data, here’s Alan Mathison Turing again as he had a clean install in 1912. Singing second wife to ‘The Man in Black’ June Carter Cash pressed on in 1929. Teen girls idol and not very good financial journo, Terence ‘Terry’ Nelhams-Wright or Adam Faith found the time has come in 1940. Also born that year is fifth Beatle, (until he was sacked), Stuart Fergusson Victor Sutcliffe started to play along. Gary Ewing from dull television series Knots Landing, actor Theodore Tillman ‘Ted’ Shackleford III was the young and the restless in 1946. Actress who’s scooped various awards that are now dust gatherers around her house – born Cynthia Ann Smith, but now known as Frances Louise McDormand, entered the promised land in 1957. Champion divot maker and driver Colin Stuart Montgomerie chipped into life back in 1963. Former ball-kicker, before managing Real Madrid – Zinedine Yazid Zidane, didn’t take it to penalties in 1972. Also born that year, actress Selma Blair Beitner has been in good company. Ivor Novello recipient, (somehow), Scottish singer/songwriter Kate Victoria (KT) Tunstall suddenly saw the world in 1975. Another singer, this one from Wales – Aimee Ann Duffy showed her mother some mercy by being born in 1985.

As for deaths, it’s a pretty quiet day yet we start with Roman Emperor and founder of the Flavian Dynasty, Vespasian gave up on trying to match the mosaic in 79AD. Henry I Margrave of Austria, aka ‘Henry the Strong’ found himself somewhat weaker from 1018. Sir Henry de Bohun who took part in the Battle of Bannockburn received an axe in the back of his head from Robert the Bruce for his troubles in 1314. Philosopher James Mill went of his own free will in 1836. Basketball player who’s name is synonymous with the basketball boots – Charles Hollis ‘Chuck’ Taylor found the end line in 1969. Actor known for his role in Dad’s Army – John Paton Laurie was doomed in 1980. Also not making it through that year, son of Indira Ghandi, Sanjay, who entered the political fray in India took his leave. Keeping with the Indian theme, and also not making it through 1980, fourth President of India, Varahagirl Venkata Giri found he started to take things a bit easier. Biologist credited with developing a vaccine against Polio – Jonas Edward Salk, should have taken the statins in 1995. Known for playing Uncle Albert in BBC sit-com Only Fools and Horses, Harry ‘Buster’ Merryfield passed away in 1999, never getting to be a millionaire. Ex-owner of the largest house in Los Angeles and producer of some well known, (but not all good) films and television series, Aaron Spelling saw the last sunset in 2006. Johnny Carson’s sidekick Edward Leo Peter ‘Ed’ McMahon Jr. saw the screen go blank in 2009. Dirty Mac owner with the unkempt hair and cigar, Peter Falk detected something wasn’t right in 2011. Founder of hair dying company Redken, Paula Jane Meehan just went for the dying bit in 2014. Songwriter of various hits for Fats Domino,(among others) – David Louis Bartholomew was unable to say, ‘I hear you knocking’ to the undertakers in 2019. Finally, out of tune Cuban singer, (mentioned a mere 13 days ago in the births paragraph) – Margarita Pracatan thankfully hasn’t toured since 2020.

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Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 22nd June

