Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 18th July

We see today’s births paragraph start with British Prime Minister John Russell (the one with the rather large mutton chops on his cheeks), found he gained his liberty in 1792. Keeping with the hairy faces, Franz Joseph I – Emperor of Austria, King of Hungary and Croatia as well as being King of Bohemia, annexed from his mum in 1830. Founder of Chicago department store bearing his name, Marshall Field began his life cycle in 1834. Named Francis Factor before going onto be known as Max Factor Jr., his parents were made up in 1904. Caspar Willard ‘Cap’ Weinberger holder of various titles throughout the Republicans time in office found he didn’t have to defend his birthdate from 1917. Actress Shirley Schrift or Shelly Winters entered laughing in 1920. Convicted sex pest, film director and French/Polish resident Roman Polanski must have been quite frantic when born in 1933. Founder of the Sundance Film Festival who managed to remember all 45 words in his last film, Charles Robert Redford Jr., was up close and personal in 1936. Norwegian of the day is Harald Heide-Steen Jr. who apparently started entertaining people in 1939. Also born that year is running bear Johnny Preston who found a cradle of love. Shuttlecock champ, (thankfully not ramming them down his shorts), but badminton player Rudy Hartono took his first drop shot in 1949. Latter day Fred Astaire, film actor/dancer (minus the bow tie, white shirt and tuxedo), Patrick Wayne Swayze breezed through in 1952. Member of plagiarising one hit wonder band Men at Work, Ronald ‘Ron’ Graham Strykert had his longest night in 1957. Actress Madeleine Marie Stowe didn’t have an illegal entry in 1958. 56th President of Mexico Felipe de Jesús Calderón Hinojosa didn’t oppose being born in 1962. Actor Edward Harrison Norton has managed to keep the faith since 1969. Having not mentioned any Hong Kong born people since starting this, here’s Jessica Hester Hsuan or Suen Huen, had her outburst in 1970. Gameshow host/poker player and wife to (very) occasionally mildly amusing comedian with the annoying voice David Mitchell, Victoria Coren (Mitchell) gave a crying call in 1973. Singer/songwriter Michael Holbrook Penniman Jr., who’s record label knows him as Mika couldn’t blame it on the girls in 1983. Late entrant on Norwegian of the day (part two), sees Siri, (though I doubt she’d know quite as much as the other one), Tollerød present herself in 1988.

Deaths today feature no fewer than four Popes, and to this end we start with Pope Sixtus III who had his final audience at his funeral in 440. Pope Adrian V followed in 1276 when he hung his zucchetto and cassock up. 1503 saw Pope Alexander vacate the pulpit and in 1559 Pope Paul IV left the sinners waiting at confession. If you’ve ever locked yourself out of your house, (or lost your keys), you have inventor of the mortise lock – Eli Whitney Blake Sr. to thank and he found himself a deadbolt from 1886. Distiller of upper class hooch, Joseph Emm Seagram failed to get another drink after 1919. Founder of car company bearing his name, Walter Percy Chrysler drove off into the sunset back in 1920. Gold medal winner at the Melbourne Olympics in hammer throwing, Harold Vincent ‘Hal’ Connolly finally let go in 2010. Best known for his song San Fransisco (Be Sure to Wear Flowers in Your Hair), Philip Wallach Blondheim, who changed that to the equally snappy Scott McKenzie got to have flowers on his coffin in 2012. Dead Norwegian of the day – star of Scandinavian sit-com based on Hancock’s Half Hour, Rolv Helge Wesenlund failed to raise a laugh or enough air in his lungs after 2013. Finally Pakistani squash player Hashim Khan found his coffin quite roomy in 2014.


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