Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 20th August

Having mentioned (only yesterday), impeached President of the United States who liked to give a mouthful, today’s births paragraph begins with 23rd holder of the same title, Benjamin Harrison voted with his feet as to when he’d celebrate his birthday from 1833. Keeping with the political theme, three time Prime Minister and one time President of France – Raymond Poincaré joined his own party this day every year from 1860. Norwegian of the day goes to Tarjei Vesaas who started his first chapter in 1897. Original voice of Fed Flintstone, born Herbert Theodore Bergman but known as Alan Reed, had his parents announce his arrival in 1907. Popular country singer, (is there such thing?), James Travis ‘Jim’ Reeves worked his way up through the years from 1923. Great sit-com actress with the rather apt first name Yootha (Aboriginal for thirsty), Joyce Needham who dropped her surname, made all the right noises in 1927. Known for his frizzy white hair and by boxers for defrauding them, Donald ‘Don’ King went the distance in 1931. Comedian, (used in the broadest sense of the word) and host of second rate gameshow Bullseye, Peter Williams or Jim Bowen as he’s also known, bounced out in 1937. Fourteenth President of the Presidency of the Socialist Republic of Serbia followed by making it to being First President of Serbia then Third President of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia before going onto be a prisoner at The Hague, Slobodan Milošević made his presence known in 1941. Another person to get their second mention, this one only ten days ago when he was shafted for the final time in 2008, Isaac Hayes presented himself in 1942. Seventh incarnation of Dr Who, Percy James Patrick Kent-Smith or Sylvester McCoy slumbered after his birth in 1943. Son who carried on from where his mum left off, (before going the same way), sixth Prime Minister of India Rajiv Ratna Ghandi got his sandals in 1944. Founding member/leader of electronic band Kraftwerk Ralf Hütter saw the neon lights in hospital back in 1946. Straggly haired rocker from the 1970’s still giving it his all, Robert Anthony Plant had a whole lotta love bestowed upon him in 1948. Singer with the Afro hairdo, fan of the leather glove (and illegal substances), not to mention being Leslie Crowther’s son in law, Philip Parris ‘Phil’ Lynott didn’t have to wait for an alibi in 1949. Fifth President of Egypt, (the first to be democratically elected only then to be overthrown and now languishing in prison), Mohamed Morsi made himself known for the first time in 1951. Weather forecaster who may possibly be better at pointing at maps whilst giving vague details on NBC’s Today Show, Albert Lincoln ‘Al’ Roker got one thing right, his birthday, in 1954. Squeaky voiced ‘comedian’ Joesph Elliott Pasquale started out in 1961. Ex-Reigate schoolboy who’s gone on to bigger and better things, (discounting Britain’s Got Talent), David Edward Williams/Walliams was Master Stink in 1971. Also born that year is lead singer with Limp Bizkit, William Frederick ‘Fred’ Durst started to take a look around. Diminutive piano player whilst covering another person’s song and somehow getting a contract, (albeit a record one), Jamie Cullum took the whole step in 1979.

As for deaths, there’s nearly as many Popes to mention as the other day, and to this end we start with Pope John XIV who started having people dropping lira in a box and lighting a candle for him from 984. Next up is Pope Pius VII who stopped wearing his velvet slippers and chunky ring from 1823. Having given timbrel player and founder of The Salvation Army, William Booth, a nod on the 10th April when he was delivered to the world, here he is again given he was ‘promoted to glory’ in 1912. Pope Pius X ducked out of the First World War by passing on in 1914. Having dined out on her story of being the only female with a speaking part in epic film Zulu, Ulla Jacobsson gave up talking, and breathing, in 1982. ‘The Queen of Mean’ and convicted tax dodger Leona Mindy Roberts Helmsley found she legally didn’t have to pay income tax from 2007. Dominic ‘Dom’ Mintoff, eighth Prime Minister of Malta wasn’t cross at dying in 2012. Also not making it through that year, Prime Minister of Ethopia Meles Zenawi Asres found the climate changed for him. Finally, founder of style of yoga bearing his name, Bellur Krishnamacher Sundararaja Iyengar fully relaxed in 2014.


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