Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 25th April

Ancient King of England Edward II starts things off today given he decided to poke his head out in 1284. Next up is puritan Roundhead and general agitator Oliver Cromwell who launched his first offensive on the world in 1599. Norwegian of the day, statesman born Jørgan Sverdrup but went by the name Georg Sverdrup assembled himself in 1770. Inventor Guglielmo Marconi transmitted his voice for the first time in 1874. Nicknamed ‘The Queen of Jazz’, Ella Fitzgerald was fine and mellow after being born in 1917. Cleared soap star William Patrick ‘Bill’ Roche started acting up in 1932. Hard man actor Alfredo James ‘Al’ Pacino has been on the look out for his godfather since 1940. Professional prancer and judge on Strictly Come Dancing, (double yawn), Leonard Gordon Goodman will probably end up doing a conga in celebration of his seven ty second birthday. One fourth of Swedish super group ABBA, (the one with the beard – and it’s not the brunette), Björn Ulvaeus had his arrival in 1945. Co-founder of ubiquitous tax dodging, over priced coffee shops around the world, (Starbucks) Zev Siegl must have been wired when delivered in 1955. Singer songwriter Derek William Dick, who somewhat wisely became known as ‘Fish’ was no longer incommunicado from 1958. Voice behind numerous characters on The Simpsons, Henry Albert ‘Hank’ Azaria found the cradle will rock in 1964. Also born that year, camp singer with Erasure Andrew Ivan ‘Andy’ Bell has been going non stop. Renée Kathleen Zellweger may well have had Nurse Betty look after her on the maternity ward in 1969. Left handed cricketing bowler with the butter fingers Mudhsuden Singh Panesar, better known as Monty Panesar didn’t have the unplayable delivery in 1982.

Deaths today include Zhu Youjian 16th (and last) emperor of the Ming Dynasty, Chongzhen Emperor, was beyond repair after falling down 1644. Astronomer, physicist, mathematician and general know all Anders Celsius (or was it Fahrenheit?) started to feel very cold from 1744. Given Popes normally get a mention here, with the occasional Archbishop of Canterbury thrown in for good measure, here is a complete departure from the norm as Trinley Gyatso the 12th Dalai Lama keeled over in the Himalayas back in 1875. Voice of Shere Khan in The Jungle Book, George Sanders was on the doomwatch in 1972. Two very different people didn’t make it through the day in 1995, and first up is American game show host Arthur ‘Art’ Fleming was in more than jeopardy, whilst Fred Astaire’s dancing mate Virginia Katherine McMath, or just Ginger Rogers stopped tapping her feet. Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopez from girl group TLC had the fan mail stop in 2002. Finally, star of un-amusing sit-com ‘The Golden Girls’, Bernice Frankel or Bea Arthur as she was also known was the toast of the town in 2009.


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