Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 16th July

We begin today’s births paragraph with first Norwegian of the day – fan of all things freezing and thick fur coats, Roald Engelbregt Gravning Amundsen had his first tumble in 1872. Continuing with the Nordic theme, 1st Secretary General with motion passing council the United Nations, Trygve Halvdan Lie found he had to tell the truth about his birthday from 1896. Star of the first Phantom of the Opera film, Mary Philbin got on the merry go round in 1903. Pop corn king Orville Clarence Redenbacher, expanded from 1907. Dancer across the screen in various black and white films with her bestie Fred, Virginia Katherine McMath or Ginger Rogers got out of a tight spot in 1911. Fourth President of South Korea Choi Kyu-hah, democratically decided today was his day in 1919. Morning Star reader and member of acting clan, Corin William Redgrave entered far stage left in 1939. Known equally for his singing as well as being one of the few famous people with matching initials for his name, Desmond Decker found he really could have it if he wanted from 1941. One third of The Police and tapper of everything but drums in their videos, Stewart Armstrong Copeland had his own fall out in 1952. Seemingly having been bored by boxing and playing the flute, jigger to dull music – Michael Ryan Flatley will probably flail his legs in celebration of reaching his 58th birthday. Spanish pedlar who puffed his way round France 11 times, Miguel Indurain Larraya had his first breakaway in 1964. Ex-jailbird and replacement for ‘retired’ DJ Chris Tarrant, (the one who barely took a breath), Jonathan Randall ‘Johnny’ Vaughan had an early start in 1966. Star of various dull films, (think Elf), John William ‘Will’ Ferrell found his first calling in 1967. Bespectacled and bald co-founder of Wikipedia, (so it must be true), Laurence Mark ‘Larry’ Sanger didn’t know his name was first recorded in 1968. Star of Jackass Christopher Andrew ‘Chris’ Pontius started practising stunts early in 1974. Welshman who’s been running around football pitches with his little man bun, Gareth Frank Bale winged it in 1989.

As for deaths, it’s another quiet day, but we do start in 1216 when the (hopefully) rightly named Pope Innocent III gave up his bed in the Vatican. Ex-wife of Henry VIII, (who didn’t get her head cut off), Anne of Cleves called it a day in 1557. Padded up American footballer Junious ‘Buck’ Buchanan kicked his last bucket in 1992. Belgian Maurice De Bevere or Morris to the fans of his comic strip ‘Lucky Luke’, found his luck ran out in 2001. Ex-President of Panasonic, Masaharu Matsushita shorted out in 2012. Finally, co-founder of discount food retailer Aldi, Karl Hans Albrecht probably haggled over the cost of his funeral before dying in 2014.


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