Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 19th July

It seems today is a bit of a slow day for both births and deaths, however, we start with founder of firearm maker bearing his name as Samuel Colt had his first dummy in 1814. One of the founders of the Mayo Clinic, Charles Horace Mayo spread himself a bit thin in 1865. Having mentioned ‘The Father of Cricket’ only yesterday, here we have Kent (England) cricketer Arthur Fielder, (who was actually a bowler), and was off the mark in 1877. Animator responsible for Betty Boop and Popeye, (among others), Max Fleischer had his first clean up in 1883. Actor and best mate with Clint Eastwood, Martin Patterson ‘Pat’ Hingle had a sudden impact on his parents from 1924. Singer with the Average White Band, Alan Edward Gorrie showed more than his hand in 1946. Songwriter for the Eagles, Bernard Matthew ‘Bernie’ Leadon III took it to the limit in 1947. Also born that year was frizzy haired badger loving astrophysicist and guitar plucker, Brian Harold May wanted to break free and managed to achieve this aim. Actress and Mrs Steve Carell, Nancy Ellen Carell (née Wallis), improvised her entrance to the world in 1966. 16 time removed second cousin to King Richard III, (so barely a relative at all), act tor Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch wasn’t inseparable from his mum in 1976. Norwegian of the day is stop motion animator Lasse Gjertsen found his birth happen in real time back in 1984.

As mentioned above it’s a slow day on the deaths front, but we do begin with Pope Saint Symmachus who needed more than a miracle to last the day back in 514. Cartographer with a train station named in his honour Captain Matthew Flinders flat lined in 1814. Clímaco Calderón Reyes President of Columbia for all of a day, stopped the marching powers in 1913. First President of South Korea Syngman Rhee stopped eating dogs in 1965. Actor Joseph A. ‘Joe’ Flynn floated away in 1974. Prime Minister of Turkey – Ismail Nihat Erim, left all the trimmings in 1980. 70th Prime Minister of Japan, Zenkō Suzuki left the Geisha girls wanting more from 1982. Great English comedian and film director, Melvin Kenneth ‘Mel’ Smith folded his directors chair up in 2013. Finally, television detective and maverick, James Scott Bumgarner who took the bum out to become James Garner obviously didn’t detect he’d be dead by the end of the day in 2014.


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