Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 30th April

Today’s posting begins with Philip III of France who became known as le Hardi after being born in 1245. Another ancient Royal, Mary II of England had her own glorious revolution in 1662. Stern looking Nazi Ulrich Friedrich Wilhelm Joachim von Ribbentrop started wearing baggy shorts in 1893. Actress known for her roles in both Grease films, Eve Arden, (born Eunice Mary Quedens) found she couldn’t say no to being born in 1908. Another actor from The Munsters, Albert Meister who’s better known as Al Lewis, was a real character in 1923. Silver streaked sports presenter Richard ‘Dickie’ Davies arrived on cue in 1933. Also arriving that year is biofuel and marijuana supporting singer, Willie Hugh Nelson was willingly born. Teen idol from the 1960’s Robert Thomas Velline, who abbreviated it to Bobby Vee really did have a baby face in 1943. Convicted murderer and soap opera actor who blotted his copy book, (in more ways than one), Leslie Michael Grantham was cleaned up after birth in 1947. Another inanely grinning white toothed Osmond was born in 1953, this time it was Merrill Davis Osmond who went onto become bass player and lead singer in the family band. 22nd Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Joseph Harper had a good alliance with his mum from 1959. Actress Kirsten Caroline Dunst’s parents found all good things come to those that wait in 1982.

Deaths are again somewhat thin on the ground, that said, we begin with Tabinshwehti King of Burma who was mentioned on 16th April when he was born, gets another name check given he entered the legend books in 1550. John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich, who is credited with inventing said delicacy, started to go mouldy in 1792. Easel botherer with the beard, Édouard Manet found he didn’t have to think about mixing paints again after 1883. Known for his (now defunct) burger chain in the UK, American railroad worker Casey Jones, gave his last whistle in 1900. Having also mentioned tooth brush moustached nutter with the straight arm and baggy trousers a week or so ago, here he is again as Adolf Hitler and & Eva Braun bunkered down in 1945. One of the stars of Bewitched, Agnes Robertson Moorhead, has been on the left hand of God since 1974. McKinley Morganfield or Muddy Waters as he was also known, couldn’t hold out much longer, which came to be true given he died in 1983. Formula One driver Roland Ratzenberger didn’t qualify for the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix given he crashed his car and didn’t survive. Finally, person who suggested the name Pluto, (for the planet, not the cartoon dog), Venetia Katherine Douglas Phair, (née Burney) joined the stars of Banstead, (Surrey) in 2009.


Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 29th April

We start today’s births paragraph with Emperor of Russia, King of Poland and Grand Duke of Finland – Alexander II liberated himself in 1818. Big band leader Edward Kennedy ‘Duke’ Ellington, jazzed up his birth in 1899. Emperor Shōwa, or Hirohito as he was known everywhere else but Japan, saw the rising sun in 1901. Designer of cartoon characters Scooby-Doo and Penelope Pitstop, Iwao Takamoto was a pesky kid in 1925. Skiffle King Anthony James ‘Lonnie’ Donegan didn’t hold back till tomorrow in 1931. Steeplejack and unlikely television personality Frederick ‘Fred’ Dibnah descended for the first time in 1938. Also born that year is ‘investment advisor’ Bernard Lawrence ‘Bernie’ Madoff, who’s into his seventh year (of 150) in prison, so probably won’t be getting any cake. Motown singer mentioned on March 16th when she died, Thomasina Winifred Montgomery, but better known as Tammi Terrell was united with her mum in 1945. Mad hair woman, (who takes after her husband Brian May), actress Anita Dobson started learning new tricks from 1949. Ex-footballer and television presenter now self professed odd ball, David Vaughan Icke didn’t blame it on the aliens on being born in 1952. Un-amusing comedian Jerome Allen ‘Jerry’ Seinfeld had his first audience in 1954. Act tor Daniel Michael Blake Day Lewis didn’t know there will be blood during his delivery in 1957. Former cult member and PVC loving vegan Michelle Pfeiffer was up close and personal with her mum in 1958. Omni-present television presenter and ex-cricketer Philip Clive Roderick ‘Phil’ Tufnell bowled out in 1966. Ex-beau of Barbra Streisand, (despite the obvious age gap), who’s now hitched to Steffi Graff, Andre Kirk Agassi had his first buggy whip in 1970. Also born that year is one of Quentin Tarantino’s favourite actresses, Uma Thurman who managed to kick her way out. Norwegian divot maker Knut Børsheim made it out of the bunker in 1987.

