Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 5th May

Today’s posting begins not with a Pope, but Guru Amar Das third of the Ten Gurus of Sikhism was committed to being born this day in 1479. Philosopher and deluded socialist worshipped by nearly as many people who hate him, Karl Marx was born equal in 1818. Line dancers and Cowboys favourite hat maker, John Batterson Stetson topped things off when delivered in 1830. Archbishop of Canterbury, Geoffrey Francis Fisher had a blessed upbringing after born in 1887. Known as a matinee idol, actor Tyrone Edmund Power Jr., had that wonderful urge in 1914. Virginia Wynette Pugh, who went onto become singer/songwriter of dreary country songs – Tammy Wynette started having a bedtime story read to her from 1942. Top comedian and telluric traveller who gave Judith Chalmers a run for her money, Michael Edward Palin started exploring in 1943. Two people were born in 1957 – first of which is actor Richard Grant Esterhuysen who’s rejigged his name a bit to Richard E Grant, will knock back an orange juice whilst eating cake. The second is star of not terribly amusing sit-com ‘Bread’, ex-Redhill (Surrey) resident with the highlighted blonde hair, Peter Howitt started defying gravity. Mr Echo, or to give him his correct name, Ian Stephen McCulloch will be out with his Bunnymen later for his 57th birthday party. Two time Olympic gold medalist of rowing boats around lakes, James Edward Cracknell found this was the beginning in 1972. Garage singer, (unfortunately they had the recording equipment on at the time), Craig Ashley David still thinks he was born to do it 35 years ago. West Norwood’s (South London), most famous resident Adele Laurie Blue Adkins had her mum say, ‘Hello’ to her for the first time in 1988.

Death wise, it’s a fairly quiet day but we start with High Duke of Poland Casimir II the Just who became the Lesser Polish Duke in 1194. Keeping with the Royal theme, Leo II King of Armenia found himself visited by the grim reaper in 1219. Diminutive French agitator and fan of English shop keepers, Napoleone di Buonaparte (Napoléon Bonaparte), gave up on Josephine in 1821. Another member of the Easter rising – Major John McBride, found his name on a bullet in 1916. Queen consort of Serbia, Natalija Obrenović (née Keschko) found herself permanently exiled from 1941. Prison blanket fan and weight watcher Robert Gerard (Bobby) Sands found he couldn’t carry on not eating from 1981. Sir Donald Coleman Bailey, he of the temporary bridge, floated away in 1985. Writer of Sanskrit and scholar of Hindi literature, Kubar Nath Rai made the transition from living to dead in 1996. Inventor of the first working laser, (light amplification by simulated emission of radiation), Theodore Harold Malman saw everything go very dark in 2007. Co-founder of ice cream makers Baskin-Robbins, Irvine Robbins went cold in 2008. Finally, Indian cricketer Raman Surendranth was all out for 75 in 2012.


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