Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 12th April

Births today begin with Christian Firtal, (as he was known in Denmark), Christian Kvart or Quart, (as he was known in Norway, and the reason Oslo was renamed Christiania), but also known as Christian IV of Denmark was born slippy in 1577. Keeping with the royal theme, Princess Viktoria of Prussia, (or to give her full name, Friederike Amalia Wilhelmine Viktoria), had her nanny on standby in 1866. French serial killer Henri Désiré Landru didn’t find birth a chronocide in 1869. Serious looking bald Prime Minister of the Netherlands, Louis Joseph Maria Beel hopefully had some tufts of hair when born in 1902. Not to be outdone, French Prime Minister Raymond Barre was a candidate for the birthday party from 1924. Ukulele playing Bobby Chariot looky-likey Herbert Khaury or Tiny Tim continued to screech his way through life after being born in 1932. Freddie Mercury’s favourite Spanish opera singer with the double chin, Montserrat Caballé will no doubt regale herself with a rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ whilst eating birthday cake given she was born in 1933. Actor Charles Lewis Napier had a swing shift in 1936. Prolific playwright/director Alan Ayckbourn started taking steps a year or so after being born in 1939. Musician etc., Herbert Jeffrey ‘Herbie’ Hancock embarked on his maiden voyage in 1940. England ball kicking captain for the 1966 World Cup winning team, Robert Frederick Chelsea ‘Bobby’ Moore didn’t quite have the hand of God deliver him in 1941. A year later in 1942 scandal ridden South African President Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma took the lead in being born. G.I. member of disco group the Village People, Alexander ‘Alex’ Briley started dressing up, in his nappies, from 1947. Ex-sofa hogger and professional talker, David Michael Letterman will be trying to blow out the 69 candles on his birthday cake between breaths. Professional prankster with the gammy hand, Jeremy James Anthony Gibson-Beadle didn’t fool anyone when he was born in 1948. Sandra Delores Reeves who was better known as Lois Reeves and younger sis to Martha, had her parents dancing in the street once born in 1948. Teen heart throb of the 70’s and star of The Partridge Family, David Bruce Cassidy joined the clan in 1950. Fragrant singer with Saint Etienne, Sarah Cracknell obviously wasn’t born on Christmas Day in 1967. Singer with Irish boyband, (though now all middle aged men), and ex-husband to ‘charlie’ liking singer Kerry Katona, Brian Nicholas McFadden was nearly here in 1980.

People expiring include, among many others, Pope Julius who left his sandals alone after 352 and makes up for the previous few Pope free days. 32nd President of the United States of America ‘FDR’, Franklin Delano Roosevelt started getting roads and bridges named after him from 1945. Known for curing King George IV of his stammer, Lionel Logue had his final words in 1953. Baseball loving chewing gum maker and bain of every council around the world, Philip Knight Wrigley spat his last bit of gum out in 1977. American country singer, born Lecil Travis Martin but known as Boxcar Willie started seeing the inside of a box from 1999. Finally, Indian singer/actor Singanalluru Puttaswamayya Muthuraju has been stuck at the after party since 2006.


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