Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 11th April

We begin today’s posting with Roman emperor Septimius Severus who started wearing loose white cotton garments from 145. King of Portugal and the Algarve, John I experienced his first happy memory in 1357. British Prime Minister with a rather large centre parting, George Canning took charge of things in 1770. Chief washer of Gandhi’s robes, as well as being his wife, Kasturba Mohandas Gandhi was quite an activist from 1869. Living Norwegian of the day is sculptor Adolf Gustav Thorsen who went by the professional name, Gustav Vigeland chipped his way through in 1869. First superstar of the Hindi film industry, Kundan Lai Saigal started acting up from 1904. Co-founder of Japanese multi-national Sony, Masaru Ibuka switched on in 1908. ‘Whispering’ ex-presenter of The Old Grey Whistle Test and now graveyard shift DJ on BBC Radio 2, Robert Brinley Joseph ‘Bob’ Harris is 70 today, and still showing up for work. Self confessed petrol head, wiry haired Piers Morgan hater and television producer punching Jeremy Charles Robert Clarkson has gone from nought to 56 since being born in 1960. Late 80’s pop minstrel Lisa Stansfield found this is the right time to be born in 1966. Welsh warbler Cerys Elizabeth Matthews must have been cockahoop making it into the world back in 1969, whilst in 1987 hippy type songstress Joscelyn Eve Stoker, or as she’s also known, Joss Stone started performing for her parents.

As for deaths, King Stephen IV of Hungary and Croatia lost his appetite from 1165. Joseph Carey Merrick, (the Elephant Man) gasped his last in 1890. Business partner of PT Barnum, circus ringmaster James Anthony Bailey had his final performance in 1906. Serial killer Louise Peete had a gas in 1947. Second Prime Minister of Jamaica, Donald Sangster didn’t get to drink any more rum after 1967. Ex-Goon and singer before going onto present ‘God Slot’ programmes on television, Sir Harry Donald Secombe took the high road in 2001. Member of The Pointer Sisters, June Pointer wasn’t so excited to die in 2007. Finally, Indian singer/actor Nandu Bhende saw the curtain fall in 2014.


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