Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 27th August

Once again we seem to have quite a few births to get through today, so without any further ado here’s another philosopher mentioned in Eric Idle’s ditty – Georg Wilhelm Freidrich Hegel found he started to contemplate things from 1770. Car maker to the stars, royalty, footballers and nouveau riche, Charles Stewart Rolls began the motion process in 1877. George, Crown Prince of Serbia – the one who seemed to have a lot of medals at such a young age probably got his first for being born in 1887. Writer of books about Horatio Hornblower, Cecil Louis Troughton Smith, or to give him his pen name, Cecil Scott ‘C.S.’ Lewis couldn’t solve the bedchamber mystery from 1899. For those few who read Wisden, you’ll know the best test batsman Donald George ‘Don’ Bradman had his first opener in 1908. Also born that year is 36th incumbent of the White House Washington, as Lyndon Baines Johnson joined the great society. Prime Minister of the Netherlands Jelle Zijlstra was unable to be economical with the truth over his age from 1918. Actress Patricia Doreen ‘Pat’ Coombs who was mentioned on the 25th May when the curtain dropped, gets another mention given the curtain lifted in 1926. Also born that year is Norwegian of the day the computer programming language pioneer Kristen Nygaard who started babbling in his own language. Having mentioned his wife on the 8th May, it seems only right to mention the other half of Captain & Toenail, (sorry Tennille), Daryl Frank Dragon’s mum probably said, ‘don’t do that to me one more time’ to his dad in 1942. Edam munching, clog wearing inventor of a data compression technique named after him, Romke Jan Bernhard Sloot compressed himself enough to get out in 1945. Ex-Bond girl and Mrs Ringo Starr, Barbara Bach wasn’t the unseen from 1947. Champion divot maker from Germany, Bernhard Langer had a loosened grip in 1957. Austrian driver who went round, (repeat at least another 200 times), various F1 tracks around the world, Gerhard Berger took pole position in 1959. Ex-creative director at bling label Chanel, and not so bling label Yves Saint Laurent before launching his own label and whilst not doing that directing films, Thomas Carlyle ‘Tom’ Ford wasn’t an oversized baby in 1961. Bass player Tony Ashwin Kanal had no doubt he’d be born in 1970. Headlock specialist whilst throwing people around theatrically Dalip Singh Ranah, or, as the old biddies sat ringside know him, ‘The Great Khali’, wasn’t a bump in his mum’s stomach from 1972. Someone else born that year, heptathlete Denise Lewis jumped to it. Another person who arrived the same year is founder and main song writer of the Bloodhound Gang, James Moyer Franks or Jimmy Pop, thought, ‘Hooray for boobies’. Professional racing driver, (including a stint as a F1 driver), Mark Alan Webber didn’t have a false start in 1976.

Having had the deficit of Norwegians rectified (above), we also find a couple of Popes featuring here – first up in 827 is Pope Eugene II who found a place colder than the Vatican in winter. Tiziano Vecelli or Tiziano Vecellio who went by his street name of Titian didn’t get to paint any more murals after 1577. Next up is Pope Sixtus V who found an even quieter life with even more time for contemplation from 1590. Wife to George Burns – Grace Ethel Cecile Rosalie ‘Gracie’ Allen, said ‘Good Night Gracie’ for the last time in 1965. I bet Brian Epstein shouted, ‘Help’ in 1967 as that way he may have lived a bit longer. Princess Marina of Greece and Denmark entered the Royal burial ground in 1968. Tafari Makonnen Woldemikael or Rasta’s favourite Haile Selassie I let them all down by not living forever and dying in 1975. Indian singer Mukesh (Chand Mathur), left the voice warmups to someone else from 1976. Prince Chas’s favourite uncle Louis Mountbatten, 1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma found his boat had some extra power, but not in the way it should have given the IRA blew it, (and him), up in 1979. Actor with what has to be the easiest job in the world – standing in the pub drinking beer in Constipation Street, Stan Ogden or to give him his real name Bernard Youens lifted his last pint in 1984. Stephen ‘Stevie’, Ray Vaughan found how to stop in 1990. Known for his role in Mission: Impossible Francis Gregory Alan ‘Greg’ Morris entered the twilight zone in 1996. Finally, dead Norwegian of the day, singer, (surprisingly enough not with a death metal band), Jan Leonard Groth must have had his Christian rock band mates play at his funeral in 2014.


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