Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 23rd June

Ancient royal of the day, King James III’s wife Margaret of Denmark/Norway kicks things off today given she started out in 1456. First wife of small French agitator Napoleon I, Joséphine de Beauharnais (née Tascher de la Pagerie), found tonight was her night in 1763. Another old royal to feature today is short lived, abdicating, alleged Nazi sympathising King of England with the associated outposts of the Empire (and gold digging Mrs), Edward VIII went his own way in 1894. Having mentioned early day computer whizz on 7th June when suffered an irretreviable loss of data, here’s Alan Mathison Turing again as he had a clean install in 1912. Singing second wife to ‘The Man in Black’ June Carter Cash pressed on in 1929. Teen girls idol and not very good financial journo, Terence ‘Terry’ Nelhams-Wright or Adam Faith found the time has come in 1940. Also born that year is fifth Beatle, (until he was sacked) Stuart Fergusson Victor Sutcliffe started to play along. Gary Ewing from dull television series Knots Landing, actor Theodore Tillman ‘Ted’ Shackleford III was the young and the restless in 1946. Champion divot maker and driver Colin Stuart Montgomerie chipped into life back in 1963. Ivor Novello receipient (somehow), Scottish singer/songwriter Kate Victoria (KT) Tunstall suddenly saw the world in 1975. Another singer, this one from Wales Aimee Ann Duffy showed her mother some mercy by being born in 1985.

As for deaths, it’s a very quiet day yet we start with Sir Henry de Bohun who took part in the Battle of Bannockburn and received an axe in the back of his head from Robert the Bruce for his troubles in 1314. Son of Indira Ghandi who entered the political fray in India took his leave in 1980. Keeping with the Indian theme, and also not making it through 1980, fourth President of India Varahagirl Venkata Giri found he started to take things a bit easier. Known for playing Uncle Albert in great BBC sit-com Only Fools and Horses, Harry ‘Buster’ Merryfield passed away in 1999, never getting to be a millionaire. Ex-owner of the largest house in Los Angeles and producer of some well known (but not all good) films and television series, Aaron Spelling saw the last sunset in 2006. Johnny Carson’s sidekick Edward Leo Peter ‘Ed’ McMahon Jr. saw the screen go blank in 2009. Dirty Mac owner with the unkempt hair and cigar, Peter Falk detected something wasn’t right in 2011. Finally, founder of hair dying company Redken, Paula Jane Meehan just went for the dying bit in 2014.


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