Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 29th April

We start today’s births paragraph with Emperor of Russia, King of Poland and Grand Duke of Finland – Alexander II liberated himself in 1818. Big band leader Edward Kennedy ‘Duke’ Ellington, jazzed up his birth in 1899. Emperor Shōwa, or Hirohito as he was known everywhere else but Japan, saw the rising sun in 1901. Designer of cartoon characters Scooby-Doo and Penelope Pitstop, Iwao Takamoto was a pesky kid in 1925. Skiffle King Anthony James ‘Lonnie’ Donegan didn’t hold back till tomorrow in 1931. Steeplejack and unlikely television personality Frederick ‘Fred’ Dibnah descended for the first time in 1938. Also born that year is ‘investment advisor’ Bernard Lawrence ‘Bernie’ Madoff, who’s into his seventh year (of 150) in prison, so probably won’t be getting any cake. Motown singer mentioned on March 16th when she died, Thomasina Winifred Montgomery, but better known as Tammi Terrell was united with her mum in 1945. Mad hair woman, (who takes after her husband Brian May), actress Anita Dobson started learning new tricks from 1949. Ex-footballer and television presenter now self professed odd ball, David Vaughan Icke didn’t blame it on the aliens on being born in 1952. Un-amusing comedian Jerome Allen ‘Jerry’ Seinfeld had his first audience in 1954. Act tor Daniel Michael Blake Day Lewis didn’t know there will be blood during his delivery in 1957. Former cult member and PVC loving vegan Michelle Pfeiffer was up close and personal with her mum in 1958. Omni-present television presenter and ex-cricketer Philip Clive Roderick ‘Phil’ Tufnell bowled out in 1966. Ex-beau of Barbra Streisand, (despite the obvious age gap), who’s now hitched to Steffi Graff, Andre Kirk Agassi had his first buggy whip in 1970. Also born that year is one of Quentin Tarantino’s favourite actresses, Uma Thurman who managed to kick her way out. Norwegian divot maker Knut Børsheim made it out of the bunker in 1987.

Famous deaths are somewhat thin on the ground, Michael Joseph O’Rahilly member of the Irish Easter uprising must have run out of Easter eggs in 1916. President of Portugal with the large moustache Bernardino Luis Machado Guimarāes, wasn’t so sunny from 1944. Leytonstone boy made good, Sir Alfred Joseph Hitchcock ended the suspense as to when he’d die in 1980. Chemist who discovered lysergic acid diethylamide, (LSD to you and me), Albert Hoffman started the longest trip of his life in 2008. Finally, great English actor Robert William ‘Bob’ Hoskins didn’t have a heart condition given he passed away with pneumonia in 2014.


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