Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 30th July

We begin today’s posting with eminent writer of Wuthering Heights and third sis of the clan, Emily Jane Brontë had a good reception when born in 1818. Also born that year -Prime Minister of the Netherlands, Jan Heemskerk Abrahamszoon started trying to say his name. Competitor of Thomas Cook – founder of Lunn Poly, Henry Simpson Lunn ventured forth in 1859. Despite his later promise of being able to get your car in any colour so long as it’s black, I’m unsure whether Henry Ford got the idea from only having brown nappies in 1863. Another Henry, this one specialising in semi abstract bronze sculptures, Henry Moore busted out in 1898. Known for his blues singing and guitar plucking , George ‘Buddy’ Guy found his life was in the beginning from 1936. Inventor of useful things, (think pocket calculator) and not so useful, (think the C5), Sir Clive Sinclair will be using his calculator to work out his age, (it’s 76 this year Sir Clive). Singer/songwriter Paul Albert Anka may have been a lonely boy in 1941. Former Mr Universe, 38th Governor of California and ex-plugger of some insurance comparison site whilst singing along with meerkats Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger found himself a junior, but not a twin in 1947. Having mentioned writer of the book Wuthering Heights, (above), here’s warbler to the song of the same name, Catherine ‘Kate’ Bush was breathing from today in 1958. Also taking a leap into the world that year is multi medal winning Olympic athlete Francis Morgan Ayodélé ‘Daley’ Thompson. Having retired from kicking balls around a pitch, Jürgen Klinsmann now coach of the United States football team, (read soccer my American fans!), hopefully had a clean sheet when delivered in 1964. Actor Simon Baker made his mum sweat a bit during labour in 1969. Two time Academy Award (Oscar) winning actress Hilary Swank was the million dollar baby to her parents in 1974. Severely disgraced, (and rightly so), singer and convicted serious sexual predator Ian Watkins will be spending his third year behind bars whilst trying to celebrate his 39th birthday.

Deaths start with another Pope, this time it’s Pope Benedict I who vacated the Vatican in 579. Otto Eduard Leopold, Prince of Bismarck, Duke of Lauenburg had the distinction of not only being the first Chancellor of Germany but also having a tub and drinking game named after him, yet found himself sunk in 1898. Emperor of Japan, Emperor Meiji/Meiji the Great saw to it that he didn’t have to pose for any more pictures after 1912. Founder of various football clubs, (FC Zurich and FC Barcelona to name but two), Joan/Hans Gamper was more than offside in 1930. Sir Joseph Cook, sixth Prime Minister of Australia couldn’t put any more prawns on the barbie after 1947. English actress with a theatre on Broadway named after her, Lynn Fontanne ended her days in Wisconsin back in 1983. Host of American children’s television show ‘Howdy Doody’, Robert Emil Schmidt or Buffalo Bob Smith said ‘Good Byeeee’ in 1998. Founder of both Sun Studio and Sun Records, Samuel Cornelius Phillips had his last sunset in 2003. Having mentioned Ernst Ingmar Bergman a couple of weeks ago when he started making noise, here he is again given he found the silence in 2007. Finally, Norwegian of the day is drug spokesman and television personality Nini Stoltenberg had the plug pulled in 2014.


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