Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 17th May

We see the births of the following today – Welsh pirate (getting in on the act well before the Somalis), John Roberts also known as Bartholomew Roberts and his professional name of Black Bart, had more arrr’s than oooh’s when born in 1682. Co-founder of American car company bearing his name, Horace Elgin Dodge steered his way through in 1868. Spanish King Alphonse Leon Ferdinand Mary James Isidore Pascal Anthony of Bourbon and Hadsburg-Lorraine, or just Alphonse XIII started off as he meant to carry on in 1886. Norwegian physical chemist and Nobel Laureate who was mentioned last week, Odd Hassel didn’t find it such given he was born in 1897. Known for watching Johnny Weissmuller swinging about sets in his loin cloth whilst playing Tarzan, his Jane, Maureen Paula O’Sullivan was too scared to scream during her birth in 1911. Forgotten co-founding member of Apple Computers, behind the scenes man Ronald Gerald Wayne was fronting things in 1934. A year later in 1935, great (and alternative) playwright/dramatist Dennis Christopher George Potter wrote himself into the plot. Another Dennis, this one starred in classic film Easy Rider and not so classic Super Mario Bros – Dennis Hopper arrived out of the blue in 1936. Irish singer Eithne Pádraigín Ní Bhronáin, or Enya Patricia Brennan who’s managed to cut that down to Enya, had her own Orinoco Flow in 1961. Epsom (Surrey) born journo and older bro to Tim, BBC stalwart Jeremy Guy Vine presented himself to the world in 1965. Fourth President of the Maldives Mohamed Nasheed dived for it in 1967. Another Irish singer, this one part of family group The Corrs, Andrea Jane Corr wasn’t breathless when born in 1974. Two time Olympic medalist at speed skating, Christine Nesbitt was on the right track given she made it through in 1985. Norwegian cyclist with the sore legs and bottom, Edvald Boasson Hagen broke away for the first time in 1987.

Deaths have picked up a bit today given Emperor Wu of the Jin Dynasty took his robes off for the last time in 290. Painter of the early Renaissance Sandro Botticelli dropped his paintbrush in 1510. The next few people seem to have irked King Henry VIII by being accused of treason and ‘dabbling’ with his wife Anne Boleyn – real life Lord Percy Percy and Gentleman of the Privy Chamber Francis Weston, followed by real life Baldrick English courtier and Groom of the Stool, Henry Norris and finally real life Melchett English courtier and Groom of the Privy Chamber, William Brereton were all taken to the gallows in 1536. Given there are no Popes croaking today, Matthew Parker Archbishop of Canterbury found he didn’t have to get up early on a Sunday morning again after 1575. Founder of agricultural machinery company bearing not only a deer but also the founders name, John Deere plowed his furrow in 1886. Toy shop owner Frederick August Otto Schwarz stopped dressing as soldier and looking bored in 1911. 22nd Prime Minister of New Zealand Georges William Forbes made it 6ft nearer middle earth in 1947. Not to be out done by Matthew Parker, 101st Archbishop of Canterbury Donald Coggan also found he had a perpetual lie in from 2000. Techno queen, LaDonna Adrian Gaines, or Donna Summer, started living in the state of independence from 2012. Finally, ex(enforced) leader (dictator) of Argentina Jorge Rafael Videla munched his last steak in 2013.


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