Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 16th May

Births today start with Everard Digby (not Larry Grayson’s, ahem, ‘friend’), but less famous Gunpowder plotter who sparked into life back in 1578. In 1611 Benedetto Odescalchi, or Pope Innocent XI took to pontificating a bit before his time. Co-inventor of the microphone, David Edward Hughes, announced his arrival in 1831. Head of acting clan, Henry Jaynes Fonda didn’t suffer stage fright when born in 1905. Candelabra hogging non gay(!) fan of all things sparkly, ivory tickler Władziu Valentino Liberace had a broken chord in 1919. Old style comedian and music hall aficionado with the cheeky gap toothed smile, Roy Hudd broke through in 1936. Known for playing Batgirl in TV series Batman, Yvonne Joyce Craig thought it was high time to be born in 1937. Having mentioned her husband, Richard Madeley a few days ago, here’s his wife, Judith Adele ‘Judy’ Finnigan will be ordering everyone to eat cake and drink pop in celebration of her 68th birthday. Founder of over priced fashion label bearing his name, Christian Lacroix designed his entrance to the world in 1951. Oirish James Bond, (yawn), Pierce Brosnan started off as a live wire in 1953. Early 80’s singer Hazel O’Connor pushed and shoved her way through in 1955. Younger sis to odd ball singer Michael, Janet Damita Jo Jackson will celebrate her special day, (and her 50th birthday), by having a slippery nipple. Tennis player Gabriele Sabatini started making a racket in 1970. Known for her role in her dad’s boring television series Beverley Hills 90210, Victoria Davey ‘Tori’ Spelling will have had the help in birth back in 1973. Excessive eater Adam Richman had his first meal in 1974.

Deaths today are somewhat thin on the ground, but we do start with Irish Saint – Brendan who took his final journey in 583. Not to be outdone, English Saint Simon Stock was given his scapular in 1265. Founder of confectionery company bearing his name, Harry Burnett ‘H.B.’ Reese – with the H.B. Reese Candy Company, went sour in 1956. Following on from his mate Frank Sinatra’s death a couple of days ago, another original Rat Pack member Sammy Davis Jr. found his time was up in 1990. Also not making it through that year is chief muppet James Maury ‘Jim’ Henson. Comedy actor known for his role in classic BBC sit-com, Hi-de-Hi! and over enthusiastic (but not very good) singer born George Frederick Speight, Paul Shane, started pushing up the green, green grass in 2013. Finally, Chairman/MD of Tata Steel, (plus associated companies), Russi Mody began going rusty in 2014.


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