Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 27 May

Births today begin with Dutch Prince, William II fan of Orange, (well before creosoting yourself became fashionable), started out in white linen back in 1626. Known for her name associated with ladies undergarments, women’s rights and her temperance views, Amelia Jenks Bloomer found the right to be born in 1818. Lanky haired tall story teller, James Butler Hickok or as he styled himself, Wild Bill Hickok, gambled on being born in 1837. Seventh President of Portugal Manuel Teixeira Gomes, entered the fray in 1860. Having mentioned Peter Cushing only yesterday, here’s his acting buddy from the Hammer Horror films, Christopher Frank Carandini Lee peeped out from behind his sheet in 1922. 56th United States Secretary of State, born Heinz Alfred Kissinger but known as Henry Kissinger, was quite diplomatic about his birth in 1923. 1960’s warbler who was always on the look out for a new hat, Priscilla Maria Veronica White, but went by the name of Cilla Black, found out what it was all about in 1943. Professional cardboard box loving actor Lewis Collins crashed through in 1946. Punk singer Susan Janet Ballion or Siouxsie Sioux had a slowdive in 1957. Also born that year is great bloke and worthy winner of Olympic gold and bronze medals for paddling round the pool Duncan Alexander Goodhew. Kiwi music maker, founding member of both Split Endz and Crowded House, Neil Finn was locked out in 1958. Keeping with the Antipodean theme, Australian parkour and tennis champion, Patrick Hart ‘Pat’ Cash bounced into life in 1965. Named after a service station on the M4 motorway, chef Heston Blumenthal became a happy eater in 1966. Geordie ball kicker and crier with various issues, Paul John Gascoigne will be weeping into his cake given he’s now 49. Non-guilty editor of News International newspapers in the shocking phone hacking scandal, Rebekah Brooks got the circulation going in 1968. Singer Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes had the doctors in scrubs during her birth in 1971. Lisping chef with a restaurant in virtually every town in Britain, who’s named is plastered all over various kitchen utensils and equipment, not forgetting being a campaigner for better school meals (chips are always good), James Trevor ‘Jamie’ Oliver was delivered to the world in 1975. Also born that year is André Lauren Benjamin or André 3000 who wasn’t an outcast.

Death wise it’s a quieter day, and to this end we start with founder of dull fact exhibition bearing his name – LeRoy Robert Ripley (or just Robert Ripley), had to believe it was his last day on the planet in 1949. First Prime Minister of India who learnt a lot from Ghandi, Jawaharlal Nehru followed his mentor in 1964. Inventor of the modern day hot air balloon, Paul Edward ‘Ed’ Yost headed the other way being six feet under in 2007. William Desmond Anthony ‘Bill’ Pertwee best known as ARP warden Hodges in great 1970’s BBC sit-com Dad’s Army, put those lights out in 2013. Finally, designer of signage for the New York City Subway Massimo Vignelli found himself underground in 2014.


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