Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 18th July

Novelist William Makepeace Thackeray starts today’s posting as he didn’t have critical reviews after birth in 1811. First Prime Minister of Sweden Louis Gerhard De Geer reformed his parents lives from 1818. Cricket bat holder with the beard, William Gilbert ‘W.G.’ Grace was all out in 1848. Unpopular Norwegian of the day – puppet Minister President, Vidkun Abraham Lauritz Jonssøn Quisling stopped occupying his mum’s stomach in 1887. 15th Prime Minister of Australia (for all of eight days), Francis Michael Forde took affirmative action in 1890. Prime Minister, (and when he got bored of that he overthrew his first cousin becoming the first President of Afghanistan), Mohammed Dauod Khan progressed through life after 1909. Former terrorist who became pretty well acquainted with his prison cell before nabbing the top job in South Africa, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela experienced freedom for the first time in 1918. Inventor of various things including: cordless telephones, fax machines, videocassette recorders, camcorders and the magnetic tape drive in Sony Walkman tape players (remember them?), Jereome ‘Jerry’ Hal Lemelson surprisingly didn’t get the patent on being born in 1923. Six timed married singer Jalacy ‘Screamin’ Jay’ Hawkins started to hear voices in 1929. Clouseau’s sparring partner before going onto star in dire BBC sit-com, ‘Last of the Summer Wine’, Herbert Tsangtse ‘Burt’ Kwouk had a tickle on the tum from 1930. 69th Shankarachrya, Sri Jayendra Sarawathi Swamigal or Subramanyam Mahadeva Iyer as he was initially known, had his prayers answered by being born in 1935. ‘Gonzo’ journalist and author with the cigarette holder plus glasses, Hunter Stockton Thompson found he didn’t have a fear or loathing of being born in 1937. Actor and husband to Barbra Streisand as well as being dad to Josh, Craig Kenneth Bruderlin, or as he’s better known James Brolin, didn’t quite get a standing ovation upon his delivery in 1940. Motown singer Martha Rose Reeves must have had her dad dancing in the streets back in 1941. Editor-in-Chief with the family rag, Malcolm Stevenson ‘Steve’ Forbes, Jr., started doing his business in 1947. Smiling blonde(ish) haired billionaire who’s worn a few interesting jumpers over the years, Sir Richard Charles Nicholas of Branson will no doubt be partying like a 66 year old on Necker Island. Also born in 1950 is horseshoe moustached leather wearing biker with dangly things around his neck, Glen Martin Hughes wasn’t quite a village person given he was born in New York City. Chief English divot maker Nicholas Alexander ‘Nick’ Faldo was a driving force in 1957. 35th President of Panama, Martín Erasto Torrijos Espino made it down the birth canal in 1963. Mark Sinclair, or deep voiced bald action hero, (to some), Vin Diesel had a fast and furious birth in 1967. Mathangi ‘Maya’ Arulpragasam, or rapper M.I.A. took it upon herself to be heard this day in 1975. Radio DJ Annie MacManus had her first sound check in 1978.

Death wise, Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio who was better known by his surname given the other Michelangelo bagged the first name, faded away in 1610. Earlier version of slushy romantic writer Barbara Cartland, (minus the pink, yappy dogs and excessive makeup), Jane Austen finished her final chapter in 1817. 26th President of Mexico, Benito Pablo Juárez García didn’t get to see a wall, rather the inside of a coffin in 1872. Founder of travel company bearing his name – Thomas Cook took his final trip, to the cemetery in 1892. Daughter of Salvation Army founders William & Catherine Booth, Lucy Milward Booth was promoted to glory herself in 1953. Gangster George Francis Barnes Jr., or ‘Machine Gun Kelly’ ran out of ammunition in 1954. Italian wearer of Lycra and thrower of water bottles, Fabio Casartelli hit the wall in 1995. Finally, Bollywood actor with the Frankie Howerd haircut, Jatin Khanna or Rajesh Khanna didn’t get to see the credits roll again in 2012.


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