Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 28th August

We start today’s posting with the 24th Prime Minister from the land of sheep and Kiwi’s, Peter Fraser emerged from not quite middle earth in 1884. Honoured with a statue at St Pancras Station, Poet before being promoted to Poet Laureate, John Betjeman felt a nip in the air from 1906. Fantasy (yawn), science fiction (double yawn), writer who gave Terry Pratchett a run for his money, John Holbrook ‘Jack’ Valance started the story of his life in 1916. Actress from The Beverley Hillbillies, Nancy Janes Kulp found you’re never too young from 1921. Ustad Vilayat Khan, the other sitar player plucked his way through in 1928. Having mentioned Don Estelle, his singing partner and co-star in second rate sit-com ‘It Ain’t Half Hot Mum’ a couple of weeks ago, here’s waxed moustached, gap toothed actor Windsor Davies who didn’t shuuuutt uuuuuppp in 1930. Known for playing Starsky (or was it Hutch?), and for crooning a few songs in the late 1970’s, marriage enthusiast David Richard Soul(berg) came into the world with his eyes wide open in 1943. One fourth of original white toothed family barber quartet, Melvin Wayne Osmond, (who dropped the Wayne bit as it obviously wasn’t going to sell records), found he couldn’t stop being born in 1951. Third President of Croatia Ivo Josipović got the towels first in 1957. Also born that year, actor Rick Rossovich, known for playing Ron ‘Slider’ Kerner in Top Gun found himself a slider back then. Country pop queen, (who’s somehow managed to sell over 85 million records), Eileen Regina Edwards or Shania Twain, found it only hurts when you breath in 1965. Large actor who’s part of the ‘Frat Pack’, Thomas Jacob ‘Jack’ Black must have had the nickname ‘Johnny Skidmarks’ after being born in 1969. Another Country music star, Margaret LeAnn Rimes Cibrian who abbreviated that by missing off her first and last name, obviously had nothing better to do than be born in 1982. Australian Rules football player Ashley Hansen kicked off life in 1983, complete with bloke in a white coat giving odd hand signals. Also born that year, heptathlete Lilli Schwarzkopf leapt at the chance of being born. Arty ginger singer, (minus her machine), Florence Leontine Mary Welch’s mum shook it out in 1986. Prince Nikolai William Alexander Frederik of Denmark, Count of Monpezat has fallen down the line of succession since being born in 1999.

As for deaths, the following had their date with the reaper granted – Magnus Maximus found his toga surplus to requirements from 388. First permanent resident of the great city that is Chicago, Jean Baptiste Point du Sable managed to get the cemetery plot he’d had his eyes on in 1818. Olympic medal winning Austrian fencing cyclist Adolf Schmal peddled into the sunset back in 1919. Another Olympic medalist, this one for shooting, Karl Röderer discharged himself in 1928. Child actress Mary Anissa Jones kept the funeral a family affair in 1976. One of the greatest cartoonists Ronald Carl Giles missed his deadline in 1995. Mutton chopped British politician Rhodes Boyson who held various ministers hips in the 1970’s/80’s left the red box alone from 2012. Finally, South African/Australian actor William Henry ‘Bill’ Kerr didn’t get the last laugh in 2014.


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