Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 25th June

Today’s births begin with Beatrice of England, not the rather funny looking daughter of Sarah ‘Toesucker’ Ferguson and Prince Andy, but daughter of Henry III of England and Eleanor of Provence joined the house of Plantagenet in 1242. Early day surgeon Wilhelm Fabry made it into the world back in 1560, without the aid of a machine that went ping. Serial bed jumper and Prince Chas’s favourite uncle, born Prince Louis of Mountbatten, but to give him his full name Louis Francis Albert Victor Nicholas Mountbatten, 1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma, launched himself off in 1900. Keeping with the royal theme, Yasuhito, Prince Chichibu of Japan started wearing braid in 1902. Born Eric Arthur Blair, (no relation to charades expert Lionel, or the unhinged Tony), in India – writer George Orwell came out for air in 1903. Boss eyed winged chair hogger in his dinner jacket whilst reading Odd Odes on That’s Life, Cyril Fletcher pinned back his lug holes for the first time in 1913. Vishwanath Pratap (V.P.) Singh Prime Minister of India for all of about eleven months had his direct action day in 1931. Pop artist credited with creating iconic album cover for Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart Club Band (among others), Peter Thomas Blake has been drawing on life’s experiences since 1932. Lead singer with group bearing his name – Harold Melvin was reaching for the world in 1939. Non relation to Paul, fellow singer Carly Simon isn’t so vain about reaching 71. Older brother to Neil, but still a leading light in his own bands, Kiwi born Brian Timothy ‘Tim’ Finn found it runs in the family 64 years ago. Reading (Berkshire) most famous son, Ricky Dene Gervais grinned his way into life back in 1961, whilst a year later in 1962 large framed omnipresent quiz show panellist Phillip Christopher Swan, or just Phil Jupitus, didn’t realise he had his first audience. Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou also known as George Michael ex-singer with teen girls favourite band Wham! found his freedom in 1963, but that was before he was banged up in 1998 after being caught in a public toilet in Beverley Hills after a careless whisper, (amongst, ahem, other things). Actress known for playing Kelly Gaines in un-amusing sitcom Cheers, Jackie Swanson started the baby talk in 1963. The rather unfortunately named model Michele Merkin doesn’t need proof about being born in 1975. Great actress Sheridan Smith had her eyes down in 1981.

Having dealt with the births above, we now turn our attention to deaths, and to this end Pope Cornelius made sure the fire was started in 253. Niels, King of Denmark found his reign over in 1134. Mum to Eleanor of England (above), chose today of all days to call it a day in 1291. French musketeer Charles Ogier de-Batz Castlemore d’Artagnan found it was all for one in 1673. The Custer Brothers – Boston, George Armstrong and Thomas all took their last stand at the Battle of the Bighorn in 1876. Animator David ‘Dave’ Fleischer found his stop motion moment came in 1979. Underwater diver who was mentioned a couple of weeks ago in honour of his birthday, Jacques Cousteau found his overground air tanks (his lungs) stopped working in 1997. Charlie’s Angel Mary Farrah Leni Fawcett became a real life angel in 2009. Finally, also not making it through that year, sparkly glove wearing, moon walking, chimp owning fan of young boys, Michael Joseph Jackson the bleached skinned fan of propofol and benzodiazepine found out this really was it for him.


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