Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths

George I King of the United Kingdom and Ireland started the trend of royals bearing his name from 1660. Youngest British Prime Minister to take up the post, William Pitt the Younger was a real Tory wet in 1759. Pierre Gustave Toutant-Beauregard the American Confederate States Army General put up less resistance being born in 1818. Inventor of the blowtorch, Carl Richard Nyberg felt the heat after being delivered in 1858. Designer of ornate village Portmerion (in North Wales), Bertram Clough Williams-Ellis took a different view of things from 1883. Writer of spy series James Bond (yawn) and children’s book, ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’, Ian Lancaster Fleming wasn’t shaken or stirred after 1908. Matriarch to far left acting dynasty, Rachel Redgrave, (née Kempson), had a touch of love in 1910. Sit-com star who also presented God slot programmes, and not forgetting the Churchill stairlift ads, Thora Hird thought she was the entertainer from 1911. Four time Prime Minister of Turkey, Mustafa Bülent Ecevit has democratically left his party in good time since 1925. Canadian politician Claude Forget hasn’t forgotten his birthday since 1936. Ska and rocksteady singer Cecil Bustamente Campbell, who’s known by his fans as Prince Buster had the presence to be born in 1938. Top Mayor of New York who held steady after the 9/11 attacks – Rudolph William Loius ‘Rudy’ Giuliani didn’t flinch at being delivered 72 years ago. Also born 72 years ago, was four time Grammy award winning singer Gladys Knight, (minus her pips). Singer with 80’s band Fine Young Cannibals, Roland Lee Gift found it’s ok to be born in 1962. Dishevelled know all comedian, David Lionel Baddiel found what time bedtime was from 1964. Gay friendly hot pant loving pop minstrel Kylie (Boomerang) Minogue had tears on her pillow in 1968. Living Norwegian of the day, Jørgen Strickert started his fan club in 1980.

As for people taking up the undertaker’s offer, Afonso IV of Portugal was brave to the end in 1357. Youngest sis of the Brontë clan, Anne Brontë dropped her quill in 1849. John Russell, 1st Earl Russell or even Lord John Russell, two time British Prime Minister found his luck ran out (again) in 1878. One of the Nazi sympathising Mitford Sisters, Unity Mitford found more than her arm rigidly straight in 1948. Edward VIII King of the United Kingdom and its associated Dominions of the British Empire, (before he was snagged by Wallis Simpson), found he didn’t have to clean his medals after 1972. Known as Mr Grainger in 1970’s sit-com Are You Being Served? Frederick Arthur Baker/Arthur Brough checked out in 1978. Hero of the Falklands War, Lieutenant Colonel Herbert ‘H’ Jones (VC) didn’t manage to dodge the bullet in 1982. One of the greatest ever comedians John Eric Bartholomew, or as he was better known, Eric Morecombe, found eternal sunshine in 1984. Dead Norwegian of the day goes to ski jumper/author Thorleif Schjelderup who started enjoying the apres-ski from 2006. Artist known for her portly ladies, Beryl Cook has left the smock unwashed from 2008. Diminutive sit-com actor Gary Coleman was left wondering what Willis was talkin’ about before expiring in 2010. Finally, not terribly popular ex-owner of both Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Manchester United, Michael Glazer wasn’t granted extra time in 2012.


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