Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 24th May

People born today include, among others, Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit rival inventor to Anders Celsius who warmed to 37C (or 98.6F) after being born in 1686. Sour faced, Prince Albert loving, long serving (and mourning) sitter of the throne, Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom and Ireland, along with being Empress of India, held court in 1819. Known equally for his confectionery as for his philanthropy, Joseph Rowntree was a real sweetie in 1836. Second Prime Minister of South Africa, Jan Christiaan Smuts kept it clean from 1870. Inventor of peanut butter cups who got a mention a few days ago, Harry Burnett (‘H.B’) Reese obviously wasn’t allergic to birth given he made it through in 1879. Irish actress Siobhán Giollamhuire Nic Cionnaith, but known as Siobhán McKenna entered stage right in 1923. Comedian Stanley Baxter impressed his parents in 1926. One half of comedy duo Cheech & Chong, not forgetting being a marijuana expert, Thomas B. Kin ‘Tommy’ Chong was a mellow baby having been delivered in 1938. Folk musician and singer songwriter with the nasal tone, Robert Albert Zimmerman or Bob Dylan was just as hard to understand back in 1941. Singer born Patricia Louise Holt-Edwards, who flogs records under the name Patti LaBelle, turned it out in 1944. Wife of fried squirrel and peanut butter sandwich lover, Elvis – wooden panto star Priscilla Ann Presley, (née Wagner) started to grace this land from 1945. One of England’s greatest actors of recent years, James ‘Jim’ Broadbent wasn’t born topsy turvey in 1949. Keeping with the acting theme, Kristin Scott Thomas was the English patient in 1960. Olympic paddler and gold medalist at the Seoul Games, Adrian David Moorhouse pushed his way off in 1964. Not only a ball kicker but also adept at the Kung Fu style too, would be French philosopher Éric Daniel Pierre Cantona wasn’t off side in 1966. My twin sisters Claire & Lisa arrived in 1971, whilst 1973 saw Radio 2 DJ who likes the sound of his own voice, (and I’m not talking Chris Evans), but Dermot O’Dreary who experienced his first audience. Person who claims to be developer of Parkour, Sébastien Foucan was freerunning a couple of years after being born in 1974. Living Norwegian of the day, Mohammed Fellah was a mere baby in 1974.

Deaths today seem to be a bit thin on the ground, that said, we begin with David I of Scotland who found his kilt didn’t lift up in the wind after 1153. Architect of Lenin’s Mausoleum Aleksey Shchusev didn’t have Lenin design his grave in 1949. Band leader Edward Kennedy ‘Duke’ Ellington stopped waving his arms about in 1974. Founder of WWF – World Wrestling Federation, oh sorry WWE – World Wrestling Entertainment, Vincent James ‘Vince’ McMahon Sr. was on the ropes in 1984. Pipe smoking Prime Minister of Great Britain in the mid 1970’s with the odd voice and small majority of just 3, James Harold Wilson had his last gasp in 1995. Actor Edward Mulhare reached the outer limits in 1997. Finally, Reigate resident, top ventriloquist (and my ex-neighbour), Ray Allen made Lord Charles redundant in 2010.


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