Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 4th May


People to arrive in the world today include, among others, inventor of the piano Bartolomeo Cristofori di Fransesco had his initial crescendo in 1655. Inspiration for Lewis Carroll’s book, Alice in Wonderland, Alice Liddell made it through the magic hole in 1852. Princess Katherine of Greece and Denmark went everywhere but Denmark after being being born in 1913. Scandal ridden Prime Minister, (surely not), this one of Japan, Kakuei Tanaka struggled through in 1918. Excellent English comedy actor Eric Sykes had his opening night in 1923. Fourth Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak who was wheeled into court numerous times in his hospital bed, found himself in a slightly different part of the hospital in 1928. Third greatest screen legend in American cinema and daughter of committed Nazi, Audrey Kathleen Hepburn/Ruston found she didn’t have a funny face in 1929. Mum to singing oddities, The Jackson Five/The Jacksons, Kattie B. Screws or Katherine Esther Jackson (née Scruse), started the wheel of life herself in 1930. Not to be outdone, Sigmund Esco ‘Jackie’ Jackson was a bit too young to ask, ‘Can You Feel It’ to his mum (above) in 1951. Non lifeguard and old biddies ex-favourite gameshow host Michael Ciaran Parker, (or Michael Barrymore as he was better known), struck it lucky by arriving in 1952. One time manager of Chelsea FC, Avraham ‘Avran’ Grant kicked things off in 1955. Irish divot maker and bunker lover, Rory McIlory waggled his way through in 1989.

Notable deaths are somewhat thin on the ground and we start with the (possibly not) baby eating Bishop of Bath and Wells, Arthur Lake, who conducted his last sermon in 1626. Infamous British highwayman John, (or was it William?) Nevison, fell off his horse for the last time in 1684. More members of the Easter Rising: Edward Daly, Joseph Mary Plunkett (the ring leader) and Willie Pearse were all looking at the wrong end of a gun in 1916. Silent film star Anna May (Anita) Stewart slipped away quietly in 1961. Leader of The Three Stooges, Moses Harry Horwitz, known as Moe Howard, had plenty of men in black at his funeral in 1975. Ex-President and revolutionary from Yugoslavia, Josip Broz Tito didn’t put up any resistance to dying in 1980. Adam Ants favourite and voyeur Diana Dors, (born Diana Mary Fluck), forgot to pass on the details of her (alleged) £2 million fortune before passing on herself in 1984. Diminutive un-funny comedian/actor Dominick ‘Dom’ DeLuise didn’t have a busy body from 2009. Finally, founding member of VW badge nicking group The Beastie Boys, Adam Nathaniel Yauch ch-checked out in 2012.


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