Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 14th June

We begin today’s posting with German psychiatrist and neuropathologist Aloysius ‘Alois’ Alzheimer, who has a, err, erm, what’s it called after him but thankfully never forgot he was born in 1864. Norwegian of the day is advanced abacus user Atle Selberg who began counting the years from 1917. Ex-member of the communist party and black listed Hollywood act tor who re-built Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre on London’s South Bank as well as being Zoë’s old man, Samuel Wantenmaker (or just Sam Wanamaker), had his premiere in 1919. Also born that year is fellow actor Eugene Klass or as he became known Gene Barry found he had a naked alibi. Argentinian born agitator in Cuba who’s made a fortune for someone through posters and badges, Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara revolutionised his parents lives after 1928. Singer Renaldo ‘Obie’ Benson couldn’t help himself being born in 1936. Voiceover artist/actress Marilyn Sue Schreffler was the golden child to her parents in 1945. Owner of various tall towers and golf courses across America, ‘interesting’ Presidential candidate Donald started trumping in 1946. Bearded Welsh poet, Terry Pratchett looky likey (minus the hat) and ex-Arch Bishop of Canterbury, Rowan Douglas Williams held court in 1950. Old drag queen and near national treasure, Paul James O’Grady had his eyes down in 1955. Reporter of false crime, ex-community service road sweeper in New York, wearer of excessively large hats and dresser upper/singer for Culture Club, George O’Dowd or Boy George started the crying game in 1961. Tennis ball hitter and current Mrs A Agassi Stefanie Mari ‘Steffi’ Graf had her debut delivery in 1969. Toothy and speccy comedian who’s no relation to Jimmy, Alan Carr got his first vision of the world in 1976.

Death wise, having mentioned 104th Archbishop of Canterbury (above), here’s another – Simon Sudbury was at the other end of life in 1381. Defector from the American Continental Army to the British Army in the American Civil War, Benedict Arnold lost his stiff upper lip in 1801. Author Jerome Klapka Jerome who was mentioned on 2nd May in honour of his birthday, gets another go given he had the idle thoughts of an idle fellow from 1927. Women’s rights campaigner and chain enthusiast not to mention handbag swinger Emmeline Pankhurst (née Goulden), hung her sash up in 1928. Inventor of the square box found in the corner of virtually every house around the world, John Logie Baird unplugged in 1946. Author and poet Salvatore Quasimodo had a slightly altered coffin in 1968. Dame Edith Margaret Emily ‘Peggy’ Ashcroft gave her best ever death scene in 1991. Composer/conductor/arranger Enrico Nicola ‘Henry’ Mancini knew the score when it came to dying in 1994. Great Irish rocker, William Rory Gallagher didn’t get to rock or even move after today in 1995. Controversial ninth President of Austria Kurt Josef Waldheim still wondered what the fuss was all about in 2007. Finally, known for his role in sometime fairly amusing sit-com ‘Allo Allo’, Roger Michael Kelly, (or to use his stage name Sam Kelly) got to say, ‘Goodbye Goodbye’ in 2014.


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