Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 24th August

We begin today’s posting with Alexander II King of Scotland, (unfortunately it’s not Alex Salmond as he’d have had his time ruining, (sorry running) Scotland), seeing as he arrived in 1198. Having mentioned William Wilberforce on 29th July when he died, here he is again given he broke free in 1759. Willem Frederik, Prince of Orange-Nassau, First King of the Netherlands as well as being the Grand Duke of Luxembourg had to wait a few more years from 1772 until he added Duke of Limburg to the list. Explorer with the greased back hair and fine moustache who joined forces with Henry Stanley on his Congo trip, Dragutin Lerman had his first foray into the world back in 1863. Television host (Homer) Durwood Kirby smiled at his first camera in 1911. Norwegian of the day, canoeist Ivar Iversen cast off in 1914. Oversized scarf wearer and fatigues fan not to mention being head of the PLO, Mohammed Yasser Abdel Rahman Abdel Raouf Arafat al-Qudwa, who picked two names out of that to end up being known as Yasser Arafat, managed to liberate himself in 1929. Kenneth George ‘Kenny’ Baker or R2-D2, who just failed to reach his birthday started wombling free from 1934. Astronaut with a memorial on The Strand, Hermosa Beach CA, Gregory Bruce Jarvis had his parents count down to his birth in 1944. Oscar winning actress Anne Archer didn’t take any short cuts being born in 1947. Known for having fireworks and lasers going off during his concerts, (to drown out the music and distract the fans), Jean-Michel André Jarre began breathing oxygen in 1948. Pioneering back sliding (moonwalking) singer, Jeffrey Glen Daniels who’s lost the Glen and the ‘s’ from his surname, gave his parents a night to remember in 1955. Also born that year is barrel chested wonky nosed national treasure who knows loads of things, Stephen John Fry was probably quite interested in being delivered. Star of various film franchises, including the pretty dire Police Academy one, Steven Robert Guttenberg had two parents with a baby from 1958. Actor Jared Francis Harris was a bit blue in the face back in 1961. Given I am not interested in anything to do with Harry Potter, all I will say is his sidekick Rupert Alexander Lloyd Grint started off with thunderpants in 1988.

Deaths are again a bit sparse today, but we begin with dead Norwegian of the day – Magnus Olafsson or Magnus Barefoot or even King Magnus III of Norway who stopped eating elk and herrings from 1103. Mountaineer Albert Frederick Mummery suffered more than altitude sickness in 1895. Thomas Noakes who went onto become known as Tom Norman manager of ‘The Elephant Man’, found the show didn’t go on after 1930. First person shot whilst trying to cross the Berlin Wall Günter Litfin didn’t dodge the bullet in 1961. Given I mentioned Yootha Joyce a mere four days ago in honour of her birth, here she is again as she must have taken the meaning of her first name quite literally in 1980 and downed a few too many brandies. Jamal Said/Mullah Dadullah/ Maulana Mohammad Jamal found out today he was the ex-head of the Pakistani Taliban in 2012. Finally, luvvie and darlings favourite, gap toothed Richard Samuel Attenborough, Baron Attenborough folded his directors chair for the last time in 2014.


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