Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 4th August

We begin today’s posting with short lived, (12 days) as Pope – Pope Urban VII began his 69 years on the planet back in 1521 as Giovanni Battista Castagna. Inventor of the modern pencil, Nicolas-Jacques Conté began to sketch out his life in 1755. Baggage maker to the stars, (and some chavs), Louis Vuitton was handled for the first time in 1821. Born Elizabeth Angela Marguerite Bowes-Lyon, but better known as mum to current Queen of Great Britain and associated Dominions, Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother entered the world in 1900 with a proper silver spoon in her mouth. Singer/trumpeter Louis Armstrong or ‘Satchmo’ or even ‘Pops’ found out what a wonderful world it really was in 1901. Silent era film actress Anita Evelyn Page found the easiest way to be born in 1910. Car rental firm owner bearing his name, Warren Edward Avis pootled along in 1915. Australian television executive who’s made millions suffer Neighbours, Sons and Daughters and The Young Doctors, Reginald Roy ‘Reg’ Grundy was produced in 1923. Living Norwegian of the day is earlier version of Eddie ‘the Eagle’ Edwards, ski jumper Bjørn Wirkola lifted off in 1943. Actor and marriage enthusiast who’s traipsed down the aisle six times, as well as visiting the divorce court on five occasions, Billy Bob Thornton found blood in, blood out, when born in 1955. Long distance jogger who bumped into Zola Budd at the Los Angeles Olympics, Mary Teresa Slaney, (née Decker, formerly Tabb), was a mere amateur in 1958. Two time Prime Minister of Spain José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero didn’t put up any opposition to being born in 1960. Keeping up with current (and past) Presidents of the United States of America, current incumbent of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest Washington DC 20500, Barack Obama will probably celebrate his 55th birthday by not taking calls on his red telephone. Keeping with the political theme, slap head Swedish Prime Minister John Fredrik Reinfeldt has had moderate parties celebrating his birth since 1965.

King of the Franks, named Henry I of France kicks the deaths paragraph off given he rested his crown in 1060. Another ancient royal, Sebastian King of Portugal and the Algarves was feeling more than ruff in 1578. Dead Norwegian of the day, Jacob Aall found himself history in 1844. Well known fairy tale author Hans Christian Andersen literally fell out of bed in 1875. 13th President of Brazil Washington Luis gave up wearing his sash in 1957. Actor Melvyn Edouard Hesselberg who was better known as Melvyn Douglas, was a free soul from 1981. Crocodile wrestler and inspiration for Crocodile Dundee Rodney William ’Rod’ Ansell took on (and lost) a gunfight with his local plod in 1999. Also not making it through that year is actor Victor John Mature was more old given he made it to 86. Another person shot by the police, Mark Duggan’s killing in 2011 sparked riots in Britain not seen for 30 years. Finally, Admiral who commanded the British Naval Task Force during the Falklands War, Sir John Forster ‘Sandy’ Woodward lost the arc of visibility in 2013.


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