Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 1st July

Births (and deaths) seem to have picked up a bit today, so without any further ado, we kick proceedings off with sort of Norwegian of the day as Christian II King of Denmark and Norway who ruled for a few years before swopping sides and ruling Sweden for a few more years ventured forth in 1481. Keeping with the Scandinavian royal theme, Christian’s relative Frederick II, also of Denmark and Norway, held court in 1534. Aviator with the moustache nearly as big as the propellers on his plane, (and not forgetting his development of the car headlamp), Louis Charles Joseph Blériot glided through in 1872. First Prime Minister of the Faroe Islands Andrass Samuelsen who was mentioned yesterday in the deaths paragraph gets his second mention in as many days given he didn’t let the present buyers down in 1873. Another flyer, this one aviatrix who took desperate measures to get away from Croydon (Surrey) by flying to Australia, Amy Johnson released the chocks in 1903. Josephine Esther Mentzer otherwise known as cosmetic queen Estée Lauder had her first makeover in 1906. Actress Karen Blanche Black (née Ziegler), was born to win in 1939. Ex-waitress and bunny girl who turned her hand to singing, (and hasn’t done too badly at that), Deborah Ann ‘Debbie’ Harry wasn’t dreamin’ 71 years ago. One hit wonder from Australia, John Peter Farnham Jr., found his voice in 1949. Known for his roles in Shoestring and dull police series Waking the Dead, actor Trevor Eve has never had a sense of guilt having been born in 1951. Also born that year is camp singer with The B52’s, Frederick William ‘Fred’ Schneider III left the love shack. Canadian half of The Blues Brothers and Ghostbuster, Daniel Edward ‘Dan’ Ackroyd was a bright young thing in 1952. First wife of Chas, mum to Bill & Harry, alternative charity supporter and media manipulator, Diana Spencer/Princess of Wales, found there were more than three present at her birth in 1961. Chesty actress (among many other things), Pamela Denise Anderson has found herself wearing nearly as many clothes over the years as when born in 1967. Hip hop singer Melissa Arnette Elliott or just Missy Elliott, found this is not a test in 1971. Daughter to rubber lipped frontman of Aerosmith, Steve – Liv Rundgren Tyler didn’t want to miss a thing when born in 1977. Definite Norwegian Marit Elisabeth Larsen who’s had a few hits in Scandinavia was more over than under the surface in 1983.

As for deaths, the following failed to make it through the day starting with Ali ibn Muhammad ibn Ali or just Ali al-Hadi, tenth of twelve Muslim Imans had his last prayer in 868. Another of the Bach clan that made a living as a composer, Wilhelm Friedemann Bach found his organ playing days over in 1784. Fan of rubber, Charles Goodyear didn’t get to bounce back again after 1860. Irish writer Peadar Toner Mac Fhionnlaoich was marbh from 1942. Husband to Eva (Evita), Argentine Presidente Juan Domingo Perón munched his last steak in 1974. Actor Eugene Maurice Orowitz, or Michael Landon found his highway to heaven in 1991. Film noir actor Robert Charles Durman Mitchell found the fire down below the coffin in 1997. Son of Mars Inc. founder, Forrest Edward Mars Sr., saw to it that he had plenty of time for rest rather than work or play from 1999. Star of some good films Walter Matthau certainly wasn’t a survivor given he stopped breathing in 2000. Final actor to turn over is Marlon Brando Jr., who didn’t get a last tango in Paris seeing as he took his last breath in UCLA Medical Centre back in 2004. Singer who lived up to his surname, Luther Ronzoni Vandross Jr., found it wasn’t for always and ever in 2005. English cricketer Frederick Sewards Truman was all out at 75 in 2006. Known for playing pussy (cat) loving Mrs Slocombe in Are You Being Served? Mollie Sugden stopped dying her hair in 2009. Finally, co-creator of Twister Charles ‘Chuck’ Foley, was as straight as a board in 2013.


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