Today sees the births of, among others, person with a city, island and mountain named after him as George Vancouver started making a name for himself in 1757. Fifteenth, (and longest serving) Prime Minister of New Zealand – Richard John Seddon entered the house in 1845. Writer of various books including King Solomon’s Mines, Henry Rider Haggard should have been called Eric Brighteyes in 1856. Inventor who came up with masking tape and cellophane tape – Richard Gurley Drew didn’t have to gag anyone over his birthdate in 1899. Notorious, (American), bank robber John Herbert Dillinger didn’t hold his mum’s day up in 1903. Respected filmmaker born Samuel Wilder but went by the name of Billy Wilder was on one exciting adventure from 1906. Third husband of eight (!) times married actress Elizabeth Taylor, Michael ‘Mike’ Todd began his own journey in life back in 1909. Announcer on various American dating/married game shows, John Byron ‘Johnny’ Jacobs, gave his first shout out in 1916. Indian actor Amrish Lal Puri kept the 180 degree rule in 1932. Known as battle axe Cybill in excellent 1970’s sit-com Fawlty Towers, Sutton Abinger born, (just outside of Dorking, Surrey), Prunella Margaret Rumney Illingworth, (or as her Equity card states, Prunella Scales), didn’t have Hobson’s Choice in 1932. Singer of dull country songs and star of various films, Kris Kristofferson had no place to hide after today in 1936. Presenter with the teeth and odd shaped vegetables, Esther Louise Rantzen found that’s life from 1940. One half of 60’s pop duo Peter & Gordon – Peter Asher has been in London for tea for most of his birthdays since 1944. Singer/songwriter Todd Rundgren found his birthdays were one long year apart from each other in 1948. Another person with prominent teeth due to the permanent grin, oldest of the family singing group – Alan Osmond was more slippin’ than steppin’ out in 1949. Also born that year, versatile actress Mary Louise ‘Meryl’ Streep was the girl rising. Actress from The Bionic Woman, Lindsay Jean Wagner had a child’s cry in 1949. Madonna wannabe and 1980’s popster with the ever changing hair colour, Cynthia Ann Stephanie ‘Cyndi’ Lauper wondered what was going on in 1953. Frontman of 80’s band Scritti Politti, born Paul Julian Strohmeyer but known as Green Gartside wasn’t the first boy in this town back in 1955. Controversial tweeter, loquacious ex-radio DJ and television who now has his own podcast – presenter Danny Baker will take a breath to blow out the 65 candles on his cake. Lower chart botherer, Francella Ruby Turner has had a few restless moods since either 1958 or 1962. Subject of film bearing her name, real life Erin Brockovich, (née Pattee), found birth a struggle, but won in 1960. Glaswegian falsetto screecher James William ‘Jimmy’ Somerville has never said goodbye since 1961. Another Glaswegian singer Robert Bernard Andrew Gillespie, front man of band Primal Scream saw more than light when born in 1962. Singer with 90’s indie band Jesus Jones, Michael James ‘Mike’ Edwards was right here right now in 1964. Also born that year, writer responsible for The Da Vinci Code – Daniel Gerhard ‘Dan’ Brown got the plot. Another musician, this one lead singer/guitarist Steven Jay Page saw his first barenaked lady in 1970. French cyclist Thomas Voeckler was a descender in 1979. Seeing as various other cast members from Game of Thrones are mentioned here, I guess it’s only fair Joseph Maxwell Dempsie gets a mention given he’s Liverpool born and bred since 1987.

As for deaths, the, (hopefully),correctly named Pope Innocent V saw his zucchetto fall off for the last time in 1276. Not only do we have Pope Innocent but also Heber Chase Kimball a leading light with door knocking, bible quoting and prolific note taking Latter Day Saint Movement gave up door stepping people in 1868. Chess master Howard Staunton didn’t have the bishop officiate at his funeral in 1874. Having worked his way up the slippery pole to become President of the French Republic Clément Armand Fallières found himself at the bottom of it in 1931. Meteorologist/climatologist with a climate classification system named after him, Wladimir Köppen experienced an extended cold front in 1940. Fred Astaire’s mate and mum to Liza Minnelli, Judy Garland, (who was mentioned 12 days ago), headed over the rainbow in 1969. By some strange quirk of fate, Frederick Austerlitz, (Fred Astaire), turned his tap shoes up in 1987. Magazine magnate Felix Dennis ran out of hobbies in 2014. Finally, co-founder/drummer of heavy metal band Pantera who seemingly based his looks, (minus the warts), on Lemmy – Vincent Paul Abbott saw the cemetery gates in 2018.

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Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 21st June

