Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 22nd July

Today we begin with James Whale, not the gobby British radio presenter but film director who found himself on set in 1889. Writer of etiquette manual bearing her name, Amy Vanderbilt was on her best behaviour when born in 1908. Indian singer Mukesh Chand Mathur (who went by his first name), found his voice in 1923. Republican nominee for President of the United States of America back in 1996, (when he was 73) – Robert Joseph ‘Bob’ Dole has kept himself busy since 1923. Actress Estelle Louise Fletcher found what’s in a child’s name from 1934. Actor Terence Stamp had his first full frontal scene in 1939. Non relation to ex-user of Air Force One, keeper of the briefcase with the nuclear button and stainer of dresses Bill, funkster George Clinton joined the party in 1941. Hollywood worker Danny Lebern Glover had a witness (or three) at his birth in 1946. A year later in 1947, Eagle Donald Hugh ‘Don’ Henley didn’t let his mum take it easy during his birth. U.S. House of Representative for Ohio’s 14th District (wherever that is), Steven C (I dread to think what that stands for) ‘Steve’ LaTourette swears blind he was born in 1954. Actor with the distinctive face William J. ‘Willem’ Dafoe wasn’t born on the Fourth of July given he’s been celebrating this day since 1955. Curly red haired child actress who’s still putting on a show, Bonita Melody Lysette ‘Bonnie’ Langford screamed and screamed upon her arrival in 1964. Welsh speaking act tor with the unkempt hair, Rhys Owain Ifans took his cue in 1968. Dirge singer-songwriter from New York, Rufus McGarrigle Wainwright was just as happy being delivered to the world in 1973. Prince Felix Henrik Valdemar Christian of Denmark also picked up the title Count of Monpezat when born in 2002. Not to be out done Prince George (Alexander Louis) of Cambridge will get some jelly and ice cream to celebrate his third birthday.

As for people expiring, King Charles VII of France also known as the Victorious or the Well-Served found himself beaten terminally in 1461. Alleged tallest Dutch woman Trijintje Cornelisdochter Keever, who stood, (or in this case laid) 8ft 4ins, (2.45 metres in new money), got another 3ft (0.91m) tacked on her coffin in 1633. Pope Clement X met his maker in 1676. Designer/builder of wire suspension bridges (including the Brooklyn Bridge), Johann August Röbling/John Augustus Roebling found his life spanned 63 years ending in 1869. Having designed a stamp for Canada he went onto bigger things by coming up with standard time zones across the globe, unfortunately Sir Sandford Fleming saw his time run out in 1915. Indian World War I flying ace Indra Lal Roy found the chocks applied in 1918. Tenth Prime Minister of Canada William Lyon Mackenzie King, found the other dispatch box a reality in 1950. Wayne McLaren who you probably know as the Marlboro Man rather ironically went up in smoke himself in 1992. Crazed sons of iron fisted dictator Saddam, Qusay and Uday Hussain found out the hard way not to take on the American Army in 2003. Easy listening (to some) singer, Alexandre ‘Sacha’ Distel was more stop than go from 2004. Finally, actor Dennis Farina found his luck ran out in 2013.


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