Famous & Infamous Births & Dearhs 13th June

This day back in 823 saw Charles the Bald born (although whether he actually grew any hair is still open to question), whilst six years later in 829 the rather unfortunately named Charles the Fat arrived. Early day Sherlock Holmes actor Basil Rathbone was allowed to make a wish on his birthday from 1892. Pecksniffian blue rinsed old biddy who spent her life ‘morally outraged’ at various television programmes (but never used the off switch), whilst telling everyone else that would listen how awful things are, Daily Mail reader Constance Mary Whitehouse (née Hutcheson) would have been incensed if she’d known how she arrived in the world back in 1910. Singer David Gordon Kirkpatrick or Slim Dusty known for his hit ‘A Pub With No Beer’, had a G’day in 1927. Known for his role in A Clockwork Orange Malcolm John Taylor but known as Malcolm McDowell, didn’t look back in anger having been born in 1943. Successor to Kofi Annan at motion passing, (but not a lot else) United Nations, Ban Ki-Moon was diplomatic at his arrival in 1944. Resident of old dear’s favourite West Sussex town, Worthing – Dennis Michael Locorriere didn’t have Sylvia as a mother from 1949. Great English comedy actress Katherine Lucy Bridget ‘Kathy’ Burke won’t be having nil by mouth given she’ll be eating cake in celebration of her 52nd birthday. Singer/songwriter who seems to have dropped off the radar somewhat, David Gray didn’t get to eat hospital food in 1968. Also born that year, older brother to Louis – novelist Marcel Raymond Theroux wrote himself into the plot. Tattooed fearless jackass, Stephen Gilchrist Glover or Steve-O bounced for the first time in 1974. Norwegian of the day is bikini clad beach volleyball player, Nila Ann Håkedal found herself in the ready position in 1979.

Deaths appear to be a bit thin on the ground, that said the following fell into the clutches of the reaper – Ludwig Otto Friedrich Wilhelm or Ludwig II of Bavaria, the one who had Neuschwanstein Castle built and propped up Richard Wagner, found his activities curtailed in 1886. 16th Prime Minister of Australia Joseph Benedict ‘Ben’ Chifley got burnt another way in 1951. Actor known for playing Michael Banks in Mary Poppins, Matthew Adam Garber had the clapperboard come down in 1977. Jazz and swing king (of the musical variety), Benjamin David ‘Benny’ Goodman stopped swinging in 1986. Dead Norwegian of the day is ski jumper Birger Ruud came to the end of his run in 1998. Also not making it through that year is cartoonist responsible for Andy Capp, Reginald ‘Reg’ Smythe found the speech bubbles blank. Prime Minister of Pakistan Mailk Meraj Khalid has abstained since 2003. Three time Taoiseach (or PM) of Ireland with what turned out to be somewhat of a chequered past, (think corruption, tax evasion and extra marital affairs and embezzlement), Charles James ‘Charlie’ Haughey gave up playing the system in 2006. Finally Pakistani singer with the dodgy haircut and what looks like a caterpillar on the upper lip, Mehdi Hassan Khan didn’t have to warm his vocal chords again after 2012.


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