Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 20th July

Today’s posting starts with bivouac residing crampon fan who was best mates with Tenzing Norgay, Edmund Percival Hillary had his initial descent in 1919. Target of various tabloid writers along with Maggie T, eighth President of the European Commission Jacques Lucien Jean Delors regulated his entrance to the world in 1925. Known for her role in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Sally Ann Howes avoided the child catcher from 1930. Second rate game show host and ‘comedian’ Edward George ‘Ted’ Rogers counted down the days to his birthday in 1935. Actress Enid Diana Elizabeth Rigg or as she was also known to people of a certain age, Emma Peel, and to a younger generation Olenna Tyrell, has been an honourable rebel since 1938. Miss Brahms in classic sit-com ‘Are You Being Served?’ before going onto star in depressing soap opera ‘EastEnders’, Wendy Emerton/Richard was a newcomer in 1943. One hit wonder before bothering the lower reaches of the charts, Kim Carnes did cry like a baby in 1945. Ex-mariachi enthusiast with the moustache and sunglasses, Carlos Santana didn’t hold on given he’s been celebrating his birthday since 1947. Actor Muse Watson gave his parents something to talk about in 1948. Widow to sandy coloured shorts/shirt wearer Steve, Theresa Penelope ‘Terri’ Irwin (née Raines) hatched in 1964. Latter day Bruce Forsyth, twinkle toed Anton du Beke put his best foot forward in 1966. Related to various royal families around Europe, (including the Windsors), Norwegian royal of the day – Haakon Crown Prince of Norway was delivered to the nation (and world) in 1973. Wearer of underwear as a job and United Nations Goodwill Ambassador for their Environment Programme (whatever that means), Gisele Caroline Bündchen was made up being born in 1980.

As for deaths, given the amount of Pope’s mentioned here it’s quite refreshing to give Antipope Boniface VII a shout out seeing as he was permanently excommunicated in 985. Oshin, King of Armenia was the latest member of his family to be assassinated in 1320. Not to be outdone by Boniface VII, proper Pope, Pope Leo XIII found he couldn’t sip wine, nibble bread or waft incense about from 1903. Inventor who’s company is still going today, Guglielmo Marconi lost his signal in 1937. First wife of Charlie Chaplin and silent movie actress, Mildred Harris took the seal of silence in 1944. President of Haiti Léon Dumarsais Estimé exiled himself in 1953. Indian singer born Geetā Ghosh Roy Chowdhuri, but known as Geetā Dutt never quite got the breathing technique right again after 1972. Martial arts actor Bruce Lee stopped waving the nunchucks around in 1973. Non-talking older brother to Clement, paint splatterer Lucien Freud saw his final scene, the ceiling, in 2011. English journo Sir James William Alexander ‘Alastair’ Burnet shuffled his papers for the last time in 2012. Finally, Indian actor Kadhal Dhandapani called it a wrap in 2014.


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