Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 2nd August

Todays births paragraph starts with sculptor of the Statue of Liberty (and its smaller cousin in Paris), Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi roughed it out in 1834. King of Greece with the bald head and moustache, Constantine I became Duke of Sparta upon his birth in 1868. 46th President of Venezuela Rómulo Ángel del Monte Carmelo Gallegos Freire, spent as long in his mum’s stomach in 1884 as he did running the country. Silent film actress Marin Sais hammed things up a bit in 1890. Born Jackob Wonsal before changing it to Jack Leonard Warner and setting up Warner Bros, found himself in his first feature back in 1892. Star of All About Eve and husband to Bette Davis, Gary Fred Merrill’s parents had the pleasure of his company from 1915. 9th President and two time Prime Minister of Israel, Szymon Perski or Shimon Peres had his Brit Milah moment eight days after being born in 1923. Having mentioned charmed television documentary presenter Alan Donald Whicker on 12th July when he succumbed to having no oxygen in his lungs, here he is again given he became part of the world in 1925, (or was it 1921?). Irish act tor Peter Seamus O’Toole found his favourite year was 1932 and his least favourite 2013. Film director Wesley Earl ‘Wes’ Craven arrived on cue in 1939. Sometime leadsinger (and member) of 60’s group The Shirelles, Doris Coley had her parents say, ‘Welcome home baby’ in 1941. Co-founder of band Traffic, songwriter Nicola James ‘Jim’ Capaldi started living on the outside in 1944. Another songster, Andrew Maurice Gold thankfully wasn’t stranded on the edge in 1951. Norwegian of the day is drummer with (another) death metal band, Jan Axel Blomberg got into the rhythm of things in 1969.

As for deaths, Pope John V hasn’t let you down given he rolled over in 686. King of England William II went from red to grey in 1100. King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania managed to add King of France to the list before expiring in 1589. Esteemed easel botherer Thomas Gainsborough didn’t get to see his very scene, the inside of a coffin in 1788. Not quite the boxer who ‘flew like a butterfly and stung like a bee’, the other Muhammad Ali, (this one of Egypt with the straggly beard), entered the book of the dead in 1849. Having given a name check to his mate Calamity Jane only yesterday, James Butler ‘Wild Bill’ Hickok found today a bit of a calamity himself in 1876. Thanks to inventor of the telephone, (whom we have to congratulate for all those people cold calling us about non existent accidents), Alexander Graham Bell disconnected in 1922. 29th President of the United States of America, Warren Gamaliel Harding stopped bribing people from 1923. Also getting his second mention (having had his first on 1st July), pilot/headlight inventor, Louis Charles Joseph Blériot got to see everything go dark in 1936. Diminutive pith helmet wearer and singer of his only hit ‘Whispering Grass’, Ronald Edwards or Don Estelle stopped visiting shopping centres to flog his record in 2003. Finally, Dutch chef with the rather apt name, Herman van Ham had his final service in 2012.


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