Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 12th May

Ginger monarch of Sweden born Gustav Eriksson, later known as Gustav Vasa but professionally referred to as Gustav I liberated himself in 1496. Continuing the Royal theme, King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania, Augustus II the Strong found the strength to be born in 1674. Writer of limericks and literary nonsense, the most famous of which being ‘The Owl and the Pussycat’, Edward Lear started burbling in 1812, (or was it 1813?). Known for wandering around Crimea with a lamp, nurse Florence Nightingale lit her parents lives up from 1820. Hugh Trumble two time captain of the Wallabies in cricket test matches had the perfect delivery in 1867. Amsterdam loft dweller and dad to both Anne & Margot, Otto Heinrich ‘Pim’ Frank began life in 1889. Writer of ‘The Saint’ books Leslie Charles Bowyer-Yin, but known by his pen name Leslie Charteris, wrote himself into the plot back in 1907. Also born that year is greatest star in Hollywood history (apparently), Katherine Houghton Hepburn’s mum started bringing up baby. Great English comedy actor Anthony John Tony ‘that’s almost an armful’ Hancock took longer than half an hour to be delivered in 1924. Middle of the road song composer and fan of divorcing/remarrying, Burt Freeman Bacharach was wishin’ and hopin’ he’d be born this day in 1928. Guillermo Endara, 32nd President of Panama made it through the birth canal in 1936. Actress Susan Hampshire must have been somewhat baffled! with events back in 1937. Blockhead and singer Ian Dury’s parents had reasons to be cheerful from 1942. Multi talented musician Stephen Lawrence ‘Steve’ Winwood saw his chance and took it in 1948. Pakistani answer to white coated umpire Dickie Bird, until he was found guilty of corruption, Asad Rauf, wasn’t on the back foot in 1956. Brat pack actor and son of Martin Sheen, Emilio Estevez became one of the outsiders in 1962. Singer who was one half of Charles & Eddie, Charles Pettigrew wouldn’t be able to lie to you about his birthdate in 1963. Un-amusing crude and ginger comedienne/actress born Catherine Ford, but better known as Catherine Tate made her debut in 1968. Another person born that year is skateboarder Anthony Frank ‘Tony’ Hawk who made it through the half pipe. Slap head rugby playing man mountain Jonah Tali Lomu had his first match in 1975.

Deaths include Pope Silvester II who saw St. Peter’s Square for the last time in 1003, whilst in 1012 Pope Sergius IV gave the conclave something to do. Rebuilder of the Palace of Westminster, or the Houses of Parliament, Sir Charles Barry started to deconstruct himself in 1860. Real life Willy Wonka, John Cadbury was unable to wispa his last words in 1889. Ex-red team leader who liked a suit one size too big, John Smith ceased to carry his Labour membership card from 1994. Easy listening (for some, but not me), singer Pierino Ronald ‘Perry’ Como had his final magic moment in 2001. Hussein Yousef Maziq – Prime Minister of Libya, didn’t need his Keffiyeh after 2006. Finally, dead Norwegian of the day – ball kicker Tor Marius Gromstad joined the group of death in 2012.


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