Births today begin with a Pope, yes, I know we haven’t had one for a while, but Bruno of Egisheim-Dagsburg who went onto become Pope Leo IX was a bit ahead of himself given he was a little saint in 1002. Optician who patented achromatic doublets and was mentioned on 10th June, (given this was his birthdate on the old style calendar) – John Dollond is mentioned again as he had a fixation on his other birthdate from 1706. Seeing as Lord Baden Powell, chief woggle wearer and camp fire starter got a mention on 22nd February, today sees Daniel Carter Beard his American counterpart being prepared for birth in 1850. Inventor of an underwater escape device called the Momsen Lung – Charles Bowers ‘Swede’ Momsen successfully plotted his escape in 1896. Digging enthusiast who made a fortune out of his machines, Joseph Cyril Bamford made his way through in 1916. Hollywood sex symbol with the unsexy name, Ernestine Jane Geraldine Russell wasn’t the pale faced one from 1921. Fellow actress born that year, Judith Tuvim or as she became known Judith Holliday was full of life. Another actress, (Louis) Maureen Stapleton started doin’ time on planet earth in 1925. Inventor of the cassette tape and assistant developer of CD’s – Lodewijk Frederik Ottens started leaving brown stains from 1926. Excessive expenses claimer and comedy writer, (though surprisingly enough not for his colleagues Michael Foot or Neil Kinnkock’s conference speech but That Was The Week That Was), red flag waver Gerald Bernard Kaufman came out of the shadows in 1930. Two years later his political adversary with eye brows to make Dennis Healey jealous, Bernard Ingham emerged. Actor known for his role in The Love Boat – Bernard Morton Kopell was bound for glory in 1933. Singer Ray Davies’ mum was tired of waiting for him to arrive in 1944. Also arriving that year, younger bro to Ridley – film director Anthony David Leighton Scott was unstoppable. Not only do we have a Pope today, but also a Norwegian – today’s is Trond Kirkvaag who smiled for the camera in 1946. Also born that year is non-volatile younger brother of Saatchi & Saatchi, Maurice Nathan Saatchi will probably think up a catchy strap line to celebrate his 75th birthday. Pal and bandmate to ‘The Boss’ in the E Street Band, Nils Hilmer Lofgren also had a smile when delivered in 1951. Alleged corrupt 11th Prime Minister of Pakistan who was part of the family political dynasty, Benazir Buhtto had her first assignment in 1953. Pierre Morad Omidyar founder of Flea Bay, (sorry eBay), came in with the best offer in 1967. Singer born Sonia Marina Clarke, but now goes by the name Sonique was born to be free in 1968. My lovely wife, Sue, decided today was the best day to arrive in 1971, and thankfully didn’t have any hippies celebrating the longest day in hospital. Actress Juliette Lewis met her due date in 1973. Las Vegas residing Mormon who fronts The Killers, Brandon Richard Flowers blossomed in 1981. Rescue helicopter pilot who’s second in line to the British throne, Prince Bill, he of thinning pate and ever expanding family entered the House of Windsor in 1982, but has yet to enter the House of Fraser. Whistleblower now residing in Russia, Edward Joseph Snowdon has been quite open about his birth since 1973. Elizabeth Woolridge Grant or Lana Del Ray was a Brooklyn baby in 1986.

It’s another fairly quiet day for deaths, but we begin with old royal – King of Bohemia, Duke of Cracow and King of Poland – Wenceslaus II Přemyslid ended his days in Prague way back in 1305. Another old royal – Edward III of England had his last stroke of his horse in 1377. Philosopher/writer Niccolò di Bernardo dei Machiavelli left a proper legacy from 1527. Leader of the Virginia colony, explorer John Smith didn’t navigate back to London in 1631. Eighth President of Mexico Antonio de Padua María Severino López de Santa Anna y Pérez de Lebrón had a coffin with a view given it was made of glass, although being buried six feet under hindered his vista somewhat in 1876. Heir apparent to the Netherlands throne – Alexander, Prince of Orange lost his colour in 1884. Co-founder of university named after him, Amasa Leland Stanford learnt about dying in 1893. Person cursed by men and praised by women, developer of the zip, Gideon Sundback was left undone from 1954. First President of Indonesia Sukarno, (the one with the nice little hat), decided to go Dutch in 1970. 25th Prime Minister of Sweden, Tage Fritjof Erlander resigned himself to dying in 1985. Continuing the political theme, rice muncher and third President of the People’s Republic of China, Lin Xiannian didn’t have to iron his little grey suit again from 1992. Blues musician John Lee Hooker was burnin’ after rollin’ over in 2001. Roman Catholic Archbishop of Manila – born Jaime Lachica Sin, but known as Cardinal Sin said his last Hail Mary in 2005. Finally, seventh Prime Minister of the Principality of Liechtenstein Walter Kieber went quietly in 2014.

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Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 20th June

