Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 2nd July

Having given a shout out to Ali al-Hadi yesterday, (albeit in the deaths paragraph), here we have Archbishop of Canterbury Thomas Cranmer, who graced us with his presence in 1489. Sixth Prime Minister of Canada, Charles Tupper, premiered in 1821. British Prime Minister for just under a year, Alexander Frederick Douglas-Home had an early day motion in 1903. Also born in 1903 is Norwegian of the day, King Olav V had his first sight of the throne, although it took him a couple of years to sit on it. Chav’s second favourite designer (after Burberry), French tennis player and creator of the Polo shirt Jean René ‘The Crocodile’ Lacoste rallied for the first time in 1904. Italian born second, (or even third), rate designer who’s put his name to pretty much everything from sunglasses to underpants, Pierre Cardin, or Pietro Cardin, is still touching cloth 94 years after being born. Tax dodging excessive shoe hoarder with the alternative moniker of ‘Steel Butterfly’, former First Lady of the Philippines Imelda Romuáldez Marcos will celebrate her 87th birthday by buying another pair of slippers. Founder of golden arch rival, (other fast food restaurants are available) – Wendy’s, Rex David ‘Dave’ Thomas was subject to his first takeaway in 1932. Original member of The Temptations, Paul Williams was gettin’ ready to be born in 1939. 55th President of Mexico – Vincente Fox Quesada joined the party in 1942. Leggy Texan model, glamorous granny who’s the ex-girlfriend of Brian Ferry and sort of Mrs Jagger before becoming definite Mrs Murdoch, Jerry Faye Hall had her first casting in 1956. Great northern comedian Peter John Kay, was yet to find out garlic bread was the future in 1973. Rehab queen Lindsay Dee Lohan was released from the parent trap in 1986.

As for deaths, Bishop of Winchester and Patron Saint of Rain, (or sun if you prefer such things), Swithun has been resting a lot longer than 40 days given he stopped breathing in 862. Apothecary and soothsayer Michel de Nostredame who went by the moniker Nostradamus, couldn’t have been that good given he didn’t foresee his death in 1566. Second British Prime Minister Spencer Compton, 1st Earl of Wilmington keeled over in office in 1743. Not to be outdone, founder of modern day plod in Britain and (another) British Prime Minister Sir Robert Peel stopped the beat in 1850. Having mentioned 55th President of Mexico (above), here we have 29th President of the same country, José de la Cruz Porfirio Díaz Mori eased off on the medals and soft brushes on the shoulders from 1915. Having mentioned the first person to fly across the channel yesterday, here’s the second person to have swum it, (and represent the French at water polo in the 1900 Paris Olympics), turncoat Thomas William ‘Bill’ Burgess didn’t grab the life bouy properly in 1950. Conch Republic citizen and Noble Literature prize winner, Ernest Miller Hemmingway permanently wrote himself out of the plot in 1961. Actor James Maitland ‘Jimmy’ Stewart, the one with the drawl, went off to meet Gloria (again) in 1997. Finally, in 2013 the person we have to ‘thank’ for the non-working computer mouse, Douglas Carl Engelbart found he’d timed out.


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