Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 18th April

It’s a bit of a quieter day on both the births and deaths today, but we begin with founder of defunct bank, (thanks to Nick Leeson in 1995), Francis Baring left his initial deposit in 1740. Actress known for her role in long running dull fest series and films, Perry Mason – Barbara Hale hit the jackpot in 1922. Austrian mountaineer with the rather unfortunate surname, Marcus Schmuck descended into the world back in 1925. Former Hare Krishna member and current pescetarian, actress Hayley Catherine Rose Vivian Mills left the parent trap in 1946. Diminutive actor Frederick Allen ‘Rick’ Moranis has been a shrunk kid since 1954. Ventriloquist responsible for Achmed the Dead Terrorist (among others), Jeffrey ‘Jeff’ Dunham found he had no dummy in 1962. Pill popping, St Vitus’ dance sufferer and maracas enthusiast Mark ‘Bez’ Berry sashayed his way through in 1964. Born David John McDonald the annoying wide eyed ex-Doctor Who better known as David Tennant, (double yawn), left the telephone box in 1971. Another of the Kardashian clan is celebrating their big day today, this time it’s Kourtney Mary Kardashian who’s trying to keep up with things given she’s now 37. Living Norwegian of the day goes to not quite a winner, (being fourth), in outdated talent show Pop Idol, Sandra Lyng Haugen began the performance of her life in 1987.

Death wise, we start with early Archbishop of Canterbury Theobald of Bec, who handed on the baton to Thomas Becket in 1161. Great English comedy actor William Thompson ‘Will’ Hay had the clapperboard come down on his life in 1949. Eleventh President of Portgual, António Óscar Fragoso Carmona found he couldn’t drink any more port and lemon after 1951. Respected German physicist with the wild hair and pipe, Albert Einstein ran out of mass energy in 1955. Not to be outdone by the President of Portgual keeling over, Arturo Frondizi Ercoli el-Presidenti of Argentina saw his 81 years and added an extra 5 before munching his final steak in 1995. Dead Norwegian of the day goes to explorer Thor Heyerdahl who began an in depth study of the earth in 2002. Finally, Prime Minister/President of Fiji Kamisese Mara didn’t get to see his grass skirt go up in flames in 2004.


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