Famous deaths are somewhat thin on the ground, Michael Joseph O’Rahilly member of the Irish Easter uprising must have run out of Easter eggs in 1916. President of Portugal with the large moustache Bernardino Luis Machado Guimarāes, wasn’t so sunny from 1944. Leytonstone boy made good, Sir Alfred Joseph Hitchcock ended the suspense as to when he’d die in 1980. Chemist who discovered lysergic acid diethylamide, (LSD to you and me), Albert Hoffman started the longest trip of his life in 2008. Finally, great English actor Robert William ‘Bob’ Hoskins didn’t have a heart condition given he passed away with pneumonia in 2014.

Famous & Infamous Nirths & Deaths 28th April

Another ancient King of England kicks proceedings off today, as we see Edward IV of England start out in France way back in 1442. Next up is fifth President of the United States of America, James Munro faced no opposition being born in 1758. Owner of one time rusting car manufacturer Alfa Romeo, Nicola Romeo rolled out in 1876. Nazi sympathiser and subject of film Schindler’s List, (which is the new term for pissed), Oskar Schindler manufactured his entrance to the world in 1908. Tractor manufacturer who went onto make wedge shaped cars with portholes for windows and gull wing doors, Ferruccio Elio Arturo Lamborghini debuted in 1916. First President of Zambia, Kenneth David Kaunda, let his parents use the little fly swat thing around him from 1924. Novelist known for her book To Kill a Mockingbird, Nellie Harper Lee, (who dropped the Nellie bit), started creating her backstory in 1926. Carolyn Sue Jones who played Mortica Addams in television series The Addams Family, didn’t scare her parents when delivered in 1930. Iron fisted and delusional crackpot dictator who was fifth President of Iraq, Saddam Hussein Abd al-Majid al-Tikriti forced his way through in 1937. Large hat wearing author of fantasy novels, (yawn), Terence David John ‘Terry’ Pratchett entered the plot in 1945. Funny faced, occasionally mildly amusing comedian and ex-desk hogging chat show host, James Douglas Muir ‘Jay’ Leno got his first taste of being in a theatre back in 1950. Scottish born Australian shouter to music, James Dixon Swan, or Jimmy Barnes as his fans know him, had a bodyswerve in 1956. Second rate game show host Vernon Charles Kay didn’t start a family feud in 1974. Olympic gold medal winning cyclist with the sideburns, Sir Bradley of Wiggins free wheeled through in 1980, whilst a year later in 1981 actress Jessica Marie Alba made her mum stretch a bit.

Death wise, it appears to be a bit thin on the ground, but we do start with shipping magnate Sir Samuel Cunard who dropped anchor in 1865. Dog breeder responsible for the dog named after him, John ‘Jack’ Russell was put down in 1883. Having mentioned fez wearing and waxed moustached Fuad I of Egypt in March when he was born, here he is again given he took his last view of the pyramids in 1936. Wartime dictator Benito Mussolini didn’t get to hang around after today in 1945. Figurative painter Francis Bacon eased the easel in 1992. Finally, ex-ball kicker and manager of the 1966 World Cup winning team, Alfred Ramsay didn’t get extra time in 2009.

Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 27th April

Today’s posting starts with Samuel Finley Breese Morse, he of dot dash fame who signalled his entrance to the world in 1791. 18th President of the United States of America with various ships and submarines named in his honour as well as featuring on $50 bills, born Hiram Ulysses Grant, or Ulysses S. Grant found a pleasant point in 1822. Norwegian of the day, Theodor Severin Kittlsen wasn’t a little troll in 1857. Creator of Woody Woodpecker, Walter Benjamin Lantz pecked his way through in 1899. Poet Laureate and dad to actor Daniel, Cecil Day Lewis found the starting point in 1904. President of the Republic of China, Chiang Ching-kuo began wearing little blue suits from 1910. South African politician Roelof Frederik ‘Pik’ Botha had separation issues with his mum in 1932. Mr Hurricane, or rather weatherman Michael Fish, was cut off low in 1944. Professional trickster and subject of film, ‘Catch Me If You Can’, Frank William Abagnale, Jr. Made his first break for freedom in 1948. Also born that year is B52’s singer Catherine Elizabeth ‘Kate’ Pierson who left the love shack. Champion darts chucker Eric Bristow bounced out in 1957. One time bestie to Prince, Sheena Shirley Easton, (née Orr), isn’t really a modern girl given she was born in 1959. Talented screen writer Stephen Russell Davies, but goes by the pen name Russell T Davies, had his push moment in 1963. Pirouetting judge on boring dance programme Strictly Come Dancing, Marnie Mercedes Darcey Pemberton Crittle aka Darcey Andrea Bussell did her initial échappé in 1969. Singer Mica Paris (or, as her parents know her, Michelle Antoinette Wallen), never felt like this before in 1969.

