Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 30th May

Births today start with posh egg maker Peter Carl Fabergé who hatched in 1846. Next up is great voice artist for various cartoons Melvin Jerome ‘Mel’ Blanc, found his voice in 1908. Jazz musician and bandleader Benjamin David ‘Benny’ Goodman was the youngest swinger in town back in 1909. El-Presidente of Bolivia René Barrientos Ortunō, started in nappies in 1919 before graduating to sashes in later life. Founder of upmarket disco (Annabel’s) in London, Marcus Lecky Oswald Hornby Birley, who’s changed that to Mark Birley made some noise in 1930. Canadian actress who’s known for her role in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, (and has probably been dining out on that tale since), Ruta Mary Kilmonis, or just Ruta Lee didn’t have a particularly funny face in 1935. One half of Swedish pop group Roxette Gun-Marie Fredriksson, joined the joyride in 1958. Latter day Dick Emery and top sketch show star, Horsham Sussex born Henry Richard ‘Harry’ Enfield, started making people laugh in 1961. Singer with indie band The Charlatans, Timothy Allan ‘Tim’ Burgess came crashin’ in in 1967. Tubby bald headed and extensively tattooed singer Thomas DeCarlo Callaway, or just CeeLo Green started gettin’ growin in 1974. Ex-Captain of Liverpool Football (soccer) team, Steven George Gerrard kicked things off in 1980.

As for deaths, subject of songs by both Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark and Doug Anthony All Stars, Maid of Orléans Joan of Arc found things a bit hot before going cold in 1431. King of France Charles IX faced less hostility dying in 1574. Lesser known Elizabethan writer and pal of William Shakespeare, Christopher ‘Kit’ Marlowe felt more than ruff today in 1593. Founder of MB Games Milton Bradley obviously tired of his board games in 1911. Thanks to Wilbur Wright we now have to suffer the likes of Ryanair, (or Spirit Airlines if you’re in America), but the oxygen mask didn’t fall fast enough for him in 1912. Overdressed King of Thailand Prajadhipok/Rama VII expired in Virginia Water in 1941. Dad to singing children as featured in The Sound of Music, Georg Johannes Ritter von Trapp had his so long, farewell moment in 1947. Actor William Claude Rains, really did become the invisible man from 1967. Frank Raymond Wilton ‘Lofty’ England, manager of Jaguar Cars Racing Team, came to an abrupt halt in 1995. Finally, Indian actor/director Rituparno Ghosh called it a wrap in 2013.


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