Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 4th April

Today’s births paragraph starts with inventor of cylinder locks, Linus Yale Jr. who picked his way through in 1821. Talented blues musician McKinley Morganfield with the best stage name going – Muddy Waters was screamin’ and cryin’ from 1913. Classic actor Peter Vaughan (Grouty in Porridge and Maester Aemon Targaryen in Game of Thrones to name but two roles), made it through the smokescreen in 1923. Norman Bates in Psycho or actor Anthony Perkins took some friendly persuasion to be born in 1932. South African singer/blower of various instruments Hugh Masekela hit the right note in 1939. Stupid hat wearer and odd looking glam rocker with Slade, David John ‘Dave’ Hill managed to get down and get with it from 1946. Guitarist and singer Gary Moore had one good reason to be born in 1952. Comedian and sofa hogger Graham Norton set tongues wagging in 1963. Actor who had his mid-life crisis in his twenties, Robert John Downey Jr. wasn’t first born in 1965 given his sister Allyson came along in 1963. Apprentice side kick and last of The Brady Bunch still standing, Karren Rita Brady found herself in the limelight back in 1969. Ice cube and box dangling enthusiast David Blaine White appeared from nowhere in 1973. Soul/R&B singer Lemar Obika has had time to grow since 1978. Heathcliffe Andrew Ledger would have made his mum sweat a bit during labour in 1979.

As for deaths, there are two Popes, the first of which is only known as Pope Formosus given there was no record of his birth name on his death certificate in 896. The other is Pope Nicholas who didn’t get to use his rosary beads again after 1292. Blackadder looky likey King Frederick II of Denmark and Norway took to his plinth in Roskilde Cathedral from 1588. Ninth President of the United States of America, William Henry Harrison lasted all of 32 days before expiring from pneumonia in 1841. Pioneer of the modern day car, Karl Friedrich Benz finished turning the starting handle in 1929, whilst two years later in 1931 co-founder of French tyre manufacturer bearing his name AndrĂ© Jules Michelin lost traction. Civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr. has been having a dream since 1968. Ninth Prime Minister of Pakistan Zulfikar Ali Bhutto has had this day hanging over him since 1979. Actress mentioned on 28th March, Gloria May Josephine Swanson was down Sunset Boulevard in 1983. Inventor of board game Scrabble, Alfred Mosher Butts scored six points when he died in 1993. Finally, great comedian and DJ, Maurice James Christopher Cole, or Kenny Everett found he couldn’t talk gibberish after 1995.


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