Births today begin with John of Lancaster, the one with a dodgy haircut who ended up as 1st Duke of Bedford battled his way through in 1389. Guy Fawkes looky likey – Sigisund III Vasa not only King of Poland, Grand Duke of Lithuania but also King of Sweden released himself in 1566. Hollywood darling Errol Leslie Thompson Flynn had the green light to be born in 1909. Actress/television producer Margaret LaVelle Fitzpatrick, but better known as Gail Patrick, left the stage door in 1911. Film director of no less than three James Bond films – Stewart Terence Herbert Young carried on the family bloodline in 1915. Non zoo keeper with the television programme and numerous voices, Ernest John ‘Johnny’ Morris hatched in 1916. Sculptor of ‘The Sphere’, which stood between the twin towers in New York and is now in Battery Park showing the damage sustained during 9/11, Fritz Koenig adapted to life from 1924. Far right French fire brand politico Jean-Marie Le Pen made his entrance to the world in 1928. Actor Martin James Landau didn’t arrive without warning in 1928. Actress Olympia Dukakis was upside out in 1931. Star of various not very amusing sit-coms, Wendy Craig didn’t have butterflies arriving in 1934. Diminutive cricketer Ramakant Desai bowled everyone over in 1939. Film director Stephen Arthur Frears sealed the deal and has been celebrating his birthday since 1941. Co-founder of Californian band The Beach Boys, Brian Douglas Wilson had his breakaway moment in 1942. Original cast member of The Mickey Mouse Club – Cheryl Lynn Holdridge, pulled the ripcord in 1944. Minor royal, (and patron of various charities) – Birgitte, Duchess of Gloucester started off as Birgitte Eva Henriksen in Denmark back in 1946. Second lead singer of early day girl group the Crystals – Dolores Brooks has had one fine day every year since 1947. Ex-wearer of tartan flared trousers and wide collared shirts with a scarf tied round his wrist, founding member of The Bay City Rollers – Alan Longmuir showed some dedication in 1948. Ex-Commodore, (as in band member, not naval officer), crooner Lionel Brockman Ritchie Jr. said, ‘Hello’ to his parents in 1949. Winner of the job no one else wanted, Nouri al-Maliki, (now ex) Prime Minister of Iraq had a vote of confidence from his family in 1950. Large actor who liked a drink, (or three), whilst starring in unamusing series Roseanne, John Stephen Goodman wasn’t born yesterday given he’s celebrating his 70th birthday today. South African born English previous cricket captain, Allan Joseph Lamb bailed out in 1954. Make up liking founder member of new wave band Duran Duran – Nigel John Taylor was another of the neurotic outsiders from 1960. Son of American actor Michael Landon, the imaginatively named Michael Landon Jr, who followed his old man into acting was a real bonanza for his folks in 1964. Another(!) ex-Mrs T. Cruise, Nicole Mary Kidman really is the birthday girl seeing as she arrived in 1967. Ball kicker and diving meister, Frank James Lampard made it through the defences in 1978. Guitarist with 90’s band Ash – Charlotte Franklin Hatherley has had more than one meltdown since 1979. Co-founder of the Black Lives Matter movement, Patrisse Cullors has been appreciated since 1983. Actress who’s been in virtually every Harry Potter film, (apparently), Afshan Azad has muggled through since 1988.

It seems to be another slow day for deaths, but we kick off with King of the Visigoths – Theodoric I who became King of the Invisiblegoths in 451. Roman Emperor Louis the Pious must have hoped his connections made his funeral special in 840. Navigator and cartographer with a Sea named after him – Willem Barentsz had a smooth passage to his funeral in 1597. Argentinian flag waver and statesman with a boat named after him, Manuel José Joaquín del Corazón de Jesús Belgrano sank without trace in 1820, rather like his boat 162 years later. King of Great Britain along with that old outpost of Hanover, William IV stopped having his portraits painted in 1837. Landscape artist John Clayton Adams could only see black from 1906. Bruno Frank, writer of the screenplay for The Hunchback of Notre Dame, as opposed to a phone book entry for a boxer, was canned in 1945. Fan of twinkly lights, massive casinos, over extravagant shows and associated kickbacks, Benjamin ‘Bugsy’ Siegel took a gamble and lost in 1947. Actress Sunny Sue Johnson hasn’t seen the night the light went out in Georgia since 1984. One fourth of The Four Tops, Lawrence Albert Payton found that’s as nature planned it in 1997. Dutch jogger Tinus Osendarp dropped his baton in 2002. Co-inventor of the handheld calculator and thermal printer – Jack St. Clair Kirby cashed in his chips in 2005. Co-founder of, and guitarist with, Kool and the Gang – Claydes Charles Smith funked off in 2006. Rapping half of Mobb Deep with the non-rappers name, Albert Johnson or as he was also known ‘Prodigy’, managed to stop stressin in 2017. Finally, actress Beverly Joanne Linville has been behind the screen since 2021.