As for deaths, we begin with Pope Leo XI who managed to serve all of 26 days before the conclave had to meet again 1605. Brewer of weak Canadian lager John Labatt started the fermentation process himself in 1915. El-Presidenti (complete with sash and gold epaulettes), of Bolivia René Barrientos Ortuño lost power in 1969. Founder of the Panasonic Corporation, Konosuke Matsushita went more than fuzzy in 1989. Mrs Slocombe looky likey and creator of the Barbie Doll, Ruth Handler found herself in a box in 2002. Finally, Indian actor Feroz Khan’s agent didn’t have to bother him again after 2009.

Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 26th April

Without wanting to upset anyone, I will merely mention Muhammad, founder of Islam was born this day in 570CE, (the alternative naming of AD). Peter II King of Portugal and the Algarves probably wasn’t ‘the Peaceful’ when being delivered in 1648. 17th Prime Minister of New Zealand Joseph George Ward elected to be born in 1856. Deputy Fürher to Austrian nutter Adolf, amateur parachutist and guest of the British government at the Tower of London before going onto spend some time in Spandau Pris, Rudolf Walter Richard Hess made it through the drop zone in 1894. Seismologist and physicist with the magnitude scale named after him, Charles Francis Richter felt the earth move in 1900. Old time comedian/tv/radio host ‘Cheerful’ Charlie Chester timed it just right as he arrived in 1914. Cartoonist responsible for Marvel Comics characters such as Iron Man as well as newspaper comic strips, George Tuska made a splash in 1916. Actor best known for his role as Chief Clancy O’Hara in Batman, Stafford Alois Repp was in live action from 1918. Sports commentator known for his gaffe prone announcements, David Coleman had his work cut out in 1926. Top guitar plucker who’s shifted a few million albums over the years, Duane Eddy was moovin’ n’ groovin’ in 1938. Pioneering Italian synth meister Giovanni Giorgio Moroder started to make some noise in 1940. Born Alan James Clarke, but known as actor Warren Clarke was the jewel in his parents crown back in 1947. Buddhist bankrupt ex-girlfriend of Prince Andrew, Kathleen Dee-Anne Stark, aka Koo Stark, will hopefully have enough money to buy a bottle of Spumante and a cake in celebration of her 60th birthday. Drummer from 80’s New Romantic band Duran Duran and one time heart throb for a few girls, Roger Taylor entered planet earth in 1960. Born Melania Knavs before changing it to Knauss, but now known as wife to hair weave enthusiast and Presidential candidate for the United States of America, Melania Trump joined the party in 1970.

Deaths are a bit thin on the ground today, yet we start with assassin of Abraham Lincoln, John Wilkes Booth finally surrendered in 1865. Norwegian of the day goes to author Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson who found himself in God’s way back in 1910. Well respected Indian mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan ran out of fingers and toes to count on in 1920. Founder of Japanese martial art in the Shotokan Karate-Do style, Gichin Funakoshi got more than a black belt in 1957, whilst in 1969 Morihei Ueshiba, founder of rather other Japanese martial art, Aikido, also chose today to take his final bow. Rose Louise Howick, or to give her burlesque name, Gypsy Rose Lee put the tassels down in 1970, along with American soccer player Charles January who waited until April for full time. Wrinkled faced (and haired) comedy film actor with the distinctive laugh, Solomon Joel Cohen, but also known as Sid James, didn’t get to carry on after 1976. Big band leader William James ‘Count’ Basie stopped waving his arms about in 1984. Stern faced comedienne Lucille Désirée Ball lost the joy of living in 1989. Journalist Jill Wendy Dando didn’t get to answer her front door again after 1999. Finally, founder of the World Wildlife Fund (original claimant to the initials WWF), ornithologist Edward Max Nicholson, twitched for the last time in 2004.

Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 25th April

Ancient King of England Edward II starts things off today given he decided to poke his head out in 1284. Next up is puritan Roundhead and general agitator Oliver Cromwell who launched his first offensive on the world in 1599. Norwegian of the day, statesman born Jørgan Sverdrup but went by the name Georg Sverdrup assembled himself in 1770. Inventor Guglielmo Marconi transmitted his voice for the first time in 1874. Nicknamed ‘The Queen of Jazz’, Ella Fitzgerald was fine and mellow after being born in 1917. Cleared soap star William Patrick ‘Bill’ Roche started acting up in 1932. Hard man actor Alfredo James ‘Al’ Pacino has been on the look out for his godfather since 1940. Professional prancer and judge on Strictly Come Dancing, (double yawn), Leonard Gordon Goodman will probably end up doing a conga in celebration of his seven ty second birthday. One fourth of Swedish super group ABBA, (the one with the beard – and it’s not the brunette), Björn Ulvaeus had his arrival in 1945. Co-founder of ubiquitous tax dodging, over priced coffee shops around the world, (Starbucks) Zev Siegl must have been wired when delivered in 1955. Singer songwriter Derek William Dick, who somewhat wisely became known as ‘Fish’ was no longer incommunicado from 1958. Voice behind numerous characters on The Simpsons, Henry Albert ‘Hank’ Azaria found the cradle will rock in 1964. Also born that year, camp singer with Erasure Andrew Ivan ‘Andy’ Bell has been going non stop. Renée Kathleen Zellweger may well have had Nurse Betty look after her on the maternity ward in 1969. Left handed cricketing bowler with the butter fingers Mudhsuden Singh Panesar, better known as Monty Panesar didn’t have the unplayable delivery in 1982.

Deaths today include Zhu Youjian 16th (and last) emperor of the Ming Dynasty, Chongzhen Emperor, was beyond repair after falling down 1644. Astronomer, physicist, mathematician and general know all Anders Celsius (or was it Fahrenheit?) started to feel very cold from 1744. Given Popes normally get a mention here, with the occasional Archbishop of Canterbury thrown in for good measure, here is a complete departure from the norm as Trinley Gyatso the 12th Dalai Lama keeled over in the Himalayas back in 1875. Voice of Shere Khan in The Jungle Book, George Sanders was on the doomwatch in 1972. Two very different people didn’t make it through the day in 1995, and first up is American game show host Arthur ‘Art’ Fleming was in more than jeopardy, whilst Fred Astaire’s dancing mate Virginia Katherine McMath, or just Ginger Rogers stopped tapping her feet. Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopez from girl group TLC had the fan mail stop in 2002. Finally, star of un-amusing sit-com ‘The Golden Girls’, Bernice Frankel or Bea Arthur as she was also known was the toast of the town in 2009.

Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 24th April

Births today begin with William I, Prince of Orange who was also known as William the Silent or William the Taciturn had to start ruffing it in 1533. Founder of demographics despite being a haberdasher by trade, John Graunt was at the top of the chart in 1620. Prolific novelist throughout the Victorian era with the beard, Anthony Trollope must have met the Vicar of Bullhampton shortly after his birth in 1815. Electrical engineer Gideon Sundbäck, the person a lot of men curse and equally praise given he was responsible for developing zips as we know them, undid himself in 1880. 45th President of Mexico, Manuel Ávila Camacho didn’t have his mañana moment in 1897. Younger brother to Lucien and dad to Emma (sounds painful), with the hangdog look and monotone voice Clement Raphael Freud was below the belt this day in 1924. Older sister to Warren Beatty, actress Shirley MacLean Beatty was waiting for the light in 1934. Not to be outdone, one of America’s best singers and actresses, (apparently), Barbara Joan Streisand (or just Barbra Streisand) was the main event having been delivered in 1942. Ukulele playing record producer Anthony Edward ‘Tony’ Visconti spun into life back in 1944. Awful French television presenter and alternative fashion designer, Jean Paul Gaultier cut loose in 1952. Ex-toilet cleaner and punk singer, (if you take Happy Talk out of the equation), Raymond Ian Burns or the slightly hipper Captain Sensible entered the fray in 1954. Hughie Green’s daughter and ex-Mrs Geldof with the large arm tattoo, Paula Elizabeth Yates made it through the tube in 1959. Cricketer who paid attention to his sports teacher, Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar was through the gate in 1973. Also born that year is English divot maker, Lee Westwood who went from inside to out.

As for deaths, we start with Mellitus, Archbishop of Canterbury who converted from living to dead in 624. Not to be outdone by this, Pope Benedict XII made a sede vacante in 1342. Writer of Robinson Crusoe, Daniel Foe/Defoe found himself washed up in 1731. American magician Charles Jordan disappeared in a puff of smoke in 1944. One half of great comedy duo Abbott & Costello, William Alexander ‘Bud’ Abbott still didn’t know who was on first base after 1974. Controversial money grabbing thrice married American socialite born Bessie Wallis Warfield, but known as Wallis Simpson, who snagged Edward VIII reluctantly hung her tiaras up in 1986. Central figure of the ANC and reformed terrorist Oliver Tambo left Nelson to get on with things from 1993. Finally, cosmetic queen Estée Lauder needed a lot more make up to make her presentable until her funeral in 2004.