Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 28th July

Another quiet(ish) day on both births and deaths – that said, we start with founder of piano company bearing his surname, Ignaz Bösendorfer had an equal temperament in 1796. Well known children’s author, (and lesser known sheep breeder), Helen Beatrix Potter started to plot her life from 1866. Inventor of airtight food containers featuring half his surname, Earl Silas Tupper managed to break the seal in 1907. Having mentioned 37th First Lady of the United States of America, Jacqueline Lee ‘Jacquie’ Onassis, (née Bouvier), on 19th May when they managed to prise the sunglasses off her, here she is again given she put her hands over her eyes when delivered in 1929. Retired over enthusiastic weatherman who got the pointing and vague weather forecasts to a T, Ian McCaskill must have had some wind in 1938. Voice actor who’s credited with various animated films Peter Claver Cullen, was one of the little rascals in 1941. Late mate of ex-Mayor of London Ken Livingstone and proponent of Marxist/Leninist theory whilst enjoying better conditions than his subjects, Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías was born equal to everyone in 1954. Piano tinkling singer Beverley Craven wasn’t holding on given she appeared to the world in 1963. Hairy ‘comedian’ with a penchant for stalking and ex-mate of toothy/speccy camp comedian Alan Carr, Justin Lee Collins was the first and last child for his parents in 1974.

As for deaths, Pope Victor II has had an extended spiritual exhortation since 1057. Wife of Prince Leo of Armenia who had 16(!) children, Keran of Lampron – Queen of Armenia, probably died of exhaustion in 1285. Rodrigo de Bastidas who’s credited with sketching out the north coast of South America and discovering fraudster John Darwin’s favourite place, (Panama), started exploring his local graveyard in 1527. Having had Gérard Depardieu portray Savinien de Cyrano de Bergerac, the big nosed poet found he couldn’t breathe through it from today in 1665. Composer of various violin concertos known as The Four Seasons, Antonio Lucio Vivaldi experienced his autumn year in 1741. Joining him nine years later in 1750, Johan Sebastian Bach became a decomposing composer. Nathan Mayer, Friherr von Rothschild, second generation in the family bank had his ultimate withdrawal in 1836. Stage and screen actress who was first wife of luvvie Larry Olivier, Jill Esmond found the prompter surplus to requirements in 1990. Norwegian of the day, economist Trygve Haavelmo got his figures wrong given he died in 1999. Finally, actor James Saburo Shigeta died hard in 2014.


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