Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 30th August

Founder of brewery named after him, (and producer of weak gassy beer), Samuel Whitbread was the seventh of eight ‘bombers’ and appeared in 1720. Writer of goth horror story Frankenstein, Mary Wollstoncraft Shelley, (née Godwin), didn’t scare her parents when born in 1797. Leading Hindi pensmith Bhagwati Charan Verma wrote himself into the plot back in 1903. Useless bushy eye browed British politician and friend of the International Monetary Fund Denis Winston Healey managed to get something right by being born in 1917. Given today seems to be a writer’s day, Charmian Clift started her autobiography in 1923. Lead member of group The Mamas & the Papas, John Edmund Andrew Phillips started going where he wanted to go about a year after his birth in 1935. Bruce McLaren the one the F1 team and overpriced sports cars are named after began his first lap in 1937. Actress Elizabeth Ashley has been one of the cake eaters this day since 1939. Also born that year is great DJ who found numerous bands during his time on radio and is now honoured with a stage at mudfest called Glastonbury, John Robert Parker Ravenscroft (or just John Peel), got his mum in a spin. Actress and ex-Mrs Q. Jones, Margaret Ann ‘Peggy’ Lipton started to learn her true identity from 1946. Sculptor known the world over (apparently) who’s known for his rusty version of Christ the Redeemer in Gateshead, Anthony Mark David Gormley roughed it out in 1950. Actor with the rather unfortunate surname, Timothy Bottoms took part in ‘Operation Daybreak’ in 1951. Another DJ, this one made his name playing trance and associated crap music in nightclubs, Paul Mark Oakenfold found his tempo in 1963. Actress who apparently looks better in pictures than real life, thanks to Photoshop – Cameron Michelle Diaz found she was the one in 1972. Ten years later in 1982, tennis player Andrew Stephen ‘Andy’ Roddick had his first buggy whip. Actress known for her role in Game of Thrones, (not too sure what that’s about, but am pretty certain it’s not like musical chairs, but with thrones), Jessica Yu Li
Henwick was in the thick of it back in 1992.

Deathwise, there don’t appear to be that many to report on but we do start with another King of France called Louis, this one was the tenth to hold the title and became even more prudent from 1483. Having mentioned his son, Max Factor Jr. a mere 12 days ago here’s his old man, Maksymilian Faktorowicz or Max Factor Snr, who didn’t get to see how good his products looked on him in 1938. English cricketer who was a fast bowler despite being called Arthur Fielder reached 72 all out in 1949. Actor Charles Douville Coburn found the long wait over in 1961. Cambridge graduate who turned out to be a top spy for the red team, Guy Francis de Moncy Burgess stopped mentioning secrets in 1963. Actor from the Perry Mason series, William Whitney Talman Jr., entered tombstone territory in 1968. Dancer/actress who worked with Fred A, Gene K and Danny K, Vera-Ellen Westmeier Rohe who dropped her last two names, was lost for words (and music) from 1981. Having mentioned various dead (and alive) Presidents of the United States of America, along with other Presidents, Prime Ministers etc from different countries around the world, it seems only right to give a final shout out to second President of Iran, Mohammad – Ali Rajai found he also ran out of life in 1981. Charles Dennis Buchinsky, or Charles Bronson obviously had a death wish in 2003. Not the odd singer who was mentioned yesterday, but real ale aficionado with the same name, Michael Jackson called last orders in 2007. Just when you thought there wasn’t a Norwegian of the day, here’s nasal droner and vague weather forecaster Vidar Leif Theisen who blew himself out in 2012. Finally, film director of mainly western films Andrew Victor McLaglen has been the quiet man since 2014.


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