Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 23rd August

Today, the 23rd August sees Louis-Auguste, or Louis Capet who went onto become Louis XVI King of France and Navarre arrive in the Palace of Versailles back in 1754. Canadian newspaper publisher, William Southam got his circulation going from 1843. President of Columbia Clíamaco Reyes marched forth in 1852. Writer Aleksander Stepanovich Grinevsky, or just Arthur Grin was all smiles after birth in 1880. Norwegian of the day is earlier version of Eddie ‘The Eagle’ Edwards, Birger Ruud launched himself into the world back in 1911. Star of Singin’ in the Rain, Eugene Curran ‘Gene’ Kelly inherited the wind in 1932. Actress from the Psycho films, Vera Miles reached the outer limits in either 1929 or 1930. Prime Minister whilst womanising President François Mitterrand was at the helm, Michel Rochard resigned himself to being born in 1930. Wild drummer with Mod rockers The Who, Keith John Moon wondered what the fuss was about in 1946. Dramatist William ‘Willy’ Russell had his first day out in 1947. Second Norwegian of the day, guitarist/composer Terje Rypdal has jazzed things up a bit from 1947. Also born that year is Palestine Liberation Organisation ex-head of intelligence, Atef Bseiso who started taking everything in. Professional Highland Games participant and Strongest Man winner, Geoffrey Lewis ‘Geoff’ Capes, grew to be a 26 stone (360lb or 170kg), 6ft 5.5in (1.97m to those who can’t work that one out), from a mere baby in 1949. Epsom, Surrey, born quarter of Eurovision winning group Bucks Fizz, Robert Alan Gubby who rather wisely abbreviated that to Bobby G, made his mind up to arrive in 1953. Singer and bestie to St. Vitus’ dance sufferer Bez, Shaun William George Ryder didn’t quite twist his melon, rather his umbilical cord in 1964. Dull actor who ‘bonded’ with Ewan McGregor over motorbikes, but seems to have made a better living as a travel documentarist, Charley Boorman found it was a long way down in 1966. Actor with the alternative name and brother to Rain, Joaquín and Summer, River Jude Bottom, but subsequently changed his surname to Phoenix had a silent tongue in 1970. Retired (!) basketball player Kobe Bean Bryant didn’t bump the cutter in 1978. Also born that year is lead singer with The Strokes Julian Casablancas wondered is this it.

There don’t appear to be many deaths today, yet we start with Radagaisus, King of the Goths who stopped moping about the place whilst wearing makeup and black clothes. Not a Pope or Archbishop of Canterbury and not wanting a fatwa against me, all I’ll say is Ali ibn Mûsa al-Rezā or abu al-Hasan, a direct descendant of the Prophet Mohammad and eighth Iman of Twelve Shia Islam died in 818. Subject of film about him, Sir William Wallace obviously didn’t have a braveheart given it gave up on him in 1305. Not the toothy character from Frozen, but King of Denmark as Olaf II Haakonsson and King of Norway as Olav IV failed to also rule Sweden given he dropped his crown in 1387. First ever President of Brazil who was mentioned on the 5th August, Deodoro da Fonseca gave up collecting medals in 1892. Second Prime Minister of Japan Kuroda Kiyotaka found he stopped drinking saké and munching raw fish wrapped in rice from 1900. Actor with the rather long name – Rodolfo Alfonso Raffaello Pierre Filibert Guglielmi di Valentina d’Antonguella or just Rudolph Valentino got to meet the four horsemen of the apocalypse in 1926. Co-writer of various musicals, Oscar Greeley Clendenning Hammerstein II said that’s it from me in 1960. Aussie Rules player/coach John Raymond ‘Jack’ Dyer Sr., heard his final siren in 2003. Finally, dead Norwegian of the day singer/actress Inga Juuso, let her voice go in 2014.


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