Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 3rd August

Births today begin with banana cultivator and greenhouse enthusiast who took that interest to whole new level when he designed Crystal Palace, Joseph Caxton germinated in 1803. Founder of elevator company bearing his name, Elisha Graves Otis was lifted into life back in 1811. Second Prime Minister of Australia – Alfred Deakin, didn’t have a foster dad when born in 1865. Three time British Prime Minister, Stanley Baldwin made it through the usual channels in 1867. The King with many names who started off as Christian Frederik Carl Georg Valdemar Axel in 1872 before going onto become Prince Carl of Denmark and then Haakon VII of Norway. 29th President of Brazil Ernesto Beckmann Geisel started to rise through the ranks after 1907. Actor known for his role in dull sci-fi film franchise Star Wars, Alex McCrindle made it through the eye of the needle in 1911. Phyllis Doris (PD) James who wrote plenty of crime capers began plotting her life from 1920. Born Marvin Marilyn Maxwell, actress and bestie of Bob Hope, saw more than three men in white back in 1921. Fellow actress Jean Hagan, known for her role in Singin’ in the Rain didn’t panic in year zero after being born in 1923. Veteran crooner Anthony Dominick Benedetto or Tony Bennett as he’s also known, is still going strong in his 90th year and will probably break into singing, ‘Happy Birthday to Me’, whilst getting someone else to blow all those candles out. Gordon Merrill Werschkul or just Gordon Scott, known for playing Tarzan swung into action in 1926. Ex-seat hogger, blocker of airwaves getting his face on television and voice on the radio as often as possible throughout the 1980’s, national treasure Michael Terence Wogan put his point of view across for the first time in 1938. Ramón Antonio Gerardo Estévez or as his agent knows him, Martin Sheen had a polished entrance to the world in 1940. A year later insider trading businesswoman, Martha Helen Stewart (née Kostyra), broke her silence in 1941. Argentinian footballer Osvaldo (Ossie) César Ardiles survived the transfer window in 1952. Bald shouter to music and ex-model(?) Deborah Anne Dyer or Skin to her fans was quite brazen when delivered in 1967. Deidra Muriel Roper, (not the offspring of George & Mildred), but one half of hip-hop act Salt-N-Pepa where she’s known as DJ Spinderella pushed it in 1971.

As for deaths, James II of Scotland munched his last haggis in 1460. Sculptor/wood worker who worked on St. Paul’s Cathedral, Blenheim Palace and Hampton Court, Grinling Gibbons occupied the self made coffin from 1721. Leading entrepreneur throughout the Industrial Revolution, Sir Richard Arkwright found out what it was like not to work from today in 1792. Emile Berliner gets his second mention within three months as he wound down in 1929. Someone who certainly wasn’t laughing this day back in 1966 was Leonard Alfred Schneider or comedian Lenny Bruce. Having mentioned his Mrs – Lynn Fontanne a few days ago, here’s actor Alfred Lunt who lost the design for living in 1977. Known for playing Mortica Addams, Carolyn Sue Jones reached the point of no return in 1983. Finally, Carmen Silvera who starred in sometime fairly amusing sit-com ‘Allo ‘Allo said, ‘Goodbye’ in 2002.


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