Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 27th July

After yesterday’s near mega posting, things have tailed off a bit today and given we don’t appear to have featured a Norwegian of the day for a little while, here’s Jacob Aall to rectify that given he arrived on time in 1773. General in the Confederate States Army, prior to which he was in the House of Representatives, Thomas Lanier Clingman thankfully didn’t cling on for too long in 1812. Sixth President of Portugal António José de Almeida started his medical research in 1866. Known for his aeroplane company bearing the family name, Geoffrey de Havilland pushed back in 1882. Vincent Canby, the New York Times film critic who reviewed in excess of 1,000 films (some of which he must have liked), had his first close up scene in 1927. Henry Patterson or Jack Higgins if you read his books started his first chapter in 1929. Ex-member of the red team before jumping ship with a few others and ultimately being one of the select few in the yellow corner -senior Liberal Democrat Shirley Williams was first past the post in 1930. Known for his role in Ironside, actor Donald Poe ‘Don’ Galloway entered the world at the general hospital in 1937. Co-creator of exceedingly dull game Dungeons & Dragons, Ernest Gary Gygax started to enjoy real life in 1938. Best known for his role in boring soap opera Knots Landing, actor John Pleshette premiered in 1942. Former captain of the Australian cricket team, Allan Robert Border wasn’t a blocker in 1955. British champion at Scrabble Allan (5) Simmonds (13) didn’t cheat on his birthdate back in 1957. One half of gold medal winning duo for England whilst wobbling around on ice skates at the Sarajevo Winter Olympics, Christopher Colin Dean didn’t experience the death drop in 1958. Actor and son to a former Australian Prime Minister, Julian Dana William McMahon had a premonition about being born in 1968. Irish hurler Diarmuid O’Sullivan threw himself into things back in 1978.

As for deaths, Pope Celestine I served 10 years working Sundays before retiring permanently in 432. Having researched colour blindness in people and working on atomic theory in his spare time, John Dalton saw everything go white, (or was it black?) in 1844. Having mentioned his forebear above, here’s 100th Prime Minister of Portugal António de Oliveira Salazar, who released his grip in 1970. Act tor James Neville Mason thought heaven waited long enough for him given he died in 1984. Inventor of ice resurfacer at ice rinks which bears his name, Frank Zamboni went cold in 1988. Womaniser, super featherweight boxer, better known golfer, ‘comedian’ and actor Leslie Townes ‘Bob’ Hope became a worm burner in 2003. Singer and husband to Cyd Charisse, Alvin Morris (or Tony Martin as he was known), went back to nature in 2012. Also not making it through that year is actor Geoffrey Hughes who failed to keep his appearance up. Finally, co-founder of Russian Internet search engine Yandex, Ilya Valentinovich Segalovich froze in 2013.


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