Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 15th August

Today, the following celebrated/are celebrating their special day of the year, and we begin in 1769 with diminutive French agitator and sparring partner of Wellington, born Napoléon di Buonaparte but is probably better known as Napoléon Bonaparte or Napoleon I revolutionised his parents lives. Keeping with the French theme, fourth President of France François Paul Jules Grévy resigned himself to being born in 1807. Having mentioned a couple of children’s authors last week, here we have Edith Bland, or to use her maiden/pen name, E. Nesbit waved goodbye to her mum’s stomach in 1858. Inventor of the theremin, Lev Sergeyevich Termin, (Léon Theremin) began eavesdropping on conversations from 1896. We have the following person to thank for having elderly people travelling at 5MPH whilst hogging the road given he invented the electric wheelchair, (among other things), George Johann Klein also took his time being born in 1904. A year later in 1905 fellow Canadian – dog musher and dog sled racer Emile St. Godard was on the right tracks. Sketcher of all sorts of corporate logos you take for granted, Paul Rand designed his entrance to the world in 1914. Swedish actress Signe Hasso thought heaven can wait when born in 1915, (and she did given she died in 2002). Actor Kreker Ohanian, who wisely renamed himself Mike Connors was too scared to scream in 1925. Also born that year, singer Bill Pinkney drifted through. Sixth President of Greece Konstantinos Stephanopoulos stood for the first time about nine months after his birth in 1926. Film director Nicholas Jack Roeg didn’t suffer bad timing given he arrived in 1928. Star of various Carry On films before going onto Pushing Daisies, James Smith or as his equity card states, Jim Dale, has been going since 1935. Founder of the Red Army Faction Gudrun Ensslin didn’t take her mum by surprise in 1940. Famous for playing dim-witted Baldrick in excellent comedy series Blackadder, before starting to dig things up Anthony ‘Tony’ Robinson had a cunning plan in 1946. Second eldest child to Queen Liz who’s continually slipping down the line of succession – Anne, Princess Royal will probably celebrate her birthday by spending a bit of time with her horses and having a bit of cake, (or a sugar lump). Writer of various books, Steig Larsson started his backstory in 1954. Wife to computer crasher, sorry programmer Bill, Melinda Gates (née French), got the coding right herself in 1964. Actor Benjamin Geza Affleck-Boldt or just Ben Affleck, would have been dazed and confused by his new surroundings in 1972. Gold medal winner at the 2004 Olympics with his horizontal bars, Igor Cassina swung into life back in 1977.

Deaths appear to be a bit thin on the ground today, and I’ll probably upset any actors reading this by mentioning the person you shouldn’t mention, Mac Bethad Mac Findlaích or just Macbeth, King of Sctoland got fed up of pinching his nose and running around in circles every time his name was mentioned from 1057. Philippa of Hainault, Queen Consort to King Edward II could have chosen a better title, although she did die in Windsor Castle in 1369, rather than a tube station on the London Underground’s Central Line. First person to fly solo around the world who also discovered the jet stream, Wiley Hardeman Post found himself grounded in 1935. War Minister who surrendered Japan in the Second World War, Korechika Anami committed seppuku in 1945. Another famous Belgian, René Magritte made the right impression at the Purley Gates in 1967. First and fourth President of Bangladesh Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, or Bangbandhu, found he didn’t have to sing the national anthem again after 1975. Maori Queen Dame Te Atairangikaahu vacated the throne in 2006, thereby freeing up the bathroom. Co-founder of women’s clothing company Zara – Rosalia Mera Goyenechaea unstitched herself in 2013. Finally, also not making it through that year, Marich Man Singh Shrestha 28th Prime Minister of Nepal drank his last Gurkha beer.


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