Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 8th May

We begin today’s posting with businessman and social activist Jean Henri Dunant who just so happened to have the Geneva Convention based on his ideas as well as finding the International Committee of the Red Cross, but needed the assistance of a nurse to be delivered in 1828. Dad to Oscar Hammerstein II and theatre impresario/composer Oscar Hammerstein I had the curtain lifted on his life in 1846. Thirty third President of the United States of America and one of the instigators of the Cold War, Harry S. Truman found himself somewhere warm in 1884. Creator of voice for cartoon character Elmer Fudd, Arthur Quirk Bryan found himself bown in 1899. Keeping with the cartoon theme, credited with creating Porky Pig and Tweety Pie for Warner Bros animator Robert Emerson ‘Bob’ Clampett started drawing on life’s experiences from 1913. National treasure and gorillas favourite David Frederick Attenborough was hatched in 1926. Member of the winning 1966 World Cup squad, John ‘Jack’ Charlton started kicking in 1935. One half of 1970’s pop duo Captain & Tennille (although I always thought it was Toenail), Cathryn Antoinette ‘Toni’ Tennille found she had to make a move in 1940. Julian Clary’s favourite politician, Norman Lamont, had an early day motion in 1942. Disgraced 1970’s rock star currently residing at HMP Downsview (Banstead Surrey), Paul Francis Gadd, or Gary Glitter as he’s also known, won’t be getting any cake in celebration of his 72nd birthday. Falsetto screecher with Earth, Wind & Fire along with his hit with Phil Collins, Philip Bailey was side by side with his mum in 1951. Singer with defunct band Savage Garden, Darren Hayes was the best thing for his parents in 1972. Son of 1970’s/80’s crooner Julio and King of Latin Pop, Enrique Miguel Iglesias Preysler had his escape in 1975.

As for deaths, Pope John II found his time was up in 535, whilst 150 years later in 685, Pope Benedict II hung his rosary beads up. Dead Norwegian of the day goes to old King Haakon V, who found a sunny spot to lay down in Oslo way back in 1319. Another philosopher mentioned in Eric Idle’s song, John Stuart Mill went of his own free will in 1873. Shop keeper on Oxford Street, Harry Gordon Selfridge closed for business in 1947. Breakfast at Tiffany’s and A Team actor George Peppard, ran out of disguises (and breath) in 1994. Actor with the grand title Sir Derek Jules Gaspard Ulric Niven van den Bogarde, (or just Dirk Bogarde) who was mentioned a couple of months ago, could have done with a doctor in the house back in 1999. Finally, ‘The Little Professor’ Dominic Paul ‘Dom’ DiMaggio entered the dug out in 2009.


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