Famous & Infamous a Births & Deaths 5th August

We start today’s posting with bouffant haired Norwegian of the day, finger counter Niels Henrik Abel got his balance just right in 1802. Straggly bearded medal wearing First President of Brazil, Manuel Deodoro da Fonseca proclaimed this day as his birthday from 1827. Joseph Carey Merrick or the ‘Elephant Man’ exhibited for the first time in 1862. Actress Joan Bogle Hickson who’s probably better known as Miss Marple worked out today was the day to be born in 1906. Having given Barry Obama a name check yesterday, it seems only right to give 17th Prime Minister of Australia, Harold Holt a shout out given he had the comparative advantage in 1908. First man on the moon, American, (as opposed to first mooning American), Neil Alden Armstrong experienced gravity for the first time in 1930. Another chat show host/radio DJ who made it across the Irish Sea, Gabriel Mary ‘Gay’ Byrne started to find out the meaning of life from 1934. Dutch Princess with the less than Royal sounding name – Irene, who’s picked up the following titles: Princess of Orange-Nassau and Princess Lippe-Biesterfeld has been honoured to celebrate her birthday since 1939. Tattooed bald headed hard rocker who wrote a wedding theme for dull Australian soap opera ‘Neighbours’, Gary Stephen ‘Angry’ Anderson was merely upset in 1947. Diminutive ‘entertainment’ manager who’s made a few quid from the X Factor, Michael Louis Vincent Walsh, entered the boyzone from 1952. 80’s pop star famous for his hit ‘You Spin Me Right Round’ and his cosmetic surgery, Peter Jozzeppi ‘Pete’ Burns was falling back in 1959. One third of the Beastie Boys, Adam Nathaniel Yauch found his right to be born in 1964. Daughter of far right wing politician Jean-Marie Le Pen who’s followed him into politics, Marine Le Pen also started following him about a year after being born in 1968. Also born that year was rally champ Colin Steele McRae who successfully navigated his way through.

As for deaths, given there aren’t any Popes to mention today, we’ll have to settle on Archbishop of Canterbury George Abbott, who stepped down from the pulpit in 1633. British Prime Minister Frederick North, 2nd Earl of Guildford went west in 1792. Having mentioned Dutch and English Giants, it seems only right to give Anna Haining Bates (née Swan), who measured 7ft 5.5ins (or 2.27m for those that understand metric) had her last view of the clouds in 1888. Oldest child of Queen Victoria imaginatively named Victoria, Princess Royal and Queen of Prussia, lasted seven months longer than her mum in 1901. Prime Minister of Greece Dimitrios Rallis dropped his last plate in 1921. Known for balancing fruit on her head, actress/singer Carman Miranda said, ‘Goodbye, Goodbye Brazil’ in 1955. Ninth Prime Minister from the land of lumberjacks and caribou, Arthur Meighen was cut down for good in 1960. Probably the most famous actress of all time, Marilyn Monroe (or Norma Jeane Mortenson), found she didn’t like it hot in 1962. Elizabeth Taylor’s twice divorced husband, Richard Walter Jenkins Jr. (or Burton as everyone knew him), had his final voyage in 1984. Founder of company bearing his surname, Soichiro Honda had his last ride (in a hearse) back in 1991. Great English act tor Alec Guinness de Cuff didn’t get another call from his agent after 2000. Finally, known for her role in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre films, Marilyn Burns (born Mary Lynn Ann Burns) left the dressing room in 2014.


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