Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 28th June

We start today’s posting with Spanish hating Gian Pietro Carafa or Pope Paul IV who was a mere laity in 1476. Continuing with the Catholic theme, six time married (before they frowned on divorce) and Pope disagreer, Tudor King Henry VIII of England decreed it was his time in 1491. Teetotal hymn writing founder of Methodism, John Wesley felt the love in 1703. Dogging enthusiast, (as in founding the dog show named after him), Charles Alfred Cruft was well trained after being born in 1852. Prime Minister of France, Pierre Laval held the balance of power in 1883. Ex-Cabinet Minister in Britain with the hangdog expression, William Stephen Ian ‘Willie’ Whitelaw had a commencement order in 1918. Continuing the political theme, ninth Indian Prime Minister, Pamulaparti Venkata Narasimha Rao didn’t debate about being delivered in 1921. Melvin James Kaminsky who’s probably better known as Mel Brooks, was unsure to be or not to be this day in 1926. Real life Mr Creosote, child abuser and ex-Cabinet member who got everything hushed up about him, Cyril Smith popped out in 1928. President of Brazil, Itamar Augusto Cautiero Franco bobbed along in 1930. Top sit-com actor in ‘Are You Being Served?’, Frederick John Inman was free in 1935. One fat lady, Clarissa Theresa Philomena Aileen Mary Josephine Agnes Elise Trilby Louise Esmeralda Dickson Wright kept the birth registrar busy in 1947. A year later in 1948, Tennessee actress Kathleen Doyle ‘Kathy’ Bates showed signs of life. Controversial writer Adrian Anthony (A.A.) Gill must have been an objectionable baby in 1954. Actor John Paul Cusack made it through the thin red line in 1966. Tall daughter of short F1 mogul Bernie, Tamara Ecclestone Rutland was under starter’s orders in 1984.

The deaths paragraph also starts with a Pope, this one III before the one above, given Pope Paul I gave wearing sandals and wafting incense about a rest from 767. Roman emperor Louis the Blind was also Louis the Dead in 928. Prince Lazar Hrebeljanović ruler of Serbia opted for the eternal heavenly kingdom option in 1389. Fourth President of the United States of America, James Madison Jr., found he ran out of time in 1836. Lesser known mate of James Butler ‘Wild Bill’ Hickok, John Baker ‘Texas Jack’ Omohundro headed west in 1880. 33rd, 37th and 41st Prime Minister of France, Jules Armand Stanislas Dufaure never got to see the Élysée Palace again after 1881. Fourth President of Brazil, Dr. Manuel Ferraz de Campos Sales left the sash off from 1913. Precipitator of the First World War, with a Scottish band named after him, Archduke Franz Ferdinand drew his last breath in 1914. Cricketer Victor Thomas Trumper probably let out more than a trump before dying in 1915. Actress Irene Joan Marion Sims didn’t get to carry on in 2001. Finally, ex-manager of band with the extreme make up – Kiss, as well as producing Supermarket Sweep (well before Dale Winton got to hear about it), William ‘Bill’ Aucoin saw the end game in 2010.


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