Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 7th May

Today sees David Hume – Eric Idle’s favourite philosopher and historian start to make history from 1711. Next up is first of two composers; Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky who had his first movement in 1840. Then there’s Cockney’s favourite and ivory tinkler Johannes Brahms who was mentioned just over a month ago when he expired gets another mention given he found the score in 1863. British Prime Minister, Archibald Philip Primrose had a liberal upbringing from 1847. Another person to get their second mention, (this one had his first only three days ago when he relaxed his grip on Yugoslavia), Josip Broz Tito revolutionised his parents lives from 1892. Subject of another dreary Andrew Lloyd Webber musical, as well as a song, (Don’t Cry For Me Marge & Tina), sung by the likes of Elaine Paige, Mike Flowers Pops and Madonna, María Eva Duarte de Perón, (or just Eva Perón), joined us in 1919, a few years before the Falklands became an issue. Singer Jimmy Ruffin was on the way out, but not on the way in when born in 1939. Top 1970’s sit-com actor Richard O’Sullivan, will be celebrating his 72nd birthday today, but given he suffered a stroke a few years ago it’s unlikely he’ll be up on the dance floor celebrating. One hit wonder and half brother to Neneh, Eagle Eye Lanoo Cherry as been living in the present future since 1969. First of the Norwegians to feature today; drummer with death metal band Immortal, Reidar Horghgen who shortened his name to ‘Horgh’ beat his way through in 1971. The other Norwegian, (in another black metal group), Stian Arnesen, (who’s got a load of different names – probably to try and throw the tax man off the scent), started shouting incoherently in 1978. Following in Annie Nightingale’s footsteps, great DJ who’s about to join Virgin Radio, Kate Louise Lawler had her parents announce her arrival in 1980.

Deaths are extremely thin on the ground today, and to this end we start with ruddy faced British Prime Minister who was mentioned a few days ago when he arrived in the world, yes William Fitzmaurice (or as he later became known, Petty), 2nd Earl of Shelburne had the committal motions made for him in 1803. Actor and son of Douglas Fairbanks, the imaginatively named Douglas Fairbanks Jr. joined his dad in 2000. Spanish divot maker and former Ryder Cup captain Severino ‘Seve’ Ballesteros Sota, bailed out in 2011. Finally, American born animator Ray Harryhausen used the stop motion process in 2013.


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