Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 1st August

Having thought today’s posting would be a bit short, it turns out I was somewhat wrong given we begin with subject of dull 1970’s BBC series about his life as Roman Emperor, Claudius was caught up in his first sheet way back in 11BC. It also seems to be a popular day for Japanese Emperors to be born, given Emperor Kögon came along in 1313 followed by Emperor Go-Komatsu in 1377. I don’t belieeve it! Welsh painter Richard Wilson was born in 1714. Writer known for his book Moby Dick (and great, great, great, great uncle to American musician Moby), Herman Melville came out for air in 1819. King Alexander of Greece was a slippery one in 1893. Otto Ernest Nothling made something of his life from 1900 becoming a cricketer in the summer and a rugby union player in the winter months for Australia. Stage, film and television actor Henry Burk Jones passed his first audition in 1912. Prolific actress Marcia Mae Jones didn’t suffer the birthday blues from 1924. Very hairy composer Lionel Begleiter or Lionel Bart considered himself one of us from 1930. Not terribly amusing comedian and actor Dom DeLuise had his magic voyage in 1933. Having mentioned Yves Saint Laurent on 1st June when he died, here he is again given he was a little crinkled in 1936. Singer/songwriter with the Grateful Dead Jerome John ‘Jerry’ Garcia became the grateful living in 1942. Avi Arad owner (after a court battle) of superhero’s comic firm was a real marvel himself in 1948. Norwegian of the day, skier Tor Håkon Holte must have been a header in 1958. Onetime fireman, security guard at the dreaded LAX airport before releasing a few singles and now chef, Artis Leon Ivey Jr. or Coolio charmed his family in 1963. Ex-Mr K Winslet who directed a version of the above play ‘Oliver’ – Samuel Alexander ‘Sam’ Mendes started directing his life from 1965. England cricketer with a 100 caps to his name, Graham Paul Thorpe got his timing to perfection in 1969. Actress who went missing last week, (but has now been found safe and sound), Honeysuckle Hero Susan Weeks, started planting roots in 1979.

As for deaths, King of the Franks, Louis VI of France aka the Fat, found himself on a crash diet from 1137. Known for the style of buildings and furniture named after her -Anne, Queen of England, Scotland and Ireland also became known for her death in 1714. Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation, John Ross, (Koo-wi-s-gu-wi in Cherokee), packed his teepee away in 1866. Continuing the Western theme, Martha Jane Cannery or Calamity Jane became deadwood from 1903. We have Donát Bánki to thank for inventing the carburetter, unfortunately for him he was unable to spark into life after today in 1922. Second President of the Philippines Manuel Luis Quezón de Molina found a nice little plot to rest his bones from 1944. Actress Frances Farmer wasn’t among the living from 1970. Fellow thespian, Strother Douglas Martin Jr. was to have his most famous line in Cool Hand Luke come true in 1980. Not to be out done by Manuel Quezón (above), 11th President of the Philippines Maria Corazon ‘Cory’ Sumulong Cojuangco Aquino also decided to call it a day today in 2009. Baseball player, Boris Michael ‘Babe’ Martin entered the dugout in 2013. Finally, English disc jockey Michael George ‘Mike’ Smith failed to present himself from 2014.


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