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Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 19th June

Another ancient royal begins today’s posting as King of Scotland James VI, who also held the title King of England and Ireland as James I was his mum’s little prince from 1566. Sixth Hindu Guru, Guru Hargobind, (or Saccha Badshah), was one of the Khalsa from 1595. Founding member of the Royal Geographic Society – John Barrow started to get his bearings in 1764. Professional cutter of people and pioneer of hypnotism, James Braid didn’t put his mum in a trance during birth in 1795. Desk soldier, (whilst sending everyone else to the front line), who now has a pub named after him in Effingham, Surrey – Douglas Haig took the easiest option in 1861. Racist actor Charles Douville Coburn was over 21 in 1898 having arrived in 1877. Future royal gold digger Bessie Wallis Warfield, who went onto become Wallis Simpson, before getting the title Wallis, Duchess of Windsor freeloaded from today in 1896. Actor/comedian Moses Harry Horwitz, (or just Moe Howard), was sweet and hot in 1897. Inventor of the hook and loop fastener, (or as it’s also known Velcro) – George de Mestral tore himself away from his mum in 1907. Diminutive ginger comedian, Charles Edward Springall or Charlie Drake as he became known was a little darling from 1925. Having mentioned Barry Took on March 31st when he rolled over, here he is again given he made his point of view known in 1928. Founding member of The Four Seasons – Gaetano “Tommy” DeVito was unable to walk like a man in 1935. Over enthusiastic singer and sit-com actor mentioned last month when he expired – Paul Shane was very big, very soon from 1940. Bosnian Serb war criminal with the wild hair who disappeared for a few years, Radovan Karadžić fought his way through in 1945. Also born that year is Burmese house sitting champion, disgraced and now seemingly redeemed ex-State Counsellor – Aung San Suu Kyi. Ex-hush hush Lower Kingswood, (Surrey) resident, Iran fatwa recipient of the year 1989, Ahmad Salman Rushdie has no shame being born in 1947. Dreary singer who gave Leonard Cohen a run for his money, Nicholas Rodney ‘Nick’ Drake joined the family tree in 1948. Terrorist who took over from Osama bin Laden leading al-Qaeda – Ayman Mohammed Rabie al-Zawahiri carried out his threat of arriving in 1951. American singer Laurence Dunhill who obviously couldn’t be bothered to sign his full name given he abbreviated it to Larry Dunn, didn’t have as much earth or fire as he did wind in 1953. A year later, large framed and deep voiced actress Mary Kathleen Turner had a simple wish to be born. Old cheerleader for Los Angeles Lakers and previous Mrs Emilio Estevez with an alleged substance problem, Paula Julie Abdul wasn’t in a rush rush to be delivered in 1962. Also arriving that year, British tennis player Michael Jeremy Bates was known as Master Bates. Ex-RAF pilot, scrum enthusiast who runs after hookers – Rory Underwood had the dummy passed to him in 1963. Another ex-Mayor of London now Prime Minister of The United Kingdom, blonde mop head Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson started out in New York in 1964. Actress/fashion designer and ex-Mrs Jude Law, Sadie Liza Vaughan/Frost had the presence of mind to be born in 1965, whilst in 1967 Norwegian of the day Bjørn Dæhlie slid through. Latest member of the family to get into politics, Rahul Gandhi took his seat from 1970. French actor/Oscar winner – Jean Dujardin made some noise in 1972. Z list ‘celebrity’ who apparently had an affair with David Beckham, (wow), and went onto feature in various dull reality shows Rebecca Loos made her first appearance in 1977. Actress born Zoe Yadira Saldaña Nazario but goes by Zoe Saldana had the perfect vantage point in 1978. Three time world snooker champion – Mark Anthony Selby didn’t need the anchor nurse in 1983.

Deaths are thinner on the ground today, but we begin with Shah of Iran, Nader Shah Afshar who started the assassinated run of Shah’s in 1747. Emperor of Mexico Maximilian I, let the moths at his excessively large ermine cape in 1867. Sir James Matthew Barrie, 1st Baronet found he didn’t have Peter Pan’s powers in 1937. Chairman of IBM Thomas John Watson Sr., punched his last card in 1956. Wife of chief marshmallow burner and lead singer of ‘Ging Gang Gooly’, Olave Baden-Powell didn’t get any more badges after 1977. Founder of relationship counselling, Paul Popenoe left his wife, (without consultation), in 1979. Actress from the 1930’s/40’s Jean Arthur found you can’t take it with you in 1991. Writer of The Lord of the Flies, Sir William Gerald Golding buzzed off in 1993. Singer of festive hit ‘Jingle Bell Rock’, Robert Lee ‘Bobby’ Helms started hanging about with the fool and the angel from 1997. Actor known for his role in The Sopranos James Joseph Gandolfini Jr., became the man who wasn’t there in 2013. Fellow actor Anton Viktorovich Yelchin has been in the driftless area since 2016. Actor, children’s television presenter etc., Brian Cant went through the square window in 2017. Professional golfer Hubert Myatt Green entered the other type of bunker in 2018. Finally, actor Sir Ian Holm (Cuthbert) has found it all quiet on the western front since 2020.

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