Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 26th July

Births seem to have picked up somewhat today, so without any further ado we’ll kick off with non relation to dress staining impeached President of the United States of America, William Jefferson Clinton – George Clinton, (not the funkster I mentioned on 22nd July either, but fourth Vice President of the US of A found he had his own Declaration of Independence in 1739. 19th President of Mexico José Mariano Buenaventura Ignacio Nepomuceno García de Arista Nuez took all of the space up in the name box on his birth certificate in 1802. Nobel prize winner for Literature, writer of Pygmalion and co-founder of bolshy student establishment, London School of Economics, George Bernard Shaw showed his immaturity in 1856. Film and stage actor Lars Mauritz Hanson made it through the wings in 1886. Godalming (Surrey) born writer and pacifist with the alternative name, Aldous Leonard Huxley entered a brave new world in 1894. 29th President of Chile Salvador Guillermo Allende Gossens started socialising in 1908. Sidekick to Lucille Ball on I Love Lucy, Vivian Roberta Jones/Vance, decided to take a chance on being born in 1909. William Blake Crump, or Blake Edwards – husband to Julie Andrews and director of great film franchise The Pink Panther, brought his smoke along in 1922. Actor whom I remember from The Dukes of Hazard, though he’d been in numerous things before that, Jewel Jules Franklin Guy, or as he was known professionally, James Best, burst through in 1926. Eighth President of Italy, Francesco Cossiga was leaning a bit after being born in 1928, also entering the world that year with his eyes wide shut was film director Stanley Kubrick. Another person born that year is dad to the Jackson clan, (the one’s who seem to think owning chimps as pets, wearing a spangly glove, moonwalking, popping copious amounts of various pills and wearing a bowler hat as the norm), Joseph Walter ‘Joe’ Jackson slipped into the world. Pro-Queen, (as in British monarch not the rock band), supporter who ran Southern Hemisphere continent full of snakes, spiders and bar-b-q’s, 25th Prime Minister of Australia John Winston Howard had his folks saying ‘Strewth’ in 1939. Original rubber lips, dad, grandad, great grandad and soon to be dad (again), geriatric singer Michael Philip ‘Mick’ Jagger got his mum to start him up in 1943. Glamorous pensioner (to some) and acclaimed actress Helen Lydia Mironoff (or Mirren as her Equity card states), had her first experience of a theatre in 1945. Having sort of mentioned his band above, drummer Roger Meadows Taylor managed to break free in 1949. Seeing as various other leaders of their respective country get a shout out, it seems only right to mention corrupt politician, Mr ex-Benazir Buhtto and 11th President of Pakistan, Asif Ali Zardari has been truthful about his birthday since 1955. American actor who’s adopted England as his home, Kevin Spacey Fowler had his outbreak in 1959. Miss Congeniality Sandra Annette Bullock had a premonition about being born in 1954, whilst a year later in 1965, Mr Selfridge actor Jeremy Piven had his first entourage. Daughter of late and great sit-com actor Richard, Kathrin Romary Beckinsale has told nothing but the truth over her birthdate since 1973.

Thankfully deaths are slightly lighter on the ground and we start with Pietro Barbo or Pope Paul II who didn’t get another view of St Peter’s Square after 1471. Having commissioned the Royal Pavilion in Brighton (East Sussex) George IV of the United Kingdom breathed his last at Windsor Castle in 1830. Born in Austria, Prince Otto Freidrich Ludwig of Bavaria, ended up as King of Greece under the Convention of London found himself in a slightly larger ottoman box (a coffin) in 1867. Argentine First Lady, María Eva Duarte de Perón stopped making money in 1952 and let Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber start doing so in her name back in 1976. Three time Prime Minister of Greece Nikolaos Plastiras abstained from life in 1953. Polling pioneer George Gallop obviously didn’t gauge opinion on dying in 1984. Serial killer and body snatcher Edward Theodore Gein got to join the other dead people in 1984. Carry On/sit-com actor Owen John ‘Terry’ Scott gave up bumbling about whilst shouting ‘Juuune’ after today in 1994. Inventor of both Pop Rocks (popping candy) and Cool Whip (imitation whipped cream), Dr. William A. ‘Bill’ Mitchell popped his clogs in 2004. Singer/songwriter John Weldon Cale or as he was better known, JJ Cale has been outside looking in since 2013. Finally, pioneer of controversial shale gas extraction George Phydias Mitchell stopped producing methane in 2013.


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