Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 24th July

Today’s posting is another pretty quiet one for both births and deaths – to this end we start with writer of Amazing Grace, having heard enough of sea shanties as former captain of a slave ship, John Newton slipped out in 1725. American aviatrix Amelia Earhart found the slipstream in 1897. Founder of ‘Honest Ed’s’ discount store (amongst other things) in Canada, Yehuda Edwin ‘Ed’ Mirvish set out his stall by being born in 1914. Actor and dad to Jennifer, Giannis Anastasakis, or as the viewers of the dull sounding day time drama Days of Our Lives know him, John Anthony Aniston was fired up enough to be born in 1933. Star of boring film Planet of the Apes and its sequel Linda Melson Harrison was way…way out in 1945. Known as Ted Striker in Airplane! Robert Hayes reached the outer limits in 1947. Previous winner of Miss USA who went onto become Wonder Woman Lynda Jean Córdova Carter, or just Lynda Carter, had family blessings bestowed upon her in 1951. Having sung a few tunes, starred in some films, danced a bit, written some stuff, designed some fashion items and produced something or other, Jennifer Lynn Lopez had her mum tell the doc, ‘Hold it, don’t drop it’ in 1969. Having mentioned her mum only a few days ago, here’s Steve & Terri’s daughter, who seems to have done everything from songwriting to winning a dancing show, Bindi Sue Irwin was a young girl back in 1998.

Death wise, Emperor Shirakawa of Japan hasn’t had a car named in his honour despite dying in 1129. Eighth President of the United States of America, Martin van Buren had the Stars and Stripes at half mast in 1862. Mountaineer who made it up Everest before all the rubbish started to appear, Wilfred Noyce found the dead point in 1962. Hollywood star Constance Campbell Bennett learnt the code of the west in 1965. Another Greek Prime Minister, this one Konstantinos Dovas didn’t get to spend any more drachmas after 1973. One of the greatest comedy actors, ever, Richard Henry Sellers or as he became known Peter Sellers, did let go in 1980. Cue holding multi coloured ball dropping player mentioned back in March when he was born, Alexander Gordon ‘Alex’ Higgins took his final rest in 2010. Raymon Lee Cramton or Chad Everett could have done with the help of Dr. Joe Gannon back in 2012. Finally, also not making it through that year is inventor of computerised tomography (CT) scanner Robert Ledley who rather ironically didn’t get to use one before expiring.


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