Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 21st July

Today’s posting begins with Jean-Félix Picard, who must have been Jean-Luc Picard’s great great great grandfather given he waited for the stars to align in 1620. British Prime Minister Thomas Pelham-Holles, took a few years from 1693 to start wearing wigs. One of the few people to be born, (and to die), on the same day is American outlaw with the rather large moustache Sam Bass started off in 1851. Conch Republic resident who bagged the Nobel Prize in Literature whilst keeping odd cats, Ernest Miller Hemingway started having movable feasts in 1899. Having mentioned Miss Brahms only yesterday and her co-star the pussy (cat) loving, multi coloured hair dyer a mere 20 days ago, when she breathed her last, here’s Isabel Mary ‘Mollie’ Sugden again given she breathed her first in 1922. Indian cricketer Chandrakant Gulabrao ‘Chandu’ Borde, wasn’t stumped when he came to be delivered in 1934. Singer who’s kept the passport office busy – born Steven Demetre Georgiou only then to become known as Cat Stevens before settling on Yusuf Islam, was the son to his father in 1948. Also born that year, unamusing cartoonist Gary Trudeau who had his dad pacing during his birth. Hairy armed ex-coke fan who starred in loads of films, Robin McLaurin Williams went through nine months before improvising throughout his birth in 1951. Slap head ex-husband of red top (in more ways than one) editor Rebekah Wade – Ross Kemp joined the gang in 1964. Actor Joshua Daniel ‘Josh’ Hartnett cracked it in 1974. Wacky, (sorry retro and eccentric) singer Paloma Faith Blomfield wasn’t born upside down in 1985.

Deaths appear to be somewhat thin on the ground, yet we start with Sir Henry Percy or the slightly hipper Sir Harry Hotspur or just Hotspur, though it hasn’t been documented whether he ended up in Tottenham, London back in 1403. Haggis, tatties and neaps muncher whilst composing odes, Robert/Rabbie Burns found he didn’t have to listen to bagpipes after 1796. As mentioned above, American outlaw with the moustache, Sam Bass just about reached the ’27 Club’ in 1878. Swashbuckling act tor Philip St. John Basil Rathbone who was mentioned last month in honour of his birth, gets another mention as he had his last hurrah in 1967. Singing mate of Rod Stewart and Elton John, (among others) – John William ‘Long John’ Baldry got the silent treatment in 2005. Finally, boxer and All Black team member Kevin Lawrence Skinner lined out in 